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  1. anyone know why when I did a respect on my char using this build my totals in res and def are as far as 35% different? cant figure it out. I made sure all incarnates are off and all powers that would proc additional res or def were off but my in game number are off. I cant figure out what im missing. all the res from build are capped at 90%+ and the def, damage, recharge is off to but not as bad. These are my in game numbers DEF ranged 24.33 melee 49.98 aoe 26.83 S/L 45.13 fire/cold 36.83 energy/neg energy 31.83 psi is 21.83 RES S/L 90%+ fire/cold 64.28 energy/neg energy 65.78 psi 27.75 toxic 59.78 http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1457&c=694&a=1388&f=HEX&dc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r. ITF.mxd
  2. My first attempt at a build that's not made by someone else. any advice would be greatly appreciated. I focused on recharge, acc, and damage after making sure I reached 45% fire def Eric's Spine Brute - Brute (Spines).mxd
  3. will do on both things and thanks for the advice
  4. thanks for the info. its exactly what i was looking for. BTW awesome job on the build it must of taken a while to come up with it looks awesome and is multi functional. Ill play around with the Proton Sweep and thanks again for sharing.
  5. No real reason i just like trying new things and if there is a better build out there, why not? I don't do afk farming i tend to invite a few ppl here and there to help them out as was done for me when i came back to game over a year ago, and yes to farm inf. always helps me and my wife (who doesn't farm) who is constantly making new characters and they all have to have TT, ATT, and MT lol. She is not what you would call a cheap teammate.
  6. I have a really good (expensive) spine fire brute and have see and heard a lot of talk about rad/fire and was just wondering if anyone had a good Rad/Fire build I could see to compare to mine? Not looking for a "budget" build just the best res, def, damage, recharge etc. builds. Honestly I have never messed with the Rad powerset so I don't know much about the Rad powerset. Thanks a lot. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1441&c=678&a=1356&f=HEX&dc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
  7. I have a really good (expensive) spine fire brute and have see and heard alot of talk about rad fire and was just wondering if anyone had a good Rad/Fire build I could see to compare to mine? Not looking for a "budget" build just the best res, def, damage, recharge ext. builds. Honestly I have never messed with the Rad powerset so I dont know much about it. Thanks a lot.
  8. totally new to the corruptor archetype and was wondering if anyone had some best build advice for me. I plan on teaming mostly. I'm usually a tank but wanted to step out of that role for a bit and try something new.
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