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  1. Based on Flashtoo's excellent idea about using Banners (and in at least one case a Supergroup Logo glass panel), I've reconfigured my storage area to be much more compact. Also, using Dacy's idea of hiding my storage bins behind some tech pipes dressed up (with keycard readers and grab bars) to look like tech lockers. For my enhancement "locker", I turned the enhancement table on its side (you're seeing the bottom of it with a "2" on it), sunk it on the wall and threw a label and a grab bar on it. Thanks a lot guys! Your suggestions helped me make my storage system even more compact and more aesthetically pleasing. Plus now, I can nearly reach all of my storage bins without having to leave my crafting table.
  2. It's interesting to see how other people approach salvage storage. I prefer not to segregate my salvage by rarity, since I usually don't know what rarity an item is in a recipe. Dacy, I like the idea of turning storage on its side to make it more of a wall. That is a great way to keep your storage from looking like just another static pile of junk. Using the storage containers as a facade for the salvage storage is likewise a great idea. I also liked the idea of disguising the combat logs as a microwave (as you indicated in your video), and hiding your icon tailor in a clothing rack. You're really a whiz with all of this!
  3. The personal storage vault isn't accessible by my alts, so I prefer salvage storage. Thanks, for the tip, though.
  4. I'm not sure if other people struggle with organizing their invention salvage, but I know I have. I've been searching for an optimal way to store a reasonable amount of invention salvage in my base, while being able to know how to best separate and organize my storage and stay under the 18 storage unit cap in bases. To that end, I set up a few parameters: Salvage Maximums: 15 of each Common (White) Salvage 10 of each Uncommon (Yellow) Salvage 5 of each Rare (Orange) Salvage By using 12 Salvage Storage units, I am able to store Salvage in the following alphabetically organized sections: A - (Alchemical Gold to Boresight) Br - (Brass to Circuit Board) Cl - (Clockwork Gear to Data Drive) De - (Deific Weapon to Essence of the Furies) F - (Fortune to Improvised Cybernetic) In - (Inanimate Carbon Rod to Luck Charm) M - (Magical Conspiracy to Photonic Weapon) Pl - (Plasma Capacitor to Rikti Alloy) Ru - (Ruby to Scope) Si - (Silver to Spell Scroll) Spi - (Spirit Thorn to Synthetic Intelligence Unit) T - (Temporal Analyzer to Volume of the Obsidian Libram) In practical terms, this means putting a section label (Large Cement Plate, I think) on all of my storage. I keep my storage near my Invention Table for convenience. The end result looks like this: I also usually leave an extra Salvage Storage near my Supercollider in case I want to Empower my toon. Hopefully someone else will find this useful.
  5. My experience is that the "/editbase <integer>" command functions like this: /editbase 0 - exits base edit mode /editbase 1 - this is the same as clicking "Edit Base" /editbase 2 - this is the same as clicking "Add Personal Items" (except it appears that it allows you to add pretty much anything) /editbase 3 - this is the same as clicking "Upgrade Plot" (ie: allows you to alter the maximum footprint of the base) For me at least, editing privileges are still fully functional.
  6. Sheesh. After seeing Infernal Jester's sweet digs, I feel embarrassed posting my efforts in creating the Paragon Air Ship: Minerva. Oh well P.A.S. Minerva Indomitable Server: MINERVA-4704 Featuring: Aleph Deck (Main Deck): Teleporters to Paragon City, Alternate Dimensions Transports to Pocket D, The Rogue Isles (if you're a villain), and Kallisti Wharf Flight Deck A small Med Bay Mission Command Headquarters Salvage Storage Invention Salvage Storage and Lab Inspiration Storage Beth Deck Enhancement Storage (up the stairs from the Invention Salvage Storage) Mission Command HQ 2nd floor Main Gun Deck Firing Range Gimel Deck Brig and Internal Investigation Office Training/Meeting Center Daleth Deck Residences (6 meager Hero Dorms) Residential Kitchen Recreational area Heth Deck Gym Arcane Garden Kaph Deck Ship Bridge/Command Center This is the PAS Minerva Here's a closer view of the gun deck and main Tower Use the shuttle if you have business in the Rogue Isles Here's a shot of the diligent workers in the Salvage Storage section The Mission Command HQ Invention Lab Paragon City Teleporters Med Bay Main Lobby Heroic Habitat Bridge Deck Internal Investigations Office (near the Brig)
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