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  1. Testing will begin when the build is released. The HC team has pointed to releasing the build to the beta shard for extensive testing some time following the conclusion of the Halloween event, yes.
  2. Why dwell on the past when the community was separated, when we can enjoy the present and look forward to our future together.
  3. Mmmm tasty merits... Indomitable is clear of the Paladin threat... for now. Solo'ed all three in about 8 minutes.
  4. I can understand this. I wouldn't go so far as to generalize it, but I certainly have experienced the outcome of planning for volunteer support, only to find the one craz... I mean passionate citizen with time on their hands show up at the council meeting on water conservation to provide their input on a policy or program being implemented in another county or state entirely and has nothing to do with... you know I'll just stop there lol
  5. I can see it now: weekly character showcase and play. I'm jealous, I've got to put so much effort in to my character ideas/concepts before I'll play them. And even then, if I don't enjoy them I delete them.
  6. Ha! I can kind of relate. My discovery of the game being back consisted of, rather randomly after a discussion with a childhood friend about our favorite videogames, me googling CoH to see if I remember something correctly. This happened around the Summer of 2019 - and to my very big surprise, I saw a result that said something of the effect that CoH was back or a server was hosting the game. Boy what a funny thing! Without that whim, I would probably not even have known about this two years later 😅
  7. No helpful input, but just wanted to comment - damn you've got a GTX 1080 running 3 4k monitors??? What is your framerate in game? I have a 1440p monitor and I get between 60-165HZ with my GTX 1080.
  8. It is kind of funny to say this, but for anyone who has worked in local or municipal government before, asking for people to show up and do stuff for free (volunteering) is hard! Even if it is in both the individual's best interest and the requesting entity, there are other competing urgencies that make volunteering not possible. There are probably lots of folks who are passionate about bases and for more base items to be imported. Same goes for the character creator. I don't doubt that and I think with a little patience we will see these things happen. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes
  9. Average player; assumption: slots SOs or a combination of DOs, SOs, and IOs. Slotting reflects general understanding of damage, accuracy, endurance, etc., enhancements based on Tutorial or from trial and error. Not optimized in any way. Power choices are defined by the action they observe when activating said power, not on synergies. New players views shaped heavily by teaming in the beginning stages of the game and it's content.
  10. Yes! And/or give that sweet Permanent Power a colorable option like Base Teleporter or Supergroup Teleporter.
  11. You need to do a character showcase! National Defense is a favorite that I've teamed with, this Winter character sounds cool too.
  12. Too be fair, I only recently discovered that hitting the ESC key turns off the combat stance. And I've been playing for a while 😁
  13. Based on the lack of replies to your post back in 2019, I'd say you are the only one who has noticed this. 😅
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