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  1. Farsight absolutely has a range limitation and a line-of-sight limitation.
  2. All the other powers in Beam Rifle do KD and don't change mag. They also take KB enhancements. I really think this is a bug.
  3. Even though the power description says KD, the mag of the power changes as you level and at level 33 breaks .90 which turns it into KB. Suspect this is a bug as no other KD power changes mag as you level like this that I am aware of.
  4. PB lets you stack Mez protection mag with recharge, some dudes want that.
  5. Agreed, but I'm finding Bio armor for sentinels a bit of a mixed bag compared to other ATs. The cone on Parasitic Leech is nice but the lack of a damage aura hurts it.
  6. Because ToF has a hefty to-hit debuff and reduces incoming DPS from the target. Some sets benefit from this. I know ToF saved my DM/SR from those nasty Warriors bosses more than once.
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