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About Me

I have been 'into' computers since the 70's when the PET and TRS-80 were a thing  (TRS-80 - Wikipedia ; Commodore PET - Wikipedia).  I owned one of the Sharp / Tandy Pocket Computers too along with the mini tape drive and printer - very rare (Sharp PC-1211 - Wikipedia).  I coded my own custom version of 'Lunar Lander' in BASIC for my pocket pc and I thought I was the 'stuff'.  On the TRS-80 (it also used a cassette tape drive before the 8" gigantic floppy, lol) I played a neat little text game called 'Santa Paravia' (Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio - Wikipedia). 


I took a few college courses back in the early 80's for things like 'flowcharting' (was a starting point for making a program at the time) along with BASIC, Pascal, COBOL & Fortran.  Back then my college instructors were considered 'pioneers' in the field and even wrote some of the texts used in many colleges.  They used to say "Computers never make mistakes, only people make mistakes."  Umm, no my dear ex-instructors, computers most definitely DO make mistakes, lol.  We would work on Apple II's and lab time was precious.  Even more fun was completing an assignment only to have the floppy corrupt in my briefcase.  (and you can forget double notching them to use the backside! ) 


For the next several years I moved on to other life interests while continuing to be an active computer enthusiast.  Went through everything from Commodore 64 to Atari ST and then finally settling down to MSDOS x86 pc's as they were starting to finally pull ahead of Apple, Atari, Commodore and other platforms.  I remember computer graphics starting to take off before ATI and Nvidia rose to prominence.  Some of those first cards, lol.   In the meantime my career evolved into audio, video, & C-band satellite installations.  C-band died a quiet death so from there I moved into repair of consumer electronics, primarily TV, VCR's camcorders and stereo equipment (certified and trained by every major consumer electronics manufacturer).  


Somehow I ended up in 'computers' when I landed a job as a data center operations specialist for a major software company.  When they rolled up the data center I moved over into software support and quickly rose to final tier support.  I was part of a two person team on-call 24 / 7 / 365 who tackled the big problems often unique requiring full knowledge and understanding of the software and all of the databases and platforms involved.  Our specialty was industrial Cable & Satellite customer management, billing and reports software used by every major cable and satellite provider pretty much all over the planet (primary focus on US where the business primarily was but we did business in just about every country).  I was dialing in and working from home using VPN and RSA tokens etc, long before they became popular.  We were also big into addressability and almost all of the edge systems being used at the time.


In my time with this company (over 20 years total)  I reported straight to a director and had manager level authority even though my title and position were Senior Software Engineer.  A bit of a misleading title as I did not code, I was simply the 'fire jumper' they brought in to figure out what happened and then implement a solution (sometimes creating a whole new procedure in the process).  I had a knack for it.  I wrote a lot of documentation.  Was neck deep in design meetings and worked hand in hand with the devs (our cubicles were side by side).  I was brought into QA eventually to assist / lead that team after finally finding and training someone who could replace me as the 'firejumper'.  I also presented training (preparing and teaching) and wrote a lot of training doc.


During my tenure in the software industry I learned a lot about DB's, clients, servers, flat files, indexed files, batch systems, massive scale dual database structured software (one side live real time customer management and reporting, one side snapshot financial, billing and reporting).  I learned a lot about SQL, Unix, FTP and some really interesting stuff called TBOL (Tandem Business Oriented Language) which was a spin off of COBOL created by Tandem (great equipment back in the day - merged into HP-Nonstop nowadays).  On the financial side our proprietary sofware was processed on systems called 'Virtual Honeywells'.  It was our own customized version of a Honeywell and the devs would program for it in a form of assembly code.  Wild stuff.  And of course I learned about the development, testing and support processes.  


Anyhow, now 'retired' from software.  Twenty plus years of being on-call and working night and day having major conference calls with VP's and having the company constantly being bought out and 're-purposed' for our new owners ambitions.  I've carried pagers since 1985 through 2005 and had to have a cell phone with me always from 1994.  I needed a big change once they 'eliminated my position' (what they methodically set out to do from the beginning and literally had meetings to regularly tell us exactly that from the day they bought us, real nice).  Train your replacements and be sure to do a good job!  Now I work at a local grocery store.  Good company and good people.  Not the best job in the world during these troubled times (customers are a wee bit cranky) but it allows me to *enjoy* tinkering with computers as a hobby and not be burned out on them from work.  The income is a lot less too, but my kids are grown up and moved on.  I make do.


Just me and my parrot now (23 years old).  He is my buddy through it all.  Half plucked so he looks like a cross between a naked mole rat and a bird with bugeyes.  He's sitting on my shoulder right now advising me on what to type here lol.  To jump backward in time a bit, my brother introduced me to Everquest back in 1999.   From that point on I have been a HUGE mmorpg fan/player.  I have been in closed beta's for many of them (and yes being a software tester for a living I did actually test and report). 


Before MMO's I was into D & D (old school Gary Gygax with ALL of the books, dice, figurines, etc.).  Wish I still had all of that stuff, it disappeared somewhere along the way.  Eventually my son and I got hooked on a series of PC games called Might & Magic and The Bards Tale.  Might & Magic 6 and 7 were both awesome.  Neverwinter too (not as big of a fan of the MMO though).  And who can forget Morrowind?  Way fun too.  Then along came mmorpgs...  


Since EQ it's been a blur.  EQ2, WoW, DDO, Vanguard, CoH, CoV, Age of Conan, Neverwinter, SWToR, ESO, STO, The Secret World, Auto Assault, Rift, Wildstar, Champions Online, DCUO and several more (hard to even remember all of them as I am sure I have left several off).  Of those my all time favorites have been EQ, EQ2, WoW, CoX, AoC, SWToR & TSW.  On all of those games I have played extensively and have maxed out toons.  


I am almost exclusively PVE at this point.  It has always been my preference.  I did do some PVP in EQ2 (mainly dueling and faceplanting), and some crazy WoW stuff my friend dragged me along (pure chaos yet fun), a tiny bit in CoH way back (I wasn't very good) and my favorite PVP being in TSW (Fusang and El Dorado - both super fun!).  I was actually pretty decent at PVP in that one!  lol.  Wanted to try it in AoC but too many jerks.  At various points I have been a guild leader of a couple good sized (medium) guilds (had a small friends and family SG in live CoH).


At various times I was into raiding.  I will never forget my very first raid.  It was Vindicator in EQ - I was AMAZED by 72 players all running around together trying to take down this giant!  Kind of burned out on it now.  Not really my thing anymore.  I used to team quite a bit but even that practice has dwindled.  Mostly anymore I solo - or duo with someone I know.  Sometimes I still team up but find it difficult due to either limited playtime opportunity or being on some kind of 'task' of my own and not wanting to deviate.  Recommended humorous videos about raiding if you haven't seen them:   Leeroy Jenkins HD 1080p - YouTube   Onyxia Wipe Animation (1080p) - YouTube  (foul language warning)


I'm basically in a sort of perma-casual mode any more.  I will get into builds and even attack-chains and such but I'm much more lazy and sloppy than I used to be.  Hotkeys and macros and mice with thousands of programmable buttons?  Nah.  Maybe eventually again someday.  I dunno... I guess I'm getting older and that real world out there has been kicking my butt for so long now I'm just more into relaxed playing.  AFK or bio whenever I want.  Goof around - see what I can discover in game.  Build the craziest SG base ever.  Hunt badges.  See if I can solo something.  Silliness.  No drama or pressure.  But I'm a nice friendly person and I can be social every now and then 😉.


Well I want to keep this short so on to...



I drum (mostly rock, 70's ~ current).  Had acoustic Pearl and Ludwig kits (with Zildjian symbols and a Ghost pedal) when young but sold everything in my 20's to settle down and be a husband & father.  Picked up drumming again a few years ago (mid-life crisis? lol).  Have a nice Roland kit now that is really very awesome.  It plays very close to an acoustic set feel-wise (at least to me) and sounds great.  Rock On Baby!  


I also love to read books and watch movies and have huge collections of both.  I have a healthy sense of humor.  I have a pet parrot (he's really a full fledged family member in my heart).  He has been my sidekick through every minute of mmo playing since I started.  


My Current Rig(s):

ASUS P8Z68 DELUXE/GEN3  (recently replaced bad ASUS Pro version with Deluxe)

Intel i7-2700K

16 GB Corsair Vengeance

256 GB Corsair Force 3 SSD

ASUS Nvidia GeForce GTX 680

Creative Sound Blaster Z (w/mic)

2x WD Black 1 TB

WD Velociraptor 600 GB


Corsair AX850 PSU

Cooler Master HAF Tower Case

ASUS VE278 27" Monitor

Razer Ornata Keyboard

Razer Lancehead Mouse

Logitech 5.1 Speakers

Logitech HD Webcam


Alienware 17" A16 Laptop

Intel i7-4800MQ


Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M

256 GB SSD

WD 750 GB HD

Alienware TactX Mouse


Both my pc and laptop are getting a bit old, but they're still both performing very well.  Eventually in the next few months, maybe...


Rig I would like to build next:

https://newegg.io/a3127797   (click the arrow on the right to expand my build)

Easier to read wish list view:   https://secure.newegg.com/wishlist/sd/tFJNfuKi___0W27IawZXbpLw==


Forum Name:   KauaiJim  (my name is Jim and I used to live on the island of Kauai a long time ago)

Server:   Everlasting

Supergroup:   Tesseract  (the little cube picture in my profile - aka a 2D picture of what a 4D cube looks like in animated 3D - dimensions...)

Playstyle:   Mostly casual solo and some teaming (currently - subject to change)

Global Handles (in-game);  @Maximus Power (primary account)   @External Combustion (secondary account)

Blue = Male character

Pink = Female character

        = Main

        = Farmer

Current Total Characters:  113

If you think this list is crazy you should see my spreadsheet! 🤪


Bite Mark               Training and Gadgets     Crab Spider Soldier                
Spindra                 Night Widow Training     Widow Teamwork                    


Audios Amigo            Sonic Attack             Sonic Manipulation      

Backsplash              Water Blast              Temporal Manipulation                      
Commander Gray          Assault Rifle            Devices                    
Cryonics                Ice Blast                Ice Manipulation                

Deminder                Psychic Blast            Mental Manipulation                
Incineron               Fire Blast               Fire Manipulation                
Maximus Power           Electrical Blast         Electricity Manipulation            

Niblet                  Archery                  Tactical Arrow                    
Sonochron               Sonic Attack             Temporal Manipulation            
Wavepulse               Energy Blast             Energy Manipulation        

Brighten                Radiation Melee          Fiery Aura                    

Dragonfury              Fiery Melee              Fiery Aura                    

Duplicut                Dual Blades              Invulnerability                    

Falconclaw              Claws                    Willpower                    
Full Impact             War Mace                 Willpower                    
Handsome Hero           War Mace                 Shield Defense     

Hawx                    Energy Melee             Willpower     

Indemnity Claws         Savage Melee             Invulnerability
Inflammation            Fiery Melee              Fiery Aura                    
Justice James           Super Strength           Invulnerability                 
Kinertia                Kinetic Melee            Willpower                    
Knightro                Broad Sword              Shield Defense                
Mister Eos              Kinetic Melee            Super Reflexes              
Pompom Power            Energy Melee             Energy Aura                    
Powerburst              Energy Melee             Energy Aura                    
Quill Zone              Spines                   Willpower                    

Rhetribution            Dark Melee               Super Reflexes                
Shellshox               Electrical Melee         Electric Armor                    
Shock n Roll            Electrical Melee         Shield Defense                
Strikezone              Energy Melee             Invulnerability                    
Talond                  Fiery Melee              Willpower                  
Thresha                 Savage Melee             Super Reflexes                
Tough Break             Super Strength           Willpower                    
Unchained Reaction      Radiation Armor          Radiation Melee      

Veil of Shadows         Dark Melee               Dark Armor                    
Whacko                  Titan Weapons            Willpower                    

Afterglo                Illusion Control         Radiation Emission                
Dejavoo                 Illusion Control         Time Manipulation                

Leaf Blower             Plant Control            Nature Affinity                    
Severe Weather          Electric Control         Storm Summoning                

Whom                    Gravity Control          Time Manipulation                

Cyndra                  Fire Blast               Kinetics                    
Freeze Out              Ice Blast                Cold Domination                
Hard Targette           Beam Rifle               Force Field                    
Kentawkwa               Electrical Blast         Storm Summoning                
Think Again             Psychic Blast            Time Manipulation                

Audioburst              Sonic Resonance          Sonic Attack    
Drainstorm              Storm Summoning          Water Blast                    

Gamechanger             Time Manipulation        Radiation Blast                
Ultraburst              Kinetics                 Energy Blast                    
Violocity               Time Manipulation        Dual Pistols                

Adyra                   Mind Control             Psionic Assault                
Doom n Gloom            Darkness Control         Dark Assault                    
Oculon                  Gravity Control          Energy Assualt                

Psycho Salad            Plant Control            Psionic Assault                    

Cybro                   Robotics                 Force Field                    
Major Bravo             Mercenaries              Traps                        

Celestri                Luminous Blast           Luminous Aura                
Mister Ri               Luminous Blast           Luminous Aura                

Beatdown Basher         War Mace                 Shield Defense                
Blue Mood               Dark Melee               Shield Defense                
Boogieboy               Kinetic Melee            Invulnerability                    
Cool Beans              Street Justice           Super Reflexes                
Crimson Tempest         Claws                    Willpower                    
Crimson Vengeance       Claws                    Regeneration                    
Jade Katana             Katana                   Invulnerability                    

Lillypad                Staff Fighting           Willpower                    
Loco Motion             Martial Arts             Ninjitsu                    

Micromax                Energy Melee             Energy Aura                    
Redressa                Dark Melee               Invulnerability                    
Reflexion               Psionic Melee            Super Reflexes                

Shinobi Dragon          Katana                   Super Reflexes                
Tiebreaker              Savage Melee             Shield Defense                

What The                Claws                    Super Reflexes

Aquanox                 Water Blast              Super Reflexes                
Bumblefly               Energy Blast             Willpower                    

Burncicle               Fire Blast               Ice Armor                    
Dos Pistolas            Dual Pistols             Willpower                    
Full Blast              Sonic Attack             Invulnerability         

Flutterbug              Energy Blast             Willpower           
Pulsarix                Energy Blast             Energy Aura                    
Quick Thought           Psychic Blast            Super Reflexes                
Snowtorch               Ice Blast                Fiery Aura                    

Super Pickle            Water Blast              Willpower                    

Chillride               Ice Melee                Ice Armor                    
Cobalt Sky              Street Justice           Shield Defense                
Minimac                 Energy Melee             Energy Aura                    
Shadowghost             Dark Melee               Dark Armor                    
Shredator               Savage Melee             Super Reflexes                

Wysper                  Kinetic Melee            Willpower                    

Captain Goofball        Shield Defense           Super Strength                
Crazy Crusader          Shield Defense           Battle Axe                    

Detrimental             Willpower                Psionic Melee

Double Play             Willpower                Dual Blades
Dynacron                Invulnerability          Super Strength                

Furrocity               Invulnerability          Savage Melee
Grape Crush             Shield Defense           Savage Melee                    
Gyron                   Shield Defense           War Mace                    
Ionicon                 Shield Defense           Electrical Melee                

Isotope                 Radiation Melee          Radiation Armor                

Lovebunny               Super Reflexes           Super Strength                
Omega Dude              Dark Armor               Dark Melee                    
Owie Kapowie            Shield Defense           Energy Melee                    

Pompummeler             Invulnerability          Energy Melee                    
Ready Or Not            Invulnerability          Dark Melee                    

Rocky Mountain          Stone Armor              Stone Melee                    
Swingwing               Super Reflexes           Titan Weapons                
Twrecks                 Invulnerability          Savage Melee                    

What The?               Invulnerability          Claws         

Wing Ding               Invulnerability          Claws                        


Troubulation            Umbral Blast             Umbral Aura                     

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