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  1. Salt Crystals puts them to sleep and does a -Def as well.. No dmg that i know of according to city of data. You might be telling me something.
  2. Why doesn't Mass Hypnosis have an effect similar to Salt Crystals in Earth Control?
  3. I was recently looking at thermal and was wondering why there are not more of them? I see someone always promoting them on the forums because they literally do a lot. (Idk how to tag people in post lol) @oedipus_tex hopefully could share his thoughts on thermal
  4. I really like mind control and I have a build in mind that i think will do everything i want on my troller once I'm able to work out the IO's and everything on pines for my theme. I just have 3 questions. 1) Is there any reason why terrify doesn't proc containment? 2) Is there a re-work for telekinesis being planned? 3) Is there a plan to lower the cooldown time on mass confusion? Mind Control needs just a little bit of love to bring it up to par with other controller sets. Mass Hypnosis could use a debuff or something. Idk if this applies to Total Domination as well. When wind control comes out will there be any reason to even look at this power set? Thanks in advance!
  5. Two problems here. 1: Terrify does Fear as a primary effect, and Damage as a secondary. Fearsome Stare does Fear/-ToHit. If we do get a -ToHit in Terrify, it would make sense that it would be a lot weaker than Fearsome Stare, otherwise Dark Control players will rightfully request for a buff to Fearsome Stare, which is an excellent power already. So... expect a weak -ToHit, at best. I would suggest that it may be more practical to get a decent -ToHit debuff from it but only if the targets are already affected by either a Hold or a Sleep from Mind Control. 2: Do you realize that you just asked for Mass Hypnosis to become a Hold? With a no-aggro effect and no Accuracy penalty? And with the best Duration vs Recharge in the game? This would become the best or second-best AoE control power in the game, maybe even better than Seeds of Confusion. Giving the mobs a debuff after being woken up is one thing, but this is a buff that takes the power from "weak" to "best in class by a country mile". I like the suggestion for terrify to get a -ToHit.. And for mass hypno.. Yes i did in a way.. It may be over kill and it may be better to have a -recharge after they wake up but it makes up for no pet.. Although the change to telekinesis would be great all on its own if it's moderate smash dot. Mind needs a buff. I still love the set though.
  6. I think Mass Hypnosis could be useful with a lingering -Speed/-Recharge, kind of like enemies are drowsy. It is the only Controller AoE Sleep that is actual... sleep. Ice and Earth's sleeps are more like enemies are in fragile holds, and even though Elec's Sleep uses the Sleep animation, I think, I feel like it's more like unconscious, rather than asleep. Terrify is pretty comparable to Fearsome Stare, already; shorter range, wider cone and damage compared to longer range, narrower cone and -ToHit. By itself, I think it's okay. What would be neat was if using Terrify on a sleeping enemy did something extra, like some kind of demoralizing effect as you turn their dreams to nightmares. You just said something interesting, and I'm going to expand and paraphrase it: "What would be neat was IF MIND CONTROL GOT A COMBO EFFECT on its powers". Mass Hypnosis and Terrify should each have debuffs... one of them a -ToHit, and one a -Dam... but combining them should increase the damage from Terrify, and the debuffs. Confused foes should take extra damage from Terrify. Using Levitate on the target of Telekinesis should have some interesting effect... maybe turn Levitate into a 8' AoE damage? Maybe just increased SMASH down into the floor for extra damage? I think that Telekinesis should give it an AoE effect, while Domination/Total Domination increase its damage, as the target can't absorb the fall. Maybe if you combine Mass Hypnosis, Mass Confuse, and then Terrify on the mobs, each mob has a 50% chance to spawn a PBAoE Psy damage effect as their terror is broadcast to those around them? The point would be both to increase the effectiveness of Mind Control, and also to make it more "neat". Right now it is very bland, in visuals of the powers, in visuals of the affected enemies (compare Confuse vs Possess), and in actual effects. THIS! This entire post actually! Geez buff mind control already lol Edit: I would like to expand on my thoughts. Terrify- They only thing that should be changed about this power is the -ToHit should be added add as secondary effect. Mass Hypnosis- Since this is caused by mind control the only thing that i think should happen to this power is remove the "they get hit and wake up" on this making it more viable with no pet. Telekinesis- I think this should be changed to a toggle immob that does smashing dmg over time. Mind lacks a immob and this can set up containment/dominate. Mass Confusion- This should have the accuracy buffed and cd time lowered. I think these minor changes greatly improve MC as a main control power.
  7. I would say remove the repel effect all together and since all of minds aoe holds are mass versions of the single target powers.. Without dmg.. Make it a immob or keep it as a hold that does smashing dot. This would give mind an aoe dmg power and a immob for containment/dominate. This would make up for the lack of a pet and the fact that seeds of confusion exist. Also if it's turned into a immob raising the target max should be no problem at all since they can still attack. You don't even have to change the way it looks.. They can just float in place taking smashing dot.
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