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  1. Hey... When are you guys going to end the winter event in Texas? I'm getting bored with it, can we move on to a Nemesis Invasion event?
  2. So many great looks! Big thanks to everyone that voted for One-Eyed Jack and to the GM's!
  3. Fine with the changes. Good job. Appreciate the effort put into it.
  4. @Dreamboat,I had heard that Frozencrantz and Chilldenstern were dead.
  5. Stunning amount of material here. Very excited!
  6. The same thing happens with the inside of the cybertech trench coat (long) and the Cosmic Corsair optional Belt sash. Like the CoT piece you can solve it by selecting to link colors across the costume.
  7. I just tried it with the Twilight's Son mission and it worked like a dream.
  8. Cool, FrauleinMental. Thank you! Hey Psyonico, thanks for responding. My character is 25+ but the "concept" is she is taking lower 'beginner' team mates on a guided super-fast exploration badge run of Galaxy City and Echo: AP for the 10 reward merits. Maybe right after they finish their DFB runs. (Plus the 5 from regular AP if they want) I've got the 3 zone run down to about 9-10 minutes total. Just a concept for fun: "Galaxy City Tours" EDIT: But now that I think about it, Exemplaring wont work if Ouroboros missions are considered a taskforce, right?
  9. Thanks, FrauleinMental. I appreciate the investigation. Good idea! I'm guessing there just aren't any current missions designated so as to work as Door or Tip Missions in O-boros or E: GC.
  10. ...that one could utilize to bring a team to Ouroboros with the Team Transporter power? The reason I'm asking, is I'm creating a character that is going to offer guided Exploration Badge runs in Echo: Galaxy City and Echo: Atlas Park, and I was looking for a more fun, snappier, and elegant way to get started then using a SG base teleporter.
  11. I know the resources don't exist for it to be created, not suggesting that--but how cool would it have been... 🙂
  12. A few times now Inner Inspiration has given me less than 3 inspirations or most recently: none. I don't know if this is happening to other players. It has happened to me on more than one character.
  13. Has anyone ever come up with a sport or game that could be played live by players online? - Using the games existing assets? I was trying to think of something that could be actually played as a 'sport' for RP in a Hero School setting in a sports arenas. Could be based on a real life game or a complete invention. Any thoughts?
  14. I have been working on a plan for series of Coalition bases (based on Hero Academies for each origin type) Needed the passcode function to facilitate crossing between bases easily. When this goes away that will be way less elegant (and less fun) unless teleport between bases is added in. (my 2 cents)
  15. Long Live Virtue! MAiN CHARACTERS WERE: Doc Midas: SS/invuln (Tank) Jack Shadows: Darkness Control/Dark Assault (Dom) Ultorr: Beam Rifle/Mental Manipulation (Blaster) The 5kull: Claws/Regeneration (Stalker)
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