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  1. I love the Infiltration power. I love it, love it, love it. Before it, my MA/SR Scrapper used Ninja Run + Sprint with a Stealth IO as my travel power, and it would eat my endurance quickly. With the advent of Infiltration I got comparable speed, jumping, and stealth using one power instead of two. And after two slotting it with Winter's Gift, If i activate Infiltration, I move at roughly 78 mph for both running and jumping, and if I activate Sprint it pushes me to 92 mph running. So essentially, i get the old speed cap, the old jump speed cap, and invisibility level stealth with Infiltrat
  2. A million times this. Add that animation to toxic dart from experimentation too since its the same basic thing.
  3. Oh, I'm on your side. One of the very few things I enjoyed about Champions was the swingline power, and one of the very few things I enjoyed about DC was....acrobatics? Where you have a grapnel, can climb, and glide? I forget the actual name, but I'm sure you all get what I mean. I think that not having this is one of the few holes in the "comic book travel powers" tropes that we adhere to, outside of vehicles or things to ride. I think they are working on some "knock towards" powers instead of knockback, and a "Get over here" power a la Scorpion from Mortal Kombat s
  4. Hmmmmm. Not too different than I imagined it as a thought process. I like the entangle of binding. Yank I picture as a ranged Air Superiority, using knockup instead of down, complete with the -fly. Swingline I figured would be the same "mechanism" as the jump pack. You go up until you let go, just without the timer. Swap I'm not feeling as much, but I think "Slingshot" with a Spring Attack teleport aoe attack might work better. Grounded I don't like. I always actually pictured using a swingline disabling your KB protec
  5. I play as if sunset was the snap, and due to some unfortunate math all of the Co* universe fell into the 50% of everything that vanished. I also, without referencing it by name, play as if the Avengers' actions brought us back. Per a piece of my bio: "It's like someone, somewhere snapped their fingers and said "Everyone. Comes. Home." Per hcwiki: Homecoming: City of Heroes has been in operation since April 2019. Per google: Avengers Endgame release date: April 26 2019 Coincidence? I think not.
  6. I think that a lot of us are returning players who had a pretty deep understanding of the game before. I won't lie, my focus when I first got back to Paragon last summer, after crying tears of joy at the Atlas Plaza zone music, was to get my main back to 50, getting my enhancements all set up, and unlocking my incarnate slots. I was a competent player who didn't need to relearn how to play *that* character, and when I accomplished that, I went back and did all the story arcs through Oroborous. And then I switched alignments and did all of them redside too. I had a blast earning 1500 badges
  7. Give people the wrong time when they clicked on me so that they are late to things.
  8. I'm really sorry for your loss. I work in my local veterinary clinic, but that doesn't make it any easier for me in situations like this. Here's some resources we have posted on our website for situations like this. I'm not sure how well these resources are currently staffed given covid, but here they are: The Pet Loss Support Hotline: Michigan State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, 517-432-2696, Tues~Wed~Thurs, 6:30pm-9:30pm EST. Callers are encouraged to leave a message and your call will be returned during our next regular hotline hours. Calls a
  9. I don't know the answer to your question, but Yeet Lazer is my new favorite powerset.
  10. It used to be Ion Judgment. It is now currently Infiltration, with ninja run animation.
  11. I'd like it if scrappers had a taunt effect. It should be light, and not something that would take aggro away from a tank or brute, but it should be good enough to keep mobs in melee range when soloing. While you can cope with minion/LT runners with ranged epic pool powers, not everyone takes those. I'm also pretty sure if we think hard enough, we can find thematic reasons for all secondaries to have them. SR's, for example, could be that the bad guy gets enraged because HE JUST CAN'T HIT YOU. However, while I would rather have one added, I believe that I am firmly in the camp
  12. Well, while I stepped away to feed my cats in between Hamidon raids, I got a tell from GM_Impervium telling me that dual boxing in the hive is not allowed. After informing them that I wasn't, I was told that I and another player were using the same IP. I explained that I don't know how that was, and received "I don't buy it, one of you has to log off or leave or I'll boot you." I chose to leave, and told them I didn't like the accusation. After checking his logs, it appeared he made a mistake, and yes he apologized, but honestly it was too late for me this evening.
  13. Don't remove Founders Falls. FF is a great hub that has Vanguard, Pocket D, Midnighter Club etc. This weakens that hub idea.
  14. A customizable sidekick pet would be dope af. Especially if you were able to choose archetype/powersets etc.
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