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  1. 1st thought. Great artz! Love the warm ambiance and I approve of the abundant amount of orangeness on display. 2nd thought. Either the photographer is a tank who forgot to detoggle Fiery Aura or they tried to get a "better angle" from the fire pit and are currently on fire. 3rd. I have a new artist's gallery to explore. Thanks!
  2. @Chaos Ex MachinaGeneral rule of thumb for gaming. Video card is most important, then RAM quantity second (up to a point), then CPU cores and speed and finally use a good SSD for your operating system if at all possible. Also you didn't mention what resolution your monitor is as this can make a significant difference. 720p is much less demanding than 1080p or 4k (which is 2160p) You also didn't say if you were upgrading or buying new. For this game specifically to run high settings or better @ 60fps GENERALLY SPEAKING you'll want... Processors: any quad core processor or better made in the last decade should be fine. 2.0 GHz or faster should be fine as most modern CPU's can ratchet up the speed when needed on the fly. RAM quantity: 4GB minimum, 8GB the current sweet spot, 16GB unneeded but nice to have if you run many things alongside your game, 32GB Overkill Videocard: Midrange GPU or better. How can you tell? In general terms the first number in the videocard series tells you when it came out. The second or third number will tell you where it is in the stack for that series. Ideally want 6 and up. So a "GTX 1060" the 6 says you're most likely set whereas a "GTX 1010GT" the 1 tells you it's not gonna cut it. On the AMD side it should start with HD, R# or RX and again 6 or better so an "HD 9870 PRO" is good but a "R5 430" isn't. Again, these are meant to be general tips only if you have specific part questions it's always best to research or ask before you buy.
  3. You make a good point @EmmySky there's something to be said for figuring out what colors are closest first before you decide what to create and it does give some wiggle room but it could also be a barrier to entry for some. An extra step they had to "figure out" before getting to the "fun part" if you will. Several people ended up asking others to solve the "hey what the color is this?" for them (SKIP!) and I wanted everyone to feel they could just jump right in.
  4. @Cutter edit and tinker away. Whatever is posted when the deadline rolls around is what I will go with.
  5. What's that??? Oh just something about her fancy designer purse.... ...I dunno some guy named "Steve Ling," ever heard of him? ...nah me either but who can keep up with all the latest Icon fashion trends? ...She's really going on about it though. Keeps shouting purse SteeeeveLing over and over. ...So what's for dinner? What? ...awww meatloaf again???
  6. @DarkLilac Thanks for the comment and welcome. Because you asked here is an update on Mysterious Mike. Added flat colors. Still a ways to go but progress is being made. Somehow he got a little bit cross-eyed (on his left side) along the way but no worries Mike, I promise I'll fix it in post!
  7. Well done @Vel Mori and I like your idea as well @mtscottc.
  8. Speaking of costumes with a theme... *notices link in his signature* ... ahem. and yes I just quoted myself to plug my own costume challenge, I regret nothing! I'll post a hero later to make up for it.
  9. The Who? A great band but ideally it would be you! ...okay fine, your friends can join too. The What? A color & theme challenge involving the Costume Creator. The When? Anytime before Noon CST Friday the 12th. The Where? Post your wonderful creations in this very thread! The Why? If your entry is selected you could win prize artz of your character! The How? Just create a character you think best portrays the colors and theme below and post it! The colors in the CC are: A1 - B2 - C3 - C7 ~ The theme is: Shock Value! Want to know the rest of the details? Click the spoiler box below. Have a question or suggestion? Leave a comment below and I will update the spoiler box.
  10. Ju ken't hyd teh artz frum meh! errrrr I mean, no worries Oubliette Red. Many thanks for the feedback, I will go that route then. I noticed people like @Techwright, @Cutter, @biostem, @EmmySky and @Kingfinger having to ask about or guess-timate what the palette colors translated to in the CC and I would prefer to avoid that confusion. The question now is if I build it how many will show up???
  11. I can. @Oubliette_Red You misspelled his name but I found his DA account anyway are these the prize sketches you are referring to? I think I could do something similar. Out of curiosity though why use a website like ColourLovers instead of just picking colors right from the CC so there is no confusion and debate (e.g. is the dress blue/black or white/gold). Thoughts? I should mention the art above was done by Sythspawn and depicts Vivace for Vivace, Goblin Queen for @Goblin Queen, Lady Lilith for ScooterTwo and Angel Red for @Oubliette_Red.
  12. aaaand I think that'll do it for the colors on Arcturus. You know I just checked and there are four people with that forum name... may as well try @' ing them. Maybe he's already here. Hey @Arcturus @Arcturus99210 @Arcturusg @ArcturusPolaris... anyone lose a gift artz?
  13. Thanks @Troo, I'm glad you like where it's headed. Yeah I've always had more control with traditional media. Digital coloring can be kind of hit or miss for me. I'm sure if I keep practicing I'll get as proficient with a stylus as I am with a brush or pencil. One of these days.
  14. Thanks Icanav I do too. This was a drawing I started way back during CoH live but the person I was making it for disappeared from the forums and so I never bothered to finish it. Aside from the reference picture all I remember being told is that he has ice powers and a very joker-like grin. I've been branching out and trying different coloring techniques lately so I'm going to experiment on this and color it up even if Arcturus, most likely, will never see it.
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