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  1. Hello Hero Fam!! I am in need of guidance from you. Just curious on where there are any good guide websites online anyone could recommend for me that can show how to set up a proper and effective enhancement settings. Thank you in Advance. :-)
  2. I just wanted to swing in and wish all my fellow Heroes (and Villains) a prosperous and empowering New Year. May all our futures hold more than pain in the days to come. Keep soaring for greatness everyone.
  3. Thanks!! Its good to be home!!
  4. I know when I heard this game was back, I was at work and I must admit that I teared up. I left work early just to get home and download the game. It's Beautiful to see it again. I would love to find some old friends I played with on the original Infinity server. My main back then was a Tanker named Darkwolfe. If any of my old running partners see this, give me a shout so we can raise some hell in the City again!! And to the team who brought us our home back, Thank you so much and bless all of you talented souls!!! :)
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