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  1. Thank you very much for your help DreadShinobi Those both have great ideas, I really appreciate you taking the time to help.
  2. This is the best I could come up with and I am in no way a expert at this lol. I would greatly appreciate if some of you could look at it and let me know if I missed anything or just recommendations on how to make it better. I tried to focus on def and res with as much regen as I could as a secondary focus. I've been saving up inf. so go into it with a no inf. limit in mind. I don't care about additional damage although recharge would always be a perk but I generally do the best build I can and then use incarnates to fill any wholes. This is a end game char. lvl 50+ content. Will not be e
  3. Thank you I do think that im going to go with the Hyperstrike inv/SS it is a awesome build indeed. and ty you again for the advice
  4. thank you for the reply and what I'm looking for is damage res and recharge I guess. with shield, deff is pretty much covered. I figured I could use incarnates to fill any holes. I made a build and worked Rune of Protection into it instead of taking a epic. Feel free to make any changes or give any advice and I guess the holly grail is deff, damage res, acc, and rech. At least in my opinion for a tank. you want damage make something else. Dont plan on doing much Psi tanking so not high on priority but toxic would be nice for the tin mage TF. Master.mxd
  5. hello i was just wondering if anyone had a good shield war mace tank build they could share. I'm not very good at making them and never come up with as good of a build then what you guys make. Thanks for sharing ahead of time. I plan on Tanking on teams late game mostly with this char. so not really worried about early on stuff. other then the usual TF's
  6. Thank you for that added information. i guess i didn't read that part of the agreement. I will defiantly take that into consideration the next time he wants to play HC.
  7. Thanks Zeraphia ill take a look at it. It sounds perfect though. greatly appreciated.
  8. I was going to originally make a DA/SS they are not complicated to play ( the fewer things he has to do the more fun he has) and he would't even notice or care about the rage crash and gets to see some AOE numbers.
  9. Hello, my son does play but not the most focused at most times and he likes the MM pets. me and wife just got into AE farming not to long ago and he wants so much to join us. I don't think he cares about actually farming but just being there with mom and dad (and not face planting). I thought a farming tank for survivability. me and wife can handle damage no prob. this is where the help is needed. Is there a tank build that does well or can do well in S/L and Fire farms? If someone could share a build or give a recommendation that would be awesome. again don't care about damage so much
  10. Thanks Werner Ill take a look at it. It does sound extremely interesting.
  11. meyerwolf406

    ITF Build

    Just looking for some of the best Tank builds for running ITF specifically. this is what i was able to come up with http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1457&c=693&a=1386&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594594F135114C7EF4CA7604B4B81B2438196B550060A3C99181F6491A50909C45752E1DA3636D3A62DC63E9A88CB9B6B7851D137C5E50BF82DDC58FC088A9A08824FE3E99CBFD5642699FEE6FEEFDC73FEE7DC3B8D5D9DF4BC99B97656289E73E9783EBFB21C372ECB9C7B59AE268D4C3A93288AD2554977074FAD4CCA4BD2C84B7DD6B8B29E36642E7E31954E158A6D988EC9B494FAD27A969E970A3969240A49E15DCC64D2FA742A912CA48C84C71A2DC87896066E6BB0
  12. im working on a electric shield brute to run mostly ITFs with with my wifes Tank. anyone have a good builds for this? I dont plan on every leading the TF but if its possible to get as much as possble res in s/l and energy/neg energy that would be awesome. thanks for all the help out there.
  13. any advice would be greatly appreciated. its for my wife brute. Heidi One.mxd
  14. TYVM I never noticed it. Once I turned it off the numbers got a Hole lot better.
  15. anyone know why when I did a respect on my char using this build my totals in res and def are as far as 35% different? cant figure it out. I made sure all incarnates are off and all powers that would proc additional res or def were off but my in game number are off. I cant figure out what im missing. all the res from build are capped at 90%+ and the def, damage, recharge is off to but not as bad. These are my in game numbers DEF ranged 24.33 melee 49.98 aoe 26.83 S/L 45.13 fire/cold 36.83 energy/neg energy 31.83 psi is 21.83 RES S
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