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  1. What ancillaries or patrons work well? Seems like a lot of good options. Maybe you need the status from Psionic to make it work?
  2. I think the issue may be more with Sonic than Masterminds. Sonic has endurance issues in every primary and it’s generally considered weak as well. Mastermind endurance issues are not a bug. It’s a trade off for cast and forget damage. But some of the individual sets do have issues and Sonic’s already bad endurance issues are exacerbated by Masterminds endurance issues.
  3. It depends on your Secondary and what playstyle. They are poor powers that round out many builds but they aren’t necessary for a Mastermind. Even if you are playing a Tankermind you might find other sets. I think I can say I’ve never made a build where I never considered the Fighting pool. So you at least consider it each time. But they aren’t as necessary as Stamina but they are close to as good as Haste.
  4. I think Ninja/Forcefield is viable, not sure it Is fun. Ninja is the highest single target damage I think so it has the best damage to offset the loss of any Secondary ability to increase damage. Obviously Forceshield allows you to max Defense of the Ninjas. Force shield has some additional control that works well with Ninjas poor survivability with its stuns and banishment power. Forcefield isn’t sexy or winning races. Also the extra Defense is usually unnecessary on teams. But if you were going to solo with ninjas I think it might be the best option to let you defeat most content.
  5. This should be a very solid combo. You won’t kill things quickly as FF has no damage buff powers and generally Masterminds gain force multiplier powers that increase damage or reduce resistances. Defensively you may have overkill near maxing Defense and putting out significant to hit debuff. Your minions have self heals and status protection. You get a self heal. Take all Necromancy powers but the attacks. The only attack you want is Life Drain for some self healing. Here is the go to for Force Shields. Force Shield it’s also good at positioning so don’t forget that
  6. Trick Arrow needs a boost mostly I think to something Defensive not necessarily Defense, though I think I would boost - to hit from Flash Arrow. But it’s easy to forget Trick Arrow has playable Control powers that Hold Sleep Knock Down and Slow. Which is why Trick Arrow I see as only viable on Control lite controllers who are ant to stack Control powers. It’s sad that low mag makes Trick Arrow Control’s too weak for Masterminds, Defenders, and Corrupers.
  7. I totally agree. There should have been a way to just debuff and still have similar results to the other sets with buffs. I’ve always thought this could’ve been balanced out without significant power reworks if the numbers/percentages were fixed.
  8. Trick Arrow provides very little help keeping Ninjas alive. Ninjas need more help being kept alive than any other primary
  9. I think it’s Ninja Trick Arrow. Mercenaries got slightly better with the new AI adjustment and is a little easier to keep at range. Ninja has high damage but almost no mitigation. Ninja can only really be effective with Time as a secondary and once it has power boost. That combination does provide enough protection. Force field can keep ninjas alive but doesn’t help Ninjas do more damage and you’ll still need a heal from a pool. Trick Arrow is a debuff only set. Trick Arrow has some decent control powers and as such really can shine as a Controller secondary but on its own with out A Controller primary it doesn’t have enough Control to be good mitigation. Masterminds need to be able to protect their minions or they won’t be able to survive any of the tougher material. The only reason that Ninja Trick Arrow is more popular than Necro Trick Arrow and Demon Trick Arrow is for theme and redraw. MechanicallyNinja Trick Arrow is a bad combination on top of probably being the worst of both the primaries and secondaries.
  10. It’s very good. Kinetics doesn’t have much defense built into its power set and Darks minus to hit is welcome. But it does create some difficulties in positioning for all the cone attacks in dark, but once you have a feel for moving it’s a very strong combination.
  11. If you want noncontrollers that play like controllers, my Dark/Stone Tank was an absolute beast with a ridiculous heal. It can stack disorient and nothing attacks. It can control an area in amazing ways .
  12. I would make one of his costumes the Watcher since the running gag in the movies was he might be one of them. I too wish there was a superhero mastermind that would’ve been perfect with Darkness changing the colors to be colorful so it would be like he was painting to protect his heroes.
  13. I’ll point out you can play Trick Arrow on Controllers. Trick Arrow allows for stacking holds and some decent control elements that supplement a Controller play style well.
  14. I think Sonic/Electric. You have a pet to put the damage debuff on. Many attacks a Player Based. You’ll have status protection resists. You can layer sone Defense.
  15. I would check out X/Storm. Storm puts out a lot of damage. Bots, Thugs or Demons. There is a thread just a little below this one for Thugs/Storm.
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