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  1. I'd like it if scrappers had a taunt effect. It should be light, and not something that would take aggro away from a tank or brute, but it should be good enough to keep mobs in melee range when soloing. While you can cope with minion/LT runners with ranged epic pool powers, not everyone takes those. I'm also pretty sure if we think hard enough, we can find thematic reasons for all secondaries to have them. SR's, for example, could be that the bad guy gets enraged because HE JUST CAN'T HIT YOU. However, while I would rather have one added, I believe that I am firmly in the camp
  2. Well, while I stepped away to feed my cats in between Hamidon raids, I got a tell from GM_Impervium telling me that dual boxing in the hive is not allowed. After informing them that I wasn't, I was told that I and another player were using the same IP. I explained that I don't know how that was, and received "I don't buy it, one of you has to log off or leave or I'll boot you." I chose to leave, and told them I didn't like the accusation. After checking his logs, it appeared he made a mistake, and yes he apologized, but honestly it was too late for me this evening.
  3. Don't remove Founders Falls. FF is a great hub that has Vanguard, Pocket D, Midnighter Club etc. This weakens that hub idea.
  4. A customizable sidekick pet would be dope af. Especially if you were able to choose archetype/powersets etc.
  5. I don't know. Granite essentially removes the necessity of most of Stone Armor's other powers, though there are drawbacks (That I feel are slowly being walked back as the game evolves). Maybe there's some logic to a toggle that sort of overrides the rest of the set. I main an MA/SR Scrapper, I'm over the soft cap at all times, but I also keep Elude in my pocket because reasons. I don't know if pvp is the carrot that would make me use it more often, but then, I dont know what else would either.
  6. Zapp from Mu Mastery is not entering "combat mode" on my Scrapper, by which I mean to say that when engaged with an enemy, there is no orange ring around the power, nor any "fast mode." It only functions as the old school, stand there and don't get hit or you'll get interrupted type of snipe. I don't know if it's a bug or WAI, but I don't like it. I like the fast version available in combat, with the flexibility to use the normal version as a harder hitting snipe when out of combat and at a distance. Please fix!
  7. Looks like the bug where the costume stance would revert to normal upon zoning or logging on/off has been fixed. I checked logging on/off, zoning, and changing builds and it seems to be working as designed. Awesome job guys. I think Infiltration is now my favorite travel power, but using the ninja run stance with Super Jump is a close second! I know you guys are getting beat up on other strings, but little customization details like this go a long way towards making people happy and helping them fill out their vision of their character. Being able to move a little fa
  8. Damn son, we just got filibustered.
  9. I like the toggles, I like the passives. They're easy to slot set bonuses (bonii?) into. Good ones. I might suggest making the scaling resistance enhancable. It'd cost slots, but it'd increase survivability by making your Resistances higher with more hit points left. I'm on the fence about Practiced Brawler. I prefer to have attacks on auto, not defenses. Yeah I can easily add it to my keybind for Target_enemy_near easy enough, and that works....but I just don't like it and would prefer the Practiced Brawler/Master Brawler option from the Sentinel version, which I'
  10. Storm Kick's +def is currently only available for brutes and tankers, but would be most welcome to scrappers and stalkers, even at a reduced amount of 5% (Tankers get 10%, Brutes 7.5%). I also don't mind giving us the Blaster animation version, but let's port ours to them too. I think the answer we landed on last time we had this discussion for Storm Kick was that adding a cone to it would have a commensurate impact on its recharge time, its damage, and its end cost, and I definitely don't like that. I like the idea, but i don't wanna pay for it 😛 I do h
  11. I tried /nin. It didn't feel as sturdy as SR. I liked the +end and the heal clicks, but i fill those gaps on SR with temp powers that do the same thing. The main draw for me with /nin was the movement speed, but that's being changed with the new page on beta sooo.... A lot of folks call SR a one trick pony, but it isn't. I think that the scaling resistances are a big deal. if you can grab 15% resistance to all through set bonuses/tough, then at 40% hit points you're at the scrapper resist cap, while at the defense soft cap, and with some accolades and other set bonuses,
  12. It also reverts to inherent->Original upon zoning as well.
  13. On brainstorm, when using the costume creator using the Inherent tab->stance->ninja stance (Travel powers only) it works properly, activating and deactivating the stance when you toggle on and off the travel powers, however when you log off, the costume reverts to Original and you have to go back in and change the costume to activate the stance again.
  14. !!!!!! Inherent > Stance Added Ninja, Beast and Slide Travel Power Only customization options Selecting one of these options will cause the stance to only become active if any of the following powers are active: Super Speed Speed of Sound Super Jump Mighty Leap Infiltration This is awesome!!!! You guys absolutely rule!!!!!!
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