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  1. As much as I may beat myself up whenever I die in games like this, I can't really fault myself or any of us for that final mission last night. The enemies on that map, once aggroed, stayed aggroed, even after we were all killed and exited to the hospital. At one point, I returned to the map and stayed by the entrance, waiting for the rest of you to enter. The enemies we had been fighting "sensed" my return and ran across the entire map (and it was a BIG map!) in order to attack me. That's why you guys returned to a hot door and had such a rough entrance. I haven't seen enemies that have unlimited tethering on a map before! As I said in-game last night, that map was either bugged, or designed by an extremely disgruntled employee!
  2. Tahliah, sounds like a good plan. I've never gotten the Task Force Commander accolade. I've only completed the Manticore and Synapse TFs once, and I've never done the Numina TF on any character. This should be an exciting experience! EDIT: I've done all the other TFs (some of them many times).
  3. On my Stone Melee/Radiation Armor Brute, I colored his Rad powers to tan/brown so that it looks like he's just dusty. I used minimal effects when possible, too, so it looks much less distracting.
  4. My Main from Live was an Earth/Storm (still one of my favorites). Right now, I'm really enjoying my new Gravity/FF and my Dark/Cold.
  5. Hi! Termite here. I was also curious about our ability to do Striga Island at 25, so I ran over there, did the "Defeat 10 Council" mission for Stephanie Peebles, and then she gave me the first "official" mission in her story arc, "Defeat Tommy One Eye", so we're good to go on Tuesday. Incidently, I did this story arc yesterday on my Gravity/FF Controller, and there are a lot of Defeat Alls to do. One that isn't, though, is where you have to save Dr. Francois in the cargo ship. If we run into time issues like we did with Agent G last week, we can simply run to the last room in the ship, kill 5 guards standing around Dr. Francois, and we're done on that particular mission. (Gravity/FF solo is very safe, but VERY slow! haha)
  6. Thanks for the advice, guys. Glad to see that my idea for this build wasn't completely off-the-wall!
  7. I'm working on plans for a Gravity/FF/Primal Controller and have come up with 2 different ideas. The first uses the Concealment Pool (Stealth, Invisibility, and Misdirection) to create my own version of Invisible Woman from the Fantastic 4. The other idea was a more "traditional" build using the Fighting Pool (Boxing, Tough, and Weave) instead. I guess my first question is, Does using Concealment on a build like this make any sense at all? Second, Would one of these plans work noticeably better than the other when leveling up? And finally, Which would you find more fun to play, leveling up? Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Okay, I've got my new Plant/Nature Controller, Termite, sitting in Atlas Park at level 2, ready to go tomorrow night. See you then!
  9. Hey, I was part of that all-Plant team on Freedom! It was a lot of fun! I had a Plant/Sonic named Jungle Rott and a Plant/Rad named Fetid Compost. I think I got them both to the mid-30s during our time together. I've actually recreated Jungle Rott as a Plant/Poison on the Torchbearer server. I may need to do some brainstorming for a new alt (another new alt - just what I need! LOL) to join you.
  10. I just recreated my old Stone/Stone Tanker from 2004 as a brand-new Stone/Radiation Brute. He's great so far (level 24)! Radiation has some good Resistances and some nice boosts to healing and endmod. I re-colored the radiation auras to a brownish/red shade to it looks like he's dusty all the time. LOL And when he hits an enemy with those Stone attacks.....Wow!
  11. Here's my Titan Weapon / Willpower Brute. I've only got him up to level 25 so far, so no IO sets yet (I wanted to see what was really working well before jumping the gun and buying a bunch of expensive sets). http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1461&c=564&a=1128&f=HEX&dc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
  12. I finally got it fixed! I read through all these posts about fixes (including many that involved running code and "script"(?)), and found a section in the "Install and Troubleshooting Guide v2" thread above, under Resolution Problems. One check-mark under the Compatibility screen in the Properties section of my desktop shortcut, and all was right with the world. Thanks to Silk, the person who wrote this!
  13. It seems like such a tiny thing, but I have to say that after 5 minutes playing with it "backwards" from I'm used to, I was getting seriously nauseous and I just wanted to quit! Once I switched to their version of "Inverted" it felt SO much better and relaxed! LOL
  14. Did the new patch switch Inverted Mouse and Normal Mouse? I always play Normal Mouse, in that when I hold the left button and push forward, I look up, and when I pull the mouse back, I look down. Since today's patch, Normal Mouse options does the opposite, which was really making me dizzy! I switched to Inverted Mouse and now everything seems "normal" to me. Am I just imagining this?
  15. I logged into Tequilla tonight and the game screen is wide and awful (768x something) rather than my standard screen size. When I try to change it, it goes to a tiny screen on my monitor. I cannot click on Options. I cannot go into the game. I can type in my password but cannot go any farther. I have to use Task Manager to exit the game. I don't know how to update anything or get any new data. I've read through the troubleshooting and have no idea what any of this means. I'm using Win 10. Neither the 64-bit and the 32-bit work at all. Help!
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