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  1. It is possible but not without giving yourself a huge headache in the process . Although I would be curious to see what that looks like .
  2. For all The sci-Fi peeps who want to give a feeling of our base being in space. Window patches that give an appearance of looking out into vast space of varying sizes. This would be useful in creating things like an appearance of an actual working hangar bay to put the aircraft in or just windows in certain areas of your base to give it general appeal of immersion. Wouldn’t have to be just open space either , open sky, shadow shard etc. something that gives the base some feeling of not just being an underground bunker .
  3. Is that true you think if I prefer solo battle? I can tear down squishies quickly enough without dmg ench. Tanks seem to be a problem killing . Just wondering if slotted for damage would it make me better off?. I also know mez suppression Is a thing so I’m not sure if it’s worth slotting for maximum hold (especially when someone can just have a tray of BFs) I don’t know how much I can expect my damage to go up either .
  4. As a Gravity controller, am I better off slotting damage in my holds or hold ench? I would think damage but I could be wrong.
  5. I can’t speak to their intentions , I attacked a hero by the atlas statue , tank. Gravity dropped him to ground but I had hold ench. Not damage. Needless to say he got no where close to dying anytime soon. I got about 10% of his health off when a mind dom and fire corruptor come storming in to the rescue . Now I do have the t-4 power that makes Mez not work well against me, plus some of the best set bonuses that give mez protection . The corruptor just wasn’t doing insane amounts of damage But adequate . I dispatched the squishies in the air while I had the tank grounded with gravity
  6. So the original plan Was to wait until my PVP build was complete before I attempted to PVP because I remember how intense it used to get on live. But out of boredom I went in prematurely with my PVE team build(not even my solo build) as a Gravity/Time controller and literally soloed 3 heroes at the same time, 2 days in a row. Granted my ench were maxed out and I had T-4 incarnates, (my character isn’t a push over) but I wasn’t expecting to do so well and so easily with a build not even geared towards PVP. I know excelsior isn’t the PVP server so maybe that’s it? I’m a de
  7. There may be some miscommunication amongst the GMs then because I got an email from GM Conviction that this was the first time this was reported. it begs the question how many Devs or GMs are actually unaware of it?
  8. So last night I was traveling from Grandville to First Ward as a Rouge with no issue . As soon as I arrived in First Ward I tried to take the same portal back to Grandville but the game said I had to be a villain to enter . I would think this is obviously a bug. I had already sent a petition report and was directed here .
  9. I am building a space themed base and I'm building a hanger bay. I would like to knock out one of the walls so I can see space. Sorta pretending their is a forcefield...something you'd see in most sci fi movies..... thanks.
  10. What a bunch of soft people. You don’t belong in the isles.
  11. As a badge collector .... I’d say leave the badges out of this , it’s hard enough to collect them all without you adding badges that take hundreds of hours to get .
  12. Perhaps the best way to fix this I think if possible, is to make this into a map wide power with a prompt asking if you want Group Fly to effect you (like TP) if you haven’t auto turned it off/on. This would make adjusting flight speeds not needed as well.
  13. If there is any silver lining , maybe the devs investigate why this has over 200 comments and make some improvements ? Maybe GF gets a prompt like TP if it’s not auto turned off? But personally I sorta want GF to made into a map wide effect for pets (see thread on GF) perhaps this thread reminds them of the other ongoing GF thread?
  14. Perhaps you should make a habit of speaking plain so as to not be misinterpreted . Random comments like the one you just made after quoting me on why I used GF are misleading. Maybe next time just quote the part that just has me talking about why I don’t think I should have to announce my play style. Then you would have a case of a straw-man. and by the way I’ve always played the way I’ve played with the same attitude. Haven’t had any issues Teaming yet. Also never been kicked 🙂
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