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  1. Keep in mind the minimal reqs for this game I'm pretty sure any new computer/laptop meets. It is a old game and the minimal requirements to play are easily met by any new device. https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/city-of-heroes/10282 Of course having a good graphics card lets you push the limits of the game but really by how much? It's not like this game is brand new for 2019. I played during live and I'm happy to play again just have fun and don't worry too much about graphics cards, but, this is just my opinion of course.
  2. Is this posted as a bug? Just wondering.
  3. Just take out telekinesis with and put this power in lol
  4. Thanks y'all! 🙂 I appreciate both I can't get on pines right now because my laptop screen was busted lol gotta get that fixed then I can build away. However, this looks like a promising character!
  5. I agree! This would be the "healer" i would want on my team. Can literally do everything as far as buff/heal/debuff, and, boost the teams DPS with all the -res
  6. Why can't i see this build? I don't have access to pines at all atm lol.
  7. Idk ki push, but, if that does dmg i agree. TK should be a dmg power.. Or a nerfed version of psi melee mass levitate or something. Since the target cap was reduced its just useless IMO. Or increase the target cap back to what it was, remove the repel, add minor(or moderate for doms) smashing dmg, and, make it a immob solves containment issues(for trollers) and makes the power useful.
  8. Thank you! I don't have access to pines at the moment, but, a build would be nice if anyone can provide one.
  9. The title says it all. Looking for a mind/dark build. /dark is pretty much made for trollers so rolling it with Mind might idk make mind better.. Or it might be redundant so I need a second opinion. Thanks y'all
  10. Nerfed trollers cuz they didn't want the end game content to be trivial for them then perma-dom builds exist.. Makes no sense. Un-nerf trollers lol
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