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  1. Unfortunately every 1 sided object I've tried does the camera glitch. I was hoping someone here might know a workaround. However I did find out inactive summoning portals have collision on both sides and don't really look like floors. If I can't figure out 100% transparent floors then portals are a nice alternative.
  2. I'm trying to make a deep pool that people can swim on the surface and see underwater ruins. Initially I put a glass floor just beneath the surface so people wouldn't fall through, but the glass floor is really opaque and hides the ruins. I noticed glass floors are only visible from one side, so I flipped a bunch of them upside down. However, walking on upside down floor tiles causes the camera to glitch and zoom in on your character's heels. Is there a way to prevent this glitch? Alternatively, is there a type of floor more transparent than the glass floor? I'm trying to put down window panes
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