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  1. 100 Names and Name Seeds Airlady Airlord Ax Man Betaman Beyond Virtue Blind Man Blindman Blood Mask Bloodlord Bloombox Bloomstick Bonewitch Crashpoint Crosslight Danse Dark Joule Darksaber Deadlight Dragontooth Earthlady Earthlord Earthwright Everflame Fad Finish Firelady Firewright Flamewitch Flamewright Freak Flag Freebase Gaseous Ghost Operator Ghostnight Gifted One Glowforge Gobsmack Godblade Good Friend Hasbeen Icethorn Important Impossible Boy Impossible Man Intelligent Jerkface Jokerface Kasual King Croc Knightlady Knightlord Kreep Lagmonster Lasershot Lieutenant Major Battle Major Defeat Major Quake Major Virtue Maxi Metamite Mindscope Mister Z Monkeywench Moonblaze Mr. Freak Mrs. X Ms. Freak Not Yeti Oxman Pad Pastor Phantom Kid Phantom Light Pinx Preach Quickbow Quickheart Quietfoot Reveal Salacious D Skar Skywright Stardancer Start Steel Shield Straight Talk Swordlight Tad Tangleroot Touched Traditional Vanquished Warlocksmith Waterlady Waterlord Waterwright Wiseacre Wishborn Zipstrip
  2. Hey there. You may know me as the person who's been posting lists of 50 to 100+ names in this thread for some time now. Well... I'm looking for a name. Not a specific name, mind you, but I'm looking for a certain type of name. I'd like to make a Superman pastiche, something classic, and he'd need a classic-sounding name to boot. Do you have a name like that sitting around, one that you're not using? Hit me up and let's talk!
  3. These three are already gone, sadly. Oh, wait, @Panachehas them! *chuckles* Are you holding onto them to give them to people? Or did you have other ideas?
  4. Some Name Seeds to Work With Ageless Agua Fria Articulate Authentic Breaklight Brook Burly Capitol Cogent Community Credit Cruelty Curvaceous Daggerman Dial Disc Distort Eccentric Egotist Emcee Enthusiast Faithlight Favorite Fencer Ferment Fustercluck Girlie Glover Goodbye Greensward Groundwork Harmonious Heavensent Heavy Gunner Hedonistic Hexpedition Hold Up Holdup Hopelight Horcrux Iambic Improbable Inferior Invent Inventive Ionic Woman Ironblade Irrelevant Jiggy Jimp Jocular Jouster Kinx Kitsch Kleptomaniac Kook Lackadaisical Lackluster Lavish Lax Lecher Loquacious Lovelight Macro Man Macrostorm Manastorm Microstorm Muncher Nanostorm Nifty Nightwoman Nuthouse Odd Duck Old Old Hero Opulent Overt Pageant Parchment Paste Peer Penthouse Pepperoni Permission Phire Phone Powderpuff Prove Proviso Quadric Quota Rabbi Redactor Rightfield Roadster Stagnant Starfaith Starhope Starlove Sundance Tallyho Teammate Thimble Theme Topnotch Trim Tumble Ulcer Umpire Unction Uniform Uptown Utmost Veracity Vanity Valve Violation Vocation Walkout Waver Webcrawler Wiggle Windmaker Wool Workbench Xylophone Yank Yarn Yoga Yokel Young Zeppelin
  5. Some Available Names: Axemaster Moon Hawk Actual Bloodsoul Astral Fox Brightlady Brightsoul Brightlord Cadaverous Chrome King Chrome Lord Chrome Queen Cult Following Cloudblade Cloudpunk Crystal Fox Damp Dole Devilpunk Demonpunk Devil Sword Dungeonist Dragonpunk Dragon Sword Dragonborne Dragonkind Earthblood Earthpunk Encase Elephant Man Etherlord Enshrine Enshrined Fanatick Fast Hand Fast Foot Fat Chance Ghost Lady Ghost Lord Ghost Prince Ghostwatch Grasslander Heartlord Halitosis Holiness Heartsword Heart Sword Heartblade Heavensent Impressor Impractical Interesting Izquierdo (Spanish for "left") Jinkie Jubal Judy Jovial Jester King-Size Kingsize Kosher Keygen Kaput Lightblood Lion Paw Lionblade Lowlander Moonblood Moonborne Moonpunk Navy Naive Natch Obedient Orthodox Offense Patient Placid Poignant Panther Paw Puke Quaint Queasy Quaff Rambunctious Repulse Sappy Scoff Scofflaw Shallow Skyblood Skyhook Skypunk Spacecraft Spaceship Spiritpunk Standup Starbase Starblood Starpunk Starwatch Sunblood Swordpunk Tall Tender Tasty Treat Uberkid Uberlad Uberlass Utmost Valid Warm Wrong Wrong Way Xenotrope Xenial Xerophyte Xerophile Xyloid Yap Yore Yell Yoga Zapmaster Zone In Zone Out
  6. Solomon's Key RP/RP Friendly: Yes. Medium to Heavy RP Theme: Arcane Library for Magic-Wielding or Mystical Heroes Redside/Blueside: Blueside. Heroes. Recruitment Message: The sigil appears in the strangest places. An alleyway in Talos Island, over the head of three Tsoo Ink Men tied up tight with silk rope. Branded on the table in a corporate conference room where scattered evidence of the company's guilt - a thousand workers cheated of their retirement! - litter the floor. The Shadow Shard, where signs of a tremendous battle scar the floating stones. The septagram, a seven pointed star set in a circle, bears a stylized S in its center. If one stares at it too long, it mesmerizes, entrances; a galaxy of stars swirl behind the sigil's lines, distant suns burning bright and then fading from view as others sweep in to take their place. It only takes a brief investigation to determine whose symbol it is; it belongs to a new group, gathering of witches, wizards, and sorcerers, of celestials, infernals, and everything in between, come together in a bid to change the world, to make it a better place. This group is known as Solomon's Key. [[ Solomon's Key is recruiting! We're a brand new magic-focused heroic RPSG based in a former Salamanca bookstore converted into an arcane library! Looking for magic or mystical folks ready to change the world! Sapientia et scientia potestas est! ]] Contact: @Modus Operandi Discord: Yes - Website: SG Wiki coming soon!
  7. I'm going to have to admit that I'll never have enough time to play every character concept I've come up with. To that end, I'm releasing 39 names. Able Abri Ask Aunt Breed Clubber Espionage Featherlight Genuine Gourmet Jann Jaw Keyforge Keygen Khi Kilt Kinx Lush Mando Melt Nemo Oxygen Powerkid Rabbi Remarkable Right Speed Boost Starwalker Stinker Straight Tale Tip Tripline Twin Uncle Verboten Warship Wrong Yesterday
  8. Some Available Names Agile Agility Barge Bent Blacksword Blastfire Blazelight Blue Flamer Bod Callow Candid Cartographer Cogent Cryomaniac Dapper Deadswitch Demeanor Detrimental Devout Dexterity Earthwoman Ending Ex-Cop Faction Flameknight Frostlight Genre Gentry Genuflect Gnarl Grandeur Greyblade Grisly Hangout High Hour Father Idle Imbroglio Impromptu Jostle Jubilant Kiss Kiss Kneel Lady Time Latenight Lifestealer Lightsky Middle Moonshard Moonstorm Nibble Nibbler Nicety Nightsword Obedient Object Ogle Omnipresent Quaff Quaint Quillblade Pixel 8 Pixelate Pyroburst Rageblade Right Click Rock Wall Scattergun Shadowblast Short Bow Silver Sword Silverheart Six Shooter Slamcake Solar Blade Speedemon Spiritblade Star Dog Stardawn Steel Sword Steelblade Sunbow Sunknight Sunsaber Sunsabre Timelady Universalis Vorpal Sword Yesteryear Zaratite Zirconia
  9. Some Available Names: Today it's all about the golems! Air Golem Black Golem Blood Golem Bone Golem Cave Golem Cheese Golem Cloud Golem Copper Golem Deep Golem Dirt Golem Dust Golem Force Golem Frost Golem Glass Golem Ice Golem Light Golem Moon Golem Mud Golem Pixel Golem Red Golem Sand Golem Silver Golem Skin Golem Sky Golem Smoke Golem Snow Golem Space Golem Star Golem Storm Golem Strange Golem Sun Golem Trash Golem Vile Golem Water Golem Weird Golem
  10. Some Available Names and Name Seeds: Abba Able Body Absurd Action Kid Action Woman Always Bad Boy Blastworth Bloodtooth Boy Toy Broken Bone Can Can't Cask Color Wheel Deed Derangement Disembowel Dogpile Dry Dye Earthly Echidna Eke Elmer Evil Grin Ex-Husband Ex-Wife Fad Feck Felheart Fester Flee Focal Point Footprint Glazer Grab Bag Griller Grillmaster Groom Ilk Inert Imagos Iron Woman Ironform Ism Item Jacker Jangle Jeez Jihad Jouster Jowles Juggle Juggler Kempo Kendo Kid Action Kino Kung Fu Grip Lady Action Lasergaze Lightling Lock Robster Masterblade Mightling Mindfreeze Mr. Ice Guy Nad Naive Need Nerdy Neverheart Noggin Nom de Plume Oaf Obituary Odor Old Om Nom Nom Org Paganist Pet Plastiform Playtoy Power Dude Qabalah Quaint Qualm Quicken Quizmaster Raw Recoup Record Rectum Room Rumwarden Sacrificial Skim Skyform Soulfang Starghost Steelform Stink Stomper Straight Up Sunlighter Taco Knight Tap Taskman Ted Talk Terrify Timespace Ugly Ultramatic United Statesman Urbanite Verge Vet View Viewpoint Vocal Point Wander Weak Wintersoul Worldheart Xanthic Xenophile Xerosis Xerotic Yank Yirth Yonder Yuck Zebu Zephir Zowie Zesty Zoologic Zoombox Also, grabbed the following: Joe, Jaw, and Pet. If I don't find uses for them, I'll release them into the wild.
  11. You know, I was working on a similar project within another base, but yours is so neat I think I'd rather just point people there. *chuckles* I love the invisible maze room!
  12. Some Available Names: Action Figure Airblast Angelist Banhammer Blazelight Brute Lee Crawley Demonspark Demonspirit Devilsaint Devilsoul Dragon Doll Elevator Elucidate Enlisted Escalator Fastbreak Forcelight Frail Gastric Gatherer Godspark Handiwork High Elf Important Joist Killer App Lilian Pizza Man Sand Castle Scammer Scheme Snax Starter Stopping Power Stormsand Structure Studmonkey Stun Stunner Swing Swinger Tailor Theology Urgent Vroom Waterblast Wisdom Tooth Wood Elf Zombie Lord
  13. I've snagged the following names because I think it would be interesting for a few people to get together and create a themed supergroup or a team of some sort. Obviously there's some overlap in the names - for instance, Mighty One, Powerful One, and Strong One could all mean the same thing - but not all the names need to be taken. Also, I'm not necessarily saying I want to be part of said team, but if a group of people were interested in doing something with these, feel free to hit me up. Global is @Anthem. Agile One Clever One Cunning One Fast One Kind One Mighty One Powerful One Quick One Righteous One Smart One Strong One Tainted One Wise One
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