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  1. Clipping in the shoulder area aside that is pretty damn sweet. I really like your implementation of the blue high collar up top and the special edition cape in red & white alternating stripes on bottom to make it like he is wearing a flag.
  2. Nicely done Jon. I really like the flared trench coat. Quick someone grab the Soul Stone before Thanos gets it!
  3. @QueenBethari coming along nicely. After reading what you wrote but before reading Dacy's comment above I also wondered what reason was keeping them together and the first thought that leapt out at me is that their moms must be friends and when getting together they often suggest the girls should go shopping together or something and while neither girl is happy about it they both see something in each other that they find missing in themselves. Another thought could be a shared common tragedy, i.e. the Rikti invasion devastated both of their homes and while they don't see eye to eye they both know what the other is going through. Could work depending on what kind of tone you want in your story. Finally, maybe Marilyn was being picked on for being the quiet one and Annabel came to her rescue? Not cuz she likes Marilyn or anything (don't get any ideas that we might be friends or something ugh) but just because she hates bullys and feels compelled to help when she sees injustice (heroic tendencies being hinted at perhaps). Not sure any of this is useful and I don't want to sway your story but if you are looking for ideas those were what popped to me.
  4. Welcome to the best part of the forums Nebularian, I do hope you decide to share your writing as well. Is that like a librarian for nebulae? Or perhaps someone who likes to keep their relationships nebulous and undefined?
  5. I will present the winner with a couple of choices and let them pick. If they have no preference or are not sure then I will see what refs I get and go from there. Options would be mostly what is in my gallery already i.e. pencils, inks, softbrushed, digital greyscale, a mini-image for their avatar, I sing you a song... you probably don't want the song though. Here are some examples of what they could expect to choose from.
  6. Another softbrushing this time it was Comrade Hero's turn.
  7. Welcome Phnxdrk. Here is Zangief.
  8. That face/costume combo is unsettling, probably because I know what a Lahar is. ------------- Because I know something you don't know. **ting ting tinga ting** Boy I knew "My buddy" had fallen on hard times but a zombie? What is the world coming to? I'm fairly certain it must have, if not initially then surely over time. Also it is the name of a large mall the next state over from me. I went there once just to see if the stores there would be even slightly cognizant but only managed to find a tee hut in the middle of a walkway leading to the food court selling shirts from the show. I was bowled-under to say the least.
  9. Hello Eirwen and welcome to the best part of the forums (I know I have responded to you in the costume thread before but still). To my knowledge they have yet to post any group screenshots here (you'd think this would be the place for it), your best bet would probably be to ask in General Discussion or @ the dev themselves if you remember their name.
  10. Hahaha 3 minutes, is that all? You respond faster than DJ1... and that guy has me on follow. Also I thought "schm" was intended to be a dismissive of sorts when used as a prefix, like fancy schmancy?
  11. Literally a Joe Schmoe? An every man and yet no one in particular, lol nice. Not by a long shot and welcome to best part of the forums (I know you've been around for as long as it has existed but still).
  12. @QueenBethari I know it's a very early kernel of an idea at this point but I already like the dynamic you've established between the two characters. One reads as very blustery and incredulous that she isn't immediately accorded hero status and the other reads as trepidatious and someone always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sounds like a fun mix. Also I have to say it made me smile that Dacy's great story is inspiring you to dip your toe into writing. It's heartening to see people drawing inspiration from these forums and channeling it into their own creations. @DacyWhoops! I was only aiming for "compliment of the day." Overshot the mark a wee bit it seems. Kidding aside, you are quite welcome Dacy, it's well deserved. Ah well, Italian was the first language I learned to speak as a child. I should point out @Darth Delicious is far more impressive in this regard, she speaks Frisian natively but is also fluent in Dutch and English as well. On top of that she knows some German and last I checked was taking a "learn to speak Spanish" language course online. Indeed. That whole paragraph was quite insightful. My father, retired now, was a college professor of English and my secret weapon growing up. I was winning class spelling bee's before I realized they were not just fun words games.
  13. No worries Masked Man, I know lots of people just like to see the art, watch the videos and read the stories and that is perfectly fine but if people want to introduce themselves and be welcomed I wanted there to be a place for that as well. Welcome home and to the best part of the forums as well. **/e high fives Masked Man** Costume junkies of the world unite! The artist in me was totally gobsmacked by how you could make almost anyone or anything in the CC and then jump in the game and play as them. Such a game changer. I am still hoping some of the people I played with on live find their way here. That would really cinch it for me but for now I am so happy to have the game back I sometimes log in for 5 minutes just to fly around the zones again.
  14. Well for the art drawing do please use the welcome thread so I can have all the names in one place but feel free to say hi here as well if you like.
  15. Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Healix. Of all the birthday well wishes I received here and elsewhere this was by faaaar the most creative. From me as the little boy from Winnie the Pooh (also Christopher Robin I hear lol) drawing an actual piece from my gallery to the palette & easel cake, campy super hero wall paper and all the shiny balloons, I love it all. Thank you!
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