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  1. Just like to add to this thread for those that don't know this, but multi-sequence macros using "$$" are read backwards. Meaning the last command in the sequence is read first. For example: powexec_toggleon Lightning Field$$cce 1 cclightning The game will execute the costume change first, then then check to make sure the power Lightning Field is toggled on. From actual trial and error if done like this: cce 1 cclightning$$powexec_toggleon Lightning Field The game will attempt to toggle the power on if it isn't, then get distracted by the costume change. Which, kinda d
  2. Badges are basically the proto-form of Achievements. And damn if I don't spend hours in other games trying to collect as many achievements as I can. And it all started with CoX's badges.
  3. So, being the helpful sort that I am, I thought I would post some keybinds and a macro that I use on all my characters. Feel free to use them and modify them as you wish! /bind enter "afk Typing...$$startchat" /bind / "afk Slashing...$$beginchat /" /bind numpadenter "afk OOCing...$$beginchat OOC: " /bind ; "afk Emoting...$$beginchat ;" /bind backspace "afk Sending a tell...$$autoreply" AFK - any text that appears after this, but before $$ will appear in a little bubble above your character's head using the AFK system. startchat - Literally just starts the chat input window. No ad
  4. I think the biggest 'douche' move that was done to me was: I was a low level Empathy Defender, just starting out in The Hollows with a new character. A duo of higher leveled people appeared and offered to help me with missions to which I accepted. Did a couple of missions with them where I focused primarily on healing them while they did most of the fighting. After a bit they offered to power me a couple of levels so we changed rolls and I sidekicked to them. They hit me with the Kinetic movement stuff so that we could go out to the higher level area to kick some butt. Once out there we s
  5. So awesome to see Taxibots again. So awesome to be seen again, honestly. =^.^=
  6. TaxiBot Anna, online and active.
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