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  1. Some Available Names Agile Agility Barge Bent Blacksword Blastfire Blazelight Blue Flamer Bod Callow Candid Cartographer Cogent Cryomaniac Dapper Deadswitch Demeanor Detrimental Devout Dexterity Earthwoman Ending Ex-Cop Faction Flameknight Frostlight Genre Gentry Genuflect Gnarl Grandeur Greyblade Grisly Hangout High Hour Father Idle Imbroglio Impromptu Jostle Jubilant Kiss Kiss Kneel Lady Time Latenight Lifestealer Lightsky Middle Moonshard Moonstorm Nibble Nibbler Nicety Nightsword Obedient Object Ogle Omnipresent Quaff Quaint Quillblade Pixel 8 Pixelate Pyroburst Rageblade Right Click Rock Wall Scattergun Shadowblast Short Bow Silver Sword Silverheart Six Shooter Slamcake Solar Blade Speedemon Spiritblade Star Dog Stardawn Steel Sword Steelblade Sunbow Sunknight Sunsaber Sunsabre Timelady Universalis Vorpal Sword Yesteryear Zaratite Zirconia
  2. Some Available Names: Today it's all about the golems! Air Golem Black Golem Blood Golem Bone Golem Cave Golem Cheese Golem Cloud Golem Copper Golem Deep Golem Dirt Golem Dust Golem Force Golem Frost Golem Glass Golem Ice Golem Light Golem Moon Golem Mud Golem Pixel Golem Red Golem Sand Golem Silver Golem Skin Golem Sky Golem Smoke Golem Snow Golem Space Golem Star Golem Storm Golem Strange Golem Sun Golem Trash Golem Vile Golem Water Golem Weird Golem
  3. Some Available Names and Name Seeds: Abba Able Body Absurd Action Kid Action Woman Always Bad Boy Blastworth Bloodtooth Boy Toy Broken Bone Can Can't Cask Color Wheel Deed Derangement Disembowel Dogpile Dry Dye Earthly Echidna Eke Elmer Evil Grin Ex-Husband Ex-Wife Fad Feck Felheart Fester Flee Focal Point Footprint Glazer Grab Bag Griller Grillmaster Groom Ilk Inert Imagos Iron Woman Ironform Ism Item Jacker Jangle Jeez Jihad Jouster Jowles Juggle Juggler Kempo Kendo Kid Action Kino Kung Fu Grip Lady Action Lasergaze Lightling Lock Robster Masterblade Mightling Mindfreeze Mr. Ice Guy Nad Naive Need Nerdy Neverheart Noggin Nom de Plume Oaf Obituary Odor Old Om Nom Nom Org Paganist Pet Plastiform Playtoy Power Dude Qabalah Quaint Qualm Quicken Quizmaster Raw Recoup Record Rectum Room Rumwarden Sacrificial Skim Skyform Soulfang Starghost Steelform Stink Stomper Straight Up Sunlighter Taco Knight Tap Taskman Ted Talk Terrify Timespace Ugly Ultramatic United Statesman Urbanite Verge Vet View Viewpoint Vocal Point Wander Weak Wintersoul Worldheart Xanthic Xenophile Xerosis Xerotic Yank Yirth Yonder Yuck Zebu Zephir Zowie Zesty Zoologic Zoombox Also, grabbed the following: Joe, Jaw, and Pet. If I don't find uses for them, I'll release them into the wild.
  4. Alternate Colors Submitted by Will Lightman.
  5. You know, I was working on a similar project within another base, but yours is so neat I think I'd rather just point people there. *chuckles* I love the invisible maze room!
  6. Some Available Names: Action Figure Airblast Angelist Banhammer Blazelight Brute Lee Crawley Demonspark Demonspirit Devilsaint Devilsoul Dragon Doll Elevator Elucidate Enlisted Escalator Fastbreak Forcelight Frail Gastric Gatherer Godspark Handiwork High Elf Important Joist Killer App Lilian Pizza Man Sand Castle Scammer Scheme Snax Starter Stopping Power Stormsand Structure Studmonkey Stun Stunner Swing Swinger Tailor Theology Urgent Vroom Waterblast Wisdom Tooth Wood Elf Zombie Lord
  7. I've snagged the following names because I think it would be interesting for a few people to get together and create a themed supergroup or a team of some sort. Obviously there's some overlap in the names - for instance, Mighty One, Powerful One, and Strong One could all mean the same thing - but not all the names need to be taken. Also, I'm not necessarily saying I want to be part of said team, but if a group of people were interested in doing something with these, feel free to hit me up. Global is @Anthem. Agile One Clever One Cunning One Fast One Kind One Mighty One Powerful One Quick One Righteous One Smart One Strong One Tainted One Wise One
  8. Some Available Names and Name Seeds: Active Ask Black Doom Bloodblade Blue Lion Burnpile Cherish Civil Warrior Conservative Crispy Deadblade Deaf Leopard Def Def Jam Devilblade Dragontail Dreadblade Dynosaur Eep Elk Eukaryote Giraffe Grab Hobbit Hookhand Learner Liberal Lightwater Luciferian Micro-Man Moderate Nitestar Pounder Probiotic Problemo Prokaryote Prokaryotic Prophesy Razormind Sergal Serve Snack Solarblade Soulblood Soulstriker Springstep Start Stew Storytime Summerlight Summerwind Underhill Violation Warm Windcraft Windpipe Winterlight
  9. Some Available Names: Allmother Beefy Burly Cloudfall Cloudsinger Common Core Core Value Crumb Dark Rook Devildust Dust Mite Earth Lord Elementalism Elven Blade Faceplate Firecaller Firecraft Firespeaker Flamesinger Ghost Tiger Greataxe High Elf Icelord Jovial klioUntouched Lady Magicka Latenight Lord Arcane Maul of America New You Oven Pneumatic Sacrificial Skar Skycaller Snarky Soulcraft Spellbringer Spellcaller Spellspeaker Stolen Honor Stormsinger Stormspeaker Superflex Sustainer Teddy Bear Tumble Valve Voidform Wild Boar Wild Hog Wild Woman Wildwoman Will O'Wisp Wood Elf
  10. Thanks! (And it's me... I just changed my display name.)
  11. Some Available Names Brokenheart Chub Completionist Composite Darkbow Darkslave Doomspark Doomspeaker Dreadspark Duskheart Ear Firebalm Hair Highkick Ignoble India Ironheart Java Master Javamaster Jumpkick Left Hook Lightbow Lightfinder Lightsalve Lightslave Magicstar Mediocre Mediogre Mrs. President Naptime Newbie Ninja Blade Ninja Claw Ninja Sword Ninjutsu Nook Pathseeker Perceptor Powered Quickheart Right Hook Runebow Rusty Hammer Sea Sprite Seasprite5t Seesaw Skyrunner Snake Handler Songfire Spacewitch Stab Starblaster Steelfoot Straight Up Street Preacher Suit Up Sun Lord Truancy Vinyl Walk Warwench Whiteheart
  12. Some names and name ideas... Aerolight Aeroshot Aerostat Animated Corpse Blackclaw Bladeborn Bladeborne Broadcaster Communicator Crier Cryer Damn Straight Demon 666 Doomcat Effluvium Electrogenesis Electrophile Engram Exit Strategy Exoteric Finder Fireclaw First Blade First Strike Flutterheart Friendly Gasfire Giver Green Beret Grok Hard Core Heavenblade Heavenscent (A pheremone-based character?) Helephant Helephino (Cross between an elephant and a rhino?) Hellfist Hellwave Hot Fuzz Iamatologist Ibex Ichthyic Idiomancer Ignipotent Imbroglio Implex Jacinthe Jamb Judicator Juxtaposer Kagu Kalimba Kansas Kava (Poison?) Lightblade Lionclaw Lionfang Lionpaw Louder Ma'am Magepunk Nitrofist Nukeblade Oaf Ocarina Ophiomorph (Means "snakelike".) Ord (The point of a weapon.) Osteomancer Parsley Pen Is Mightier Phreak Phrog Plus Size Pulseblade Quadratrix Quatrain Rainbo Razorstar Razorsword Request Rube Shallow Shark Tank Sharktank Shopkeeper Shouter Shutterbug Sindicate (Yes, misspelled. That's the point.) Six Six Six Skink Skyclaw Skysight Slamwitch (A character with physical magic?) Solarflight Stable Stang Strike 3 Strike Three Teen Teenager Tigerfang Tigerpaw Toots Ubiquarian Unction Universalist Variform Vesuvian White Knuckle Xanthippe (Ill-tempered woman) Xerophage Yarborough Yen Yon Yonder Zap Strike
  13. Whoa there... whoa! Let's not get too far ahead here. What I said was said in jest, which is why I also used the emotive *chuckles* at the end. I wasn't accusing you folks of anything.
  14. That was fun, but clearly you favored the color gold. *chuckles*
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