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  1. I have to agree. My least favourite badges are ones that require a activity that many people just don't want to do, in particular PVP and to a lesser extent AE.
  2. I doubt any character with 100 veteran levels would need any extra slots, by then you have already proven you don't need any more power to successfully play the game.
  3. Happen twice again today (different character). Interesting enough one was on the 3rd slot, previously I've only seen it happen on the last slot. Also, on one during the success animation it clearly slowed the enhancement icon temporary changing to the common Endurance IO. Crash reports where sent each time.
  4. I forgot to mention, the last enhancement actually does get attuned, so I'm guessing the problem is with the system deciding which slot to move it back to.
  5. Each time I attempt to attune all six enhancements in the same power, I get a client crashed on the last one. I've tested this three times with the same result. I repeated the same process each the time, can attuned four with no problem, but while attuning the firth one I notice that the sixth slot becomes vacant not the fifth slot and once it's attuned it moves to the sixth slot with the enhancement that was originally in the sixth moving to the fifth slot, then when I attune that one the client crashes. Note: I did all three tests while in my base (on Trochbearer), but I doubt that is relevant.
  6. What a lot people don't notice (when they get their first 50) is that there is a scrollbar when viewing Alpha recipes and if you scroll down you will see duplicate recipes that use Threads instead of Shards. Threads a lot easier to get then Shards.
  7. On live I made a point of keeping a collection of at least one of every bit of inventory/salvage (including the legacy ones) items that were available in game in my base. "Horded" is not really the right word, but on HC (like many others) I was collecting candy canes (via AE before the nerf) well before Christmas and I then started to sell them the week before the event... I was surprised just how many people where willing to paid 15M each for them.
  8. I still have this issue (only on the one character), reported in months ago but still not seen any solution. Being a such a minor issue I'm not worry, but it's interesting to see others are in the same boat.
  9. A lot of people get map-served every few minutes on Torchbearer ( I think we were just lucky it didn't happen while doing the Winter Lord event.
  10. The 32 bit version was working fine (although it did crash often) until the Safe Mode version come out then it started to get a error message on start up but I then simply started to use the Safe Mode version which worked fine on XP. However, I can't do any testing at the moment as that PC died a couple of days ago, the main hard drive finally gave up after 18 years of hard work 🙂
  11. Since the 64 bit version came in I have had little reason to use the Safe Mode version on my main PC but it is now the only one that works on my second PC. However, that PC is still running Windows XP so I kind of will understand if does go away.
  12. I found another post about a similar problem and worked out that what was happening was that the secondary colour is now the one that shows when using spectrum pieces, not the primary. So I just changed both to the same colour and that seem to fixed it.
  13. I've noticed that lately (not sure when it started) my characters that use some spectrum costume pieces have changed colour (blue to white, white to red etc). At least one I changed back only to have it change again the next day (although, I'm not 100% of this). It has affected a number of characters.
  14. Thanks for the advice all, at this stage I'm going to respec into build #3 above and see how it goes.
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