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  1. I would LOVE that. I think incan is such a cool power but as it stands only the alpha slot is useable in pvp (due to community pvp consensus). I think it would open up a lot of strategy and give the healers more control of the team. Also there a lot of PBAOE buffs that are useless as it stands right now cuz everyone is usually all over the place.
  2. Omg sorry I just realized someone actually responded to this post lol. So I'm new to Mids but I think I pasted the build correctly. Its really fun and decent for both PvP and PvE. You have all the cool hold powers, a ranged Ice attack chain, a Ice melee two hit combo, and decent survivability with two phase powers and a self heal. Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Ice Fencer: Level 50 Magic Dominator Primary Power Set: Gravity Control Secondary Power Set: Icy Assault Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Concealment Power Pool: Medicine Ancillary Pool: Psionic Mastery Villain Profile: Level 1: Lift -- Dvs-Acc/Dmg(A), Dvs-Dmg/EndRdx(3), Dvs-Dmg/Rchg(3) Level 1: Ice Bolt -- GldJvl-Acc/Dmg(A), GldJvl-Dam%(5), Dvs-Acc/Dmg(5), Dvs-Dmg/EndRdx(7), Dvs-Dmg/Rchg(7) Level 2: Gravity Distortion -- GldNet-Acc/Hold(A), GldNet-Dam%(9), GldNet-Acc/Rchg(9), GldNet-Acc/EndRdx/Rchg/Hold(11), GldNet-Rchg/Hold(11), SprAscoft-Rchg/+Dmg%(13) Level 4: Ice Sword -- GldStr-Acc/Dmg(A), GldStr-%Dam(13), Mk'Bit-Acc/Dmg(15), Mk'Bit-Dam%(15), Mk'Bit-Dmg/EndRdx(17), TchofDth-Dam%(17) Level 6: Super Jump -- BlsoftheZ-ResKB(A), Jump-I(19), Jump-I(19) Level 8: Super Speed -- BlsoftheZ-ResKB(A), Run-I(21), Run-I(21) Level 10: Ice Blast -- GldJvl-Acc/Dmg(A), GldJvl-Dam%(23), Dvs-Acc/Dmg(23), Dvs-Dmg/EndRdx(25), Dvs-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(25) Level 12: Hasten -- RechRdx-I(A), RechRdx-I(27), RechRdx-I(27) Level 14: Dimension Shift -- SprDmnGrs-Acc/Conf/Hold/Immob/Sleep/Stun/Fear(A), SprDmnGrs-Conf/Hold/Immob/Sleep/Stun/Fear/Rchg(29), SprDmnGrs-EndRdx/Rchg(29), SprDmnGrs-Acc/Conf/Hold/Immob/Sleep/Stun/Fear/EndRdx(31), SprDmnGrs-Acc/Conf/Hold/Immob/Sleep/Stun/Fear/EndRdx/Rchg(31), SprDmnGrs-Rchg/Fiery Orb(34) Level 16: Stealth -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A) Level 18: Invisibility -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A) Level 20: Phase Shift -- RechRdx-I(A) Level 22: Power Up -- RechRdx-I(A), RechRdx-I(31), RechRdx-I(33) Level 24: Gravity Distortion Field -- GldNet-Acc/Hold(A), GldNet-Acc/Rchg(33), GldNet-Rchg/Hold(33), GldNet-Acc/EndRdx/Rchg/Hold(34), GldNet-EndRdx/Rchg/Hold(34) Level 26: Wormhole -- SprAscoft-Acc/Conf/Hold/Immob/Sleep/Stun/Fear(A), SprAscoft-Conf/Hold/Immob/Sleep/Stun/Fear/Rchg(36), SprAscoft-EndRdx/Rchg(36), SprAscoft-Acc/Conf/Hold/Immob/Sleep/Stun/Fear/EndRdx(36), SprAscoft-Acc/Conf/Hold/Immob/Sleep/Stun/Fear/EndRdx/Rchg(37) Level 28: Combat Jumping -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A) Level 30: Acrobatics -- EndRdx-I(A) Level 32: Singularity -- EdcoftheM-Acc/Dmg(A), EdcoftheM-Dmg(37), EdcoftheM-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx(37), CaltoArm-Acc/Dmg(39), CaltoArm-Acc/Rchg(39), CaltoArm-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(39) Level 35: Ice Slash -- GldStr-Acc/Dmg(A), GldStr-%Dam(40), Hct-Dam%(40), TchofDth-Dam%(40), Mk'Bit-Acc/Dmg(42), Mk'Bit-Dam%(42) Level 38: Bitter Ice Blast -- GldJvl-Acc/Dmg(A), GldJvl-Dam%(42), Dvs-Acc/Dmg(43), Apc-Dam%(43), ImpSwf-Dam%(43), CldSns-%Dam(45) Level 41: Aid Other -- Prv-Absorb%(A) Level 44: Aid Self -- NmnCnv-Heal(A), NmnCnv-Heal/Rchg(45), NmnCnv-Heal/EndRdx/Rchg(45), NmnCnv-Regen/Rcvry+(46) Level 47: Link Minds -- RctRtc-Pcptn(A), ShlWal-Def/Rchg(48), ShlWal-EndRdx/Rchg(48), ShlWal-ResDam/Re TP(48) Level 49: Mind Over Body -- UnbGrd-Max HP%(A), StdPrt-ResDam/EndRdx(50), StdPrt-ResDam/Def+(50), StdPrt-ResKB(50) Level 1: Brawl -- Empty(A) Level 1: Domination Level 1: Quick Form Level 1: Prestige Power Dash -- Empty(A) Level 1: Prestige Power Slide -- Empty(A) Level 1: Prestige Power Quick -- Empty(A) Level 1: Prestige Power Rush -- Empty(A) Level 1: Prestige Power Surge -- Empty(A) Level 1: Sprint -- Empty(A) Level 2: Rest -- Empty(A) Level 4: Ninja Run Level 2: Swift -- Run-I(A) Level 2: Health -- Pnc-Heal/+End(A) Level 2: Hurdle -- Jump-I(A) Level 2: Stamina -- PrfShf-EndMod(A), PrfShf-EndMod/Rchg(46), PrfShf-End%(46) ------------
  3. Xhiggy is the President of Kickball and Coh pvp! I wish I could send him a thank you card lol. For me I'd envision Newbie night as a once a month thing, maybe at the start of the month, but like, it would be an actual "workshop". Like for 20-30 min you could take newbies into different discord channels and set up an arena events to practice specific topics like: Target calling Locking Evasion Healing Character build/useful binds Etc. Then make teams mixed with experienced people and newbies and run matches for the rest of the night. If they like it they can come join the weekly kickballs the rest of the month. This probably WAYYY to much work and planning, but I feel it might be a little more useful than throwing new guys on a team and having them fight each other and might help retention.
  4. Hopefully the "no Black team" portion doesn't have to happen too much and there are enough healers per game. At least to me, the Black team was a meaningful way to shuffle in all participants and to see some new builds that didn't necessarily fit into the meta. Because, lets be honest, the same 16 people on Beam/x characters would be picked over and over if there was no Black team.
  5. The ice slash power for dominators doesn't animate sometimes.
  6. Hi, Indomitable has the best "scheduled" pvp- Arena Kickball Nights are every Wednesday and Saturday starting at 9 est and run for about 3-4 hours. Its a pretty good time where you can see some new/experimental builds as well as the normal stuff. A thread with rules is found here: And a guide to kickball by Xhiggy is found here, which also has some links to videos of individuals pvping: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-kJ0klKlgG3TrXNKGmVgbKEYRcHXUHTH2K5byrYYbvQ/edit?usp=sharing Be sure to get on the CoH PvP discord found here to play in these matches: For a guide on whats popular in pvp nowadays I wrote a pvp trends guide here: In terms of zones, it's usually hit or miss. But RV usually has some people to fight at all hours of the day.
  7. Haven't posted in this subforum for a while, but I really love this Grav/Ice Dominator I made in for pvp so I thought I'd share. I hold people with gravity then run up to them and hit them with an ice sword, its so fun! Really cool combo haha.
  8. Gravity/Ice Dominator pvp vids from last nights kickball! Kinda love being a #meleeDom and hitting people with my ice sword haha. One of my favorite characters I've made. Pretty survivable too and its fun occasionally wormhole-ing people into the sky or accidentally dimension shifting MJB.
  9. In the Clear Minds Podcast there was talk of making some sort of official pvp thing so people don't just scrim every week with no actual purpose. One suggestion was to make a official monthly tourney so people could say "x supergroup were the October champions etc." These are some of my ideas on how that would work. When: Last Saturday of every month during kickball times (9pm est). Or some other time when its most convenient. Format: Even months: Standard 8v8 format Standard rules (3 of the same archetype limit, 1 poision, alpha only) Odd months: 5v5 format 1 archetype limit per team (maybe no recurring powersets) Sg's must field two distinct teams. First format is the traditional way. Second format I hope would open up new ideas, strategies, team makeup diversity and melee. Just some thoughts. I'd really like to watch something actually official as well as interesting. Standard jump teams are pretty boring tbh.
  10. Why don't you just use it anyways if you like it? I main a water blaster in pvp and love it. Just make an attack chain out of the epic hold, your strongest single target attack, and the snipe then start shooting people.
  11. If you color it black you get a "magic ink" theme, like Grimstroke from Dota2 or Ichibe from Bleach.
  12. It'd be cool if there were some big group defensive powers or at least something more geared to that sort of thing. Like, in DOTA there can be some cool comebacks by resetting and changing strategies and giving the carries room. Maybe having everyone still alive just roguing whatever target they are on is a viable strat lol.
  13. Thought It'd be fun to start a topics on pvp strategy/situations that I've seen in kickballs/scrims and how teams seem to deal with it...if there even is a strategy. Situation: You team is getting rolled. Both emps are down. Previously dead blasters are respawing and on unaffected timers so there arent consistent spikes. Basically, everything is out of sync. How does the team adjust or do you keep playing hoping the tide will shift?
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