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  1. why cant it be kyle, madvillain, vegetableknife, larry lobster on a team?
  2. if any team needs a healer let me know @vegetableknife I also have a beam/nature and a fire blaster
  3. If anyone needs: @vegetableknife Grav/Ice Dominator Fire/Martial Blaster Beam/Nature Corruptor Grav/Emp Controller
  4. I think the GM's should hold a Gladiator PvP tourney- if they still work. Isn't it like a cool/underutilized system that's in the game right now? Maybe it could get more pve'ers involved since you don't need to IO or slot them. Its like superhero pokemon.
  5. Also I dunno if the Domination Archetype ability actually works for dominators in pvp. Like, in the wiki it says with domination up abilities last their full duration despite resistances but that's not really the case.
  6. Much like the weekly strike target for task forces, make a designated pvp zone (Bloody Bay, Sirens Call, Warburg, or Recluses Victory) the "Weekly Conquest Target". In that zone for the week you get reward merits or increased chance for pvp io drops for defeating other players or completing the objectives there. Might as well used something that's already in the game than building a whole new zone or system for pvp.
  7. Any chance a second kickball day can get started again?
  8. Yeah if you could list people who would PL 1-50 for 20-30 mil influence I would totally be down.
  9. Showing tentative interest to join a team. Hopefully one that is LGBT friendly. I like to play dominator or can play a pain healer. @vegetableknife Free after the gym 8pm est on weekdays maybe on sunday too.
  10. Pain has better sound effects and its fun to trick pvpers into thinking they are getting spiked when using enforced morale on them. Also suppress pain is a cool toggle that lets you regen through your share pains and puts a cool globe around you.
  11. yaaaassss I love when pvpers come into a thread and start discussing #popcorn
  12. Anyone have the details on why/how it happened? Does this also mean a slow death of CoH pvp in general? So interesting I looking forward to seeing what happens.
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