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  1. Evenings or weekends work for me. I think a Saturday afternoon would probably draw the biggest crowd, though.
  2. Yes, all Plant Controllers/Dominators should be just that - all plant controllers and dominators. As for the costume contest, it sounds great! I'd be honored to help judge if you need me. Just let me know and I'll get Termite on the case; I think I hear him eating the rafters on my house even as we speak!
  3. I'm also working on a Sonic/Mental character. I'm using both Howl and Psychic Scream, though. These aren't popular (since they're cones), but I've found these to be really great for teams. On teams, I use Amplify or Concentration, followed by Howl or Psychic Scream, and enemies are decimated just as the rest of the team goes to work on them. Then, on the next enemy pack, I use the other combination. They're great! (Solo, not so much though! lol) I've got World of Confusion in my build right now, but for the life of me, I can't figure out if it's doing anything at all. I toggle it on, hover into a crowd of enemies, and they simply all attack me. I think the only person who's confused is me!
  4. I took Primal Forces on Termite for Conserve Power, Temp Invulnerability, and Power Boost. It gave me more resistance and protects my END bar, two things Termite was lacking! I hit level 50 in 60 hours on this alt, which is really fast for me.
  5. I've always enjoyed the sewer maps the most for some weird reason. Least favorites are the caves (except for those really big caves where the Sky Raiders and Rikti seem to congregate) and lab maps. Lab maps go on and on and on (plus, my Singularity sometimes gets stuck on the lab elevators and I have to respawn him).
  6. I have one set of Performance Shifter (in Stamina), but hadn't considered the Miracle, Panacea, and Numina boosts. Thanks! Once I take those, my END issues should be over. Which Alpha would be the best to choose at that point?
  7. My Gravity/FF Controller just hit level 50 and I'm not sure what to get in terms of filling the Alpha Slot. I thought my END issues were behind me, as I play this alt in a very slow and relaxed way, and I've taken both Conserve Power and Physical Perfection to keep the blue bar filled. However, I just did the Mender Ramiel mission where I fought both Weakened Honoree and his Elite Boss helper (both were purple to me) at the same time and, although I was able to beat them with just Singularity helping, it took quite a toll on my END bar. Should I take Agility or Cardiac? If neither of these, what else should I look into? I have a lot of Recharge, as I've been loading up on IO sets with +Rechg (I still have a few more LotG to buy), so I think I'm okay there. How about Musculature, for more Dmg? Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks for all of this advice, everyone! I play a lot of Controllers, and Ill/Dark has been a tough nut to crack for me. It is really different than all my other Controllers, so getting a handle on the build has been an education!
  9. For your first Controller, I would recommend Plant. It's very "new user friendly" in that a lot of really good control powers come early on (Ex.-Seeds of Confusion) and Plant pairs with just about anything. My current project is a Plant/Nature, and he's really tough; he has the tools to do just about anything. Be sure to slot your S.T. hold (Strangler), your S.T. immobilization (Entangle), and AoE immobilization (Roots) for acc and dmg (at least early on). Later on, you can decide how to slot them based on what works best for your playstyle. And take your time playing him; patience and strategy are rewarded when playing a new Controller character solo.
  10. I managed to video an historical record of our Numina Task Force run on Tuesday night, and am happy to report that our ancestors would all be proud of how we conquered our enemies! That was a lot of fun. You can go to Gregg29407 on YouTube to see a 43 minute version of our 1 hour TF run. As for the upcoming week, I've already turned Termite into a villain, and he's hanging out with his new EVIL friends in Grandville. See you Tuesday!
  11. ^^^Thanks Tahliah! That was a really fun team last night; we rolled through pretty much everything in our path (with the exception of some nasty Nemesis in our final bank mission). At one point, Termite jumped into a patch of Carrion Creepers and they were so thick, I actually lost sight of him in there! lol You can find my videos at Gregg29407 on YouTube. They're made for casual players who are interested in how certain character sets work together and maybe need a few tips in terms of power picks and slotting. I hope they're helpful!
  12. Back when the game was Live, I was playing a Dark/Dark Corruptor on a pick-up group. As a Dark/Dark, I was used to hovering in the back of the group, using all of my debuff powers on the enemies, making them as weak as kittens and simple for my team-mates to kill. Our team leader, however, correctly informed me that debuffing was for sissies, and that I should stand in the front of the team next to the Tank, and only spam my T1 heal exclusively on the Tank while he led our team to victory. Stupidly, I refused this excellent advice and was correctly kicked from the team. Duly chastened, I accepted my dishonor and prepared to be a better player from then on. (The multiple team wipes of my former group immediately thereafter was obviously an unfortunate coincidence!)
  13. As much as I may beat myself up whenever I die in games like this, I can't really fault myself or any of us for that final mission last night. The enemies on that map, once aggroed, stayed aggroed, even after we were all killed and exited to the hospital. At one point, I returned to the map and stayed by the entrance, waiting for the rest of you to enter. The enemies we had been fighting "sensed" my return and ran across the entire map (and it was a BIG map!) in order to attack me. That's why you guys returned to a hot door and had such a rough entrance. I haven't seen enemies that have unlimited tethering on a map before! As I said in-game last night, that map was either bugged, or designed by an extremely disgruntled employee!
  14. Tahliah, sounds like a good plan. I've never gotten the Task Force Commander accolade. I've only completed the Manticore and Synapse TFs once, and I've never done the Numina TF on any character. This should be an exciting experience! EDIT: I've done all the other TFs (some of them many times).
  15. On my Stone Melee/Radiation Armor Brute, I colored his Rad powers to tan/brown so that it looks like he's just dusty. I used minimal effects when possible, too, so it looks much less distracting.
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