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  1. It was running fine on Mac OS X Catalina, but today it wouldn't open and gave the following error:
  2. Something appears to be wrong with your post. Can’t see the build.
  3. I have heard that Staff/Ice is a better combo on Stalkers than on Scrappers due to the improved single-target damage from Assassin's Staff. However, I can't seem to find a build for it. Has anyone tried it? How did it play solo and on teams? Does anyone have a build they would share? Also, I haven't been able to get Mids running on my Mac, so if you have a build, please post it here rather than only a data chunk or link. Thanks.
  4. Manga, I think what would help more than continued updating at this point is if you could write up an installation guide (or perhaps an upgrade guide) that could be stickied in its own thread. It would need to include the steps that aren't obvious (for me, that was using brew to install wine because all the threads kept talking about removing and deleting wine first). Also, it would be great if there were separate (even if similar) instructions for older Macs that can't run the 64-bit client but would like to use the new 32-bit client (still haven't gotten that to work). We may n
  5. This worked for me! It worked with Island Rum version 082920191. Thank you so much @Firetrap!
  6. Just a note on Island Rum version numbers: they are mostly the date they were released. The format is MMDDYYYY#, where MM is the two digit month, DD is the two-digit day, YYYY is the four-digit year, and # is the revision number released for the date. The "192" and "193" versions were build 2 and 3 on a previous date. The current build (at least that I have) is 082920191. Hope that at least helps clarify things, even though it may not help get you (or I) back online.
  7. Unfortunately, build 082920191 does the same thing...acts like it is launching the game (green check mark), but never launches the wine64-preloader or the game. It just sits there. Is there any kind of logging I could enable to help troubleshoot the issue?
  8. Still hoping for a fix or a suggestion, @Manga, for my MacBook Pro. It was running the 64-bit client for several days, but now it doesn't even seem to try to launch in 64-bit, 32-bit, or Safe mode. The Wineskin download did fix the issue on my old iMac, but it only works in Safe mode. I really appreciate your help.
  9. 10.14.6. Gave up after almost 90 minutes of no change. Tried a fresh install on an older iMac running OS X 10.10.5. When it tries to install the game client in Island Rum, it gets an MD5 error downloading macclient-wineskin.zip.
  10. Is that build 082820192? Removed .wine and .wine32 and .privatewine, installed it without problems, but when I try to launch the 64-bit client, it seems to hang. The wine64-preloader is running and there is a small white vertical line in the center of the screen, but 10 minutes later and there is still no sign of it doing anything.
  11. Just loaded Island Rum and it downloaded another update. Previously, it had been running a build ending with 193 (not 191 like I keep seeing in posts here), but after the update, the version changed to 192. Now I get an error message when trying to start the 64-bit client (which had been running fine before today's update) that sys the version may not work. If I tell it to proceed, it pops up the Wineskin install prompt. Suggestions? Thanks. Also, it does the same thing now for the new 32-bit client, but not for Safe Mode.
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