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  1. So some bare bones tips in my opinion: Hold: Dominate You can either go the damage or hold duration route (I would do the hold route for a couple of reasons): Damage route: 2 acc/damage IO's and 4 damage proc io's Hold duration route: Use the ATO set Ascendancy of the Dominator with the chance for +DMG buff proc Attacks: Bitter Ice Blast, Ice Blast, Ice Bolt Bitter Ice Blast: 2 acc/damage IO's and i think you can 4 slot it for damage proc io's Ice Blast: standard slotting with 2 dmg procs Ice Bot: standard slotting with 2 dmg procs Utility: Power Build Up 5 gaussians with chance for build up proc Attack chain Power build up (will buff damage and hold duration) - Dominate (will buff damage) - Bitter ice blast-ice blast-ice bolt I feel like slotting for hold duration would be useful because of the +special of power build up and Domination - resulting is heavy lockdown. Then just slot for extras using other power. EDIT oh and to help level up, just can just usually go to an AE and ask if anyone has a spot on a farm. I've leveled up a bunch of characters by just asking and being polite. They dont even ask for money lol.
  2. i'm very excited to see people throwing more tiny shards of ice and cute mind darts after this update
  3. Hi, updating this with some Burst of Speed binds to make you even more stylish and deadly (thanks to the blaster forums). With a single key push you can either teleport directly to the target (omg offensive teleport spikes) or 300 feet backwards from a target. I bound 2 key to teleport directly to the target /bind 2 "powexec_location target Burst of Speed" And bound the 3 key to teleport 300 feet away from the target /bind 3 "powexec_location back:300 burst of speed" Quick video is here: Hope this starts a new teleport spike meta!
  4. Yeah I only saw M3z playing a Bane Spider and Shatter Armoring people in kickballs lol. But like Mac said they're good for zone in hunting stalkers but there hasn't been a burst of VEAT's for 8v8 at all.
  5. Lol I totally saw a Fire/Nature, Fire/Marital, Fire/Plant at one of the recent kickballs but saw you first!
  6. Thought I would be fun to make a semi-chronological list of the pvp trends on Homecoming thus far, as well as reasons why they are popular and their originators to help out people who may be new to the scene. This list is made up of stuff that may have originated in the zone, but was good/cool enough to be proliferated and used in organized 8v8 pvp! Additionally, feel free to correct me or add your suggestions lol. Homecoming Begins 2019: The Ice/Plant Blasters Blaster: Ice Blast Originators: Dan, Silit, Nojiyo, bp, Everyone who wanted to play blaster Reason: A high amount of damage procs and be slotted, increasing damage by close to 150-300 points of extra damage, long cooldowns made sure these procs always fired and short, non-rooting animation allowed for a smooth attack chain. Blaster: Plant Manipulation Originators: Dan, Silit, Nojiyo, bp, Everyone who wanted to play blaster Reason: The Toxins power added extra damage to each attack fired (like +100 dmg), Strangler hits really hard and can be slotted for procs. June-ish 2019: Psi Blaster Primary, Trick Arrow Secondary, Psionic Melee Stalkers Blaster: Psychic Blast Originators: Can't remember the first psi blasters to pop up, I remember hp on Unrivaled though Reason: Range, Will Domination hits really hard, delayed damage and you can time attacks to hit at the same time. Blaster: Trick Arrow Originators: I think Silit had a Ice/TA, but I remember seeing a proliferation of Psi/TA blasters around this time. some gymnast! Reason: TA has web arrow which can stop all vertical movement. Additionally has some cool buffs with Gymnastics and Eagle Eye etc. Stalker: Psionic Melee Originators: Void, Unholy, Gore, Me kinda I was at least at the first kickball lolol Reason: Greater Psi Blade takes both Hold and Melee damage procs, allowing you to hit for over 1000 damage in a single hit sometimes. July-August-ish 2019: Poisons, Beams, Martial Combat, Gravity Defender/Corruptor/Mastermind: Poison Originators: Mez played a Poison MM I think, then Mallex made a post about it and played a /poison defender. Reason: Huge resistance debuff from Envenom, Weaken caused the Emps to heal for like 500 damage absorb pain lololol Blaster/Corruptor: Beam Rifle Originators: I remember Mez running around in zones with one and being kinda laughed at but now there are a lot of beams with puns for names. Dan, Silit too! Naturalizer Reason: Multiple beams can work together on a Disintegrated target, Lancer shot hits for a bunch and stuns. Blaster: Martial Combat Originators: Me!! Reasons: You teleport and look cool with your scythe circle aura. Also it can give you a free heal+break free combo power. But mostly to be stylish. Controller: Gravity Originators: I honestly saw Epsylon with his Grav/TA in zones then saw it in 8v8's with PONED, Dan, on Empathys, Dexington, barrier Reasons: Dimension Shift allows for a seconds phase that has some interesting interactions (e.g. you can still get nature buffs while in it). September 2019/Now: Nature (buff gathers) and Fire Blasters Defender/Corruptor: Nature Affinity Originators: Macskull, Vinnie, Void etc. saved it for this timepoint because its used as a mass buff gather now Reasons: Wild Bastion gives +Absorb shield to the team, Overgrowth is literally so ridiculous, basically a Build Up level team damage buff that lasts for a whole minute, with multiple natures you're almost at the damage cap. Blaster/Corruptor: Fire Blast Originators: I saw MJB with a fire blaster at one of the recent kickballs Reasons: The snipe changes allows fire to have another hard hitting attack to fill out the attack chain, generally fast animating powers and dots. Always Fashionable: Empathy! Defender/Controller: Empathy Originators: Xhiggy, yay Xhiggy! and Dan/Lib lol Reasons: You heal people, be a bro, be empathy. Currently not Trendy (sorry) Dominators: You will never be glamour. (But might be a thing) Masterminds: You don't have a sugar daddy. Brutes/Scrapper/Tanker: Is not perfect, is not beautiful, does not look like Linda Evangelista I'll try to update as more trends appear lol.
  7. lol he's always in zone and that's why you can post this!
  8. I wanted to take the Team Teleport power but in the description it says it has a range of 25 ft. Is this correct? I put my waypoint on the map to check and 25 ft is literally right in front of me. This doesn't seem at all useful if it is true.
  9. When is the next organized pvp tournament gonna be? I felt like the last ones were really successful! Can it be a 5v5 penta? It would be cool to see some Tanks/Brutes/Scrapper/Doms in the mix.
  11. Like, where is it? I went on the server to test it out but I cant seem to see any difference between the initial strike and subsequent strikes. And looking at the combat attribute screen both the +42% and +6% damage bonuses are still there no matter what.
  12. Omg its so fun but yeah just get either char or spirit shark jaws to fill out your 3 attack chain for spikes. Also try to get geyser kills on people, its like the ultimate taunt. And make sure you have a cool costume plz
  13. There's already stalker and tanker vids so what I think he needs is... SCRAPPER PVP VIDEOS!! #Odins
  14. Tried to do a search but cant find it. If they do, how does it work? Based on the power they use? EDIT* Alsooo, can team teleport be used to teleport all your pets?
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