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  1. Was one of Mariner's mains a Dolphin themed sonic hero? Because I think I drew a birthday quick sketch for someone with a similar name (he may have gone by Dolphin on the old boards though). Oh look it's a Major Award... which I'm sure he totally won and had shipped directly from a region in France known as Fragile (pronounced Frah-gee-lay). Np, and right back at you Agent Canada.
  2. If you decide to, that's great. And, if so, do come back and post whatever commission/artwork you end up with. There are at least two threads in "the new 62" for just that purpose.
  3. Just Airboy's luck his opposition decided to go "old skool" on him. Also, over time, you would hope that Zombie Bash would... See-less Graves.
  4. The position of the quote makes the arrow point at you now. Yeah, so I hear. I know there's a lot of content I am missing out on it's just tough to get into. Playing as a hero really just clicks with me, you know? Even beating a mission redside and hearing that theme instead of the awesome trumpety hero theme sounds wrong... like the wrong side is winning.
  5. Thanks Barbarette and Clawdebt (I assume you mean Mike?). Note to self: Draw more ruggedly handsome, manly men. The proverbial "chicks" will, as they say, "dig it." @Barbarette Yes I finally have an idea of what your namesake looks like. I'm glad you made it home for the holidays. If you had to be away for so long for the reasons I suspect then I thank you for your service. If for some other reason, I am still glad you made it home in time to be with family. @Clawdebt I asked about your name in another thread, you don't have to answer of course but I wonder if you saw it at all?
  6. Lol Thanks Healix and DJ1. @Extor Prime He may be a dandy, DD would know more. The two modern depictions of him outside his armor I remember were both very much "jeans and a tee or tank top" kind of looks though. https://www.deviantart.com/anjasylvie/art/Mike-and-DeeDee-City-of-Heroes-401830650 and also this... https://www.deviantart.com/anjasylvie/art/Mike-and-Liam-313986364 Yet to go: his right fist/gauntlet, his right leg, external oblique armor, triceps armor, tie down bands for his torso armor (like the ones on his leg), cape pattern and the inside of his ear (which I seem to be drawing last a lot for some reason). Optional: I may adjust the lay of his cape in the lower left corner. Possibly another shading pass (depends on if colors are likely) and I might close up his collar (kind of like it open though).
  7. Explaining a joke is kind of like dissecting a frog... you understand it better but the frog dies in the process. @Redlynne clearly you forgot the most important step... Step 1: Tell Joke. Step 2: Explain Joke. Step 3: ... laugh ... Step 4: Profit
  8. <---Never plays villains. Well I can't say never I tried 3 of them when CoV dropped but I just couldn't get into anything redside. L12 Brute was as far as ever I got.
  9. You say that like it's a bad thing. Also I'm not taking commissions or selling anything at the moment so why not?
  10. I was so happy to see that on test. My Ill/Emp Xllusya has been waiting what seems like FOREVER for this particular upgrade. Might even post some of her suits here (even though her face is custom).
  11. Lol Lucky you, this is my first encounter with it.
  12. Face adjusted, pattern added and all the various images composited.
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