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Played on Triumph and Victory during legacy days (started right after release of Issue 1 and had a subscription on and off throughout the game), I can't remember my original handle, but one of my characters was Glacier Peak. Current playing on Indomitable, Torchbearer, and Excelsior now! Tremendously happy the game is back and very thankful to all of the volunteers on the Homecoming team that provide their free time to make this game awesome!


Interests: Badging, testing, breaking, and giving feedback on beta and alpha, farming, playing through the story/canon, PvP, Hami raids, Incarnate trials, searching for geometry errors, forum going, pretty much everything.


My Favorites:


                       Glacier Peak - Ice/Cold Corruptor                                  Fire Guard - Radiation/Fire Brute

                                 271903459_GlacierPeak.png.eb2fda3ba2bda203966025bacd60cd89.png                                      image.png.8b4bb4b8818fc8b025be65031cd2c775.png     

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