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  1. 5099, that sounds like my cup of tea. I'm going to build for that, thank you.
  2. That is some handy information. Thank you for taking the time for such a detailed response!
  3. I took one of these to 50 and then shelved it, but I am thinking with the changes to Singularity and fold space, it is worth digging back out. Thanks to Force Field generator, it isn't too hard to soft cap at least some of my defenses. What would you folks recommend to go for, typed or positional? If positional, ranged or melee? I was thinking ranged at first, but then I thought that this might be a more in-your-face type of character. Thanks for any input.
  4. While I agree that buying ATOs with merits is not the best use of them, they can be found under Enhancements>Attuned Enhancements. ATOs are attuned by default and thus are found there. Strike all that, I just realize I was thinking of the Auction House.
  5. @Neiska Thank you so much. I look forward to taking it for a spin.
  6. I'm similar to CoH Radgen in that I play often, but only for short periods of time. I feel it would be a disservice to assemble a team, run two missions and then leave. If I am on for an hour or more, I will attempt to recruit a team. And for reasons I don't understand myself, I am much more likely to recruit for SF/TF than a radio mission team. Perhaps it has something to do with the idea that it is a temporary gathering of folks for a shared goal with a defined beginning and end.
  7. Do you have a build you would recommend for Demons/Electric (sorry to threadjack)? If not a build, then perhaps slotting recommendations as far as what set bonuses to chase?
  8. I can only recall one time that a level 49 enemy dropped a purple recipe on me. I didn't realize it was possible at the time and thought it was a glitch.
  9. Thank you both. I found the playserslot.txt file and renamed it to playerslot.txt.old. My characters are a bit out of order, but all are present and accounted for. Once again, I am pleased with how helpful the CoX community is.
  10. So one of my characters is no longer showing up. I don't know if it is related, but I've renamed two characters recently, and the first time I logged in with each of them upon renaming them, I logged in with the character that is now missing. I've gone through all the pages of my alts, and none of them fits that character's archetype, so I am confident I'm not simply looking for a character with a different name. I've also checked all five servers, and it isn't showing up on any of them. Is my character just lost?
  11. I know Tina Mcintyre's arc has at least one Board Transit mission in her story arc. Her range is 40-44, so this could work for you.
  12. There isn't a temp power to summon Adamastor. It is on a one hour timer, which begins upon his being defeated. Once he is ready to be spawned, a new tray will open up in your power window with a button to summon Adamastor. Click the power button and Adamastor will appear after several seconds.
  13. For characters that are stealthy and solo with relative east, the Burden of the Past arc from Heather Tonwsend is a 4 mission arc available via Ouroboros to 50s that can be run in about 12 minutes with a little practice. You can choose to get a random incarnate salvage drop at the end, and you will get an emp merit as well. I've had a character with full level 4 incaranates across the board by vet level 8 or 9 spamming that arc. There is a guide to running it somewhere in these forums, and it makes it simple.
  14. I would push the Alpha to tier 3 as that grants a +1 level shift when doing high level content.
  15. I had played blasters before, but my Beam/Devices was the first one I ever loved playing. That character is just a beast. I agree with Gulbasaur's take on Beam being busy. Devices is very fitting for that primary.
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