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  1. A magazine cutout of handsome guy's face (who's name rhymes with "pulverine") stapled underneath?
  2. You may have an option that is now blocked or perhaps was moved. A good test would be to start a new hero and try to make her suit exactly as you have it now and see if the game will let you.
  3. Cool! Metal gives me way more headaches than leather, but yeah I feel your pain.
  4. Not sure but I think that's the other kid from Iron Man III who helps Tony re-power his suit IIRC, it's been a while since I've seen 3, not one of my favorite MCU films. Anywho before this tangent gets too far off topic, yay costume! I'm looking forward to finding out what form her "unpleasant surprise" will take.
  5. It has been done quite a bit. The little boy in Iron Man II (later confirmed to be Peter Parker) getting rescued by Iron Man while wearing his helm and glove and standing up to a Hammer drone comes to mind. Used properly though it's still a great story telling device and a fun way to show a connection to the city and it's people.
  6. @Cutter You're welcome? Oh man, how to sum up Elfquest. One of the most important independent comics of all time would be a start. Spanning 40 years and started in the 70's by a 19yo female artist at a time when that was virtually unheard of in the industry, she and her husband would later go on to form their own publishing company WaRP (Wendy and Richard Pini) and tell a tale truly epic in scale and scope. The artwork was unique and was one of my inspirations to learn to draw better as a kid. The main protagonist's name is Cutter. P.S. A bit of trivia, Brandon McKinney who did artwork for the City of Heroes comics (the Blue King run) has collaborated with Wendy Pini and may yet again on a future project if what I am hearing is right.
  7. "first she built an arm, next she built an army" then, on the following Tuesday, she built an armada? I see what you did there. Please tell me that's a stone tank... as in "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones." Is her alternate suit a "Devil Woman" outfit? Interesting choice of initialism and charged with the aesthetic and the artistic... you don't say. My brain read that as Farmoogeddon initially. Also is your moniker an Elfquest reference by chance?
  8. Lot's of cool Bio's in here since I last checked. Great work people.
  9. It did indeed... which works out great for me because I have several of those as well. Starting with one of my first Shieldara commissions. Though I love the result the artist missed the fact that she is primarily of African-American descent and her skin should be shades of brown and not pink. After you're done with that freebie I have several more that you could get started on that... okay I'm kidding here but you get my point. REcolor will get you a slightly smaller mountain of work but a mountain no less. Also, cool Skeletor... errr Mordenkai
  10. You're welcome, it happens from time to time. It's a small distinction but seemed important enough to point out. Besides if I was wrong that would be a whole lot of free color work and I wanted to be first in line.
  11. @Player 2 Running backwards in Ninja Run can make you look a bit like you are Naruto/Anime running. I put this (first post on page, 2nd image) up around that same time...
  12. Took a moment to try and help promote your sale. https://www.deviantart.com/christopherrobinartz/journal/Another-friend-having-an-artz-sale-835302661 Good Luck! Also you may want to edit your OP... Free services I will provide for customers - Recolor of previously-purchased art to specify that it's (I assume) "Recolor of art previously purchased from me" Because if it's not I've got a minor mountain of fan art and commissions from other artists over the years that you could color for free.
  13. @FlashtooI know it's not the same as having the actual markers in hand but #3 in this post is worth noting...
  14. If you want quick and easy demo edit is the way to go. Find a line up or grouping you like (or use the handy one provided by OklahomaMan) and just copy paste some code and it's done. It's what I used way back in the day to get this shot of my witch Chloe Macomber forcing the Cabal to bow to her will. The Idea of using AE is good as well if you know how to make an AE mission ( I have never done it myself). Using a photo editing program will give you the most control and perhaps the prettiest results but the learning curve for doing it well can be steep. The upside though is you can take the pictures in any location, wipe out the backgrounds (as I did below) & then composite them any way you wish. Then go and find whatever scenic shot you want in the game and overlay the images onto it. The advantage here is you can take dozens of city shots in different places and from different angles and keep trying the overlay until you get the perfect shot. One more thought. With demo edit if you can only get 4 friends to pose but you want a dozen of your heroes in the shot just place the four of them and have them type /loc. Make a note of their positions, have them move to the next four spots & repeat as needed. You don't need 12 people standing together to get a shot with 12 in it. You could do it by yourself if you were patient enough. Once you have all the locations just open the demo file & substitute your heroes at each location and take your picture.
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