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  1. No worries BW, I welcome people's opinions and constructive criticism and you know I'm all ears when you or other talented artists have something to say about my drawing. On the Healix piece, yeah I knew I was exaggerating, I was told the character is really "smiley" and so sought to play that up but it's really stark in a side by side that I went a bit overboard. In the 2nd major version I drew (which I will scan and host here in a bit) I think her features (the eyes especially) were more proportionate but as I mentioned above she ended up looking more like a villain with a wicked or menacing look and so I thought I would use the warp tools in PS to get a "nicer" expression. In doing so she looks better now but I stretched and elongated more than necessary. I still think it's an improvement but it does look a bit cartoony. Healix if you have thoughts on this I would love to hear them as well. As for her ears they are covered and pulled back along side her head by the mask (i.e they are the same color red as the neck cover and forehead material) so I should darken them to be the same shade as the rest and sculpt them in at the top and bottom (/e makes mental note). after my first sketch I got this ref.
  2. Hey great for you Biostem, how about you post it in one of the two threads made for sharing commissions or even start your own thread? Showing off a full color, head to toe, paid commission in a thread where people are taking time out of their day to do free art for others in the community while also asking for free art yourself... it's at the very least inconsiderate. You are certainly not doing yourself any favors.
  3. Updates on multiple fronts. First up Mischief, the art program with the infinite canvas, is going away December 31st of this year. Basically what really set it apart from the rest of the field is every stroke drawn in Mischief is essentially a vector so lines stay sharp and clear at any scale or level of zoom. This allows a crazy range and epic scale not available in any other art program. It has a 50-trillion-to-one zoom factor: something that creator Sarah Frisken describes as “sitting on the moon and being able to look at a single flower on Earth.” Surely overkill for many but impressive none the less and licenses only used to cost $25. More info about the program here https://magazine.artstation.com/2015/08/mischief-typical-drawing-package/ and the official download site is here. https://www.madewithmischief.com/ On a happier front in the world of commissions I got back a piece that I felt compared to share... I'll let the art speak for itself. This is my witch (and rightful queen of the Cabal) Chloe Macomber in her mutated state after surviving the meteor fall in Bloody Bay. Wernope sadly is closed for commissions currently and does not take them very often. I have received multiple pieces from her in the past and she knows there is more I want done so she did say she would tell me if/when she opens up again. Fingers crossed.
  4. No worries QueenBethari and thanks, I plan to. I am guessing most people didn't know, hence the above post. I could put something in the O.P. about it too. To be clear if someone wanted to leave a 12 paragraph rant about politics here then I might say they were cluttering up the thread. Or if they were to post a bunch of their artwork full-screen in my thread (the occasional link or thumbnail is fine) instead of starting their own thread that might be clutter, but people's thoughts about my work, suggestions, bad puns, witty rejoinders, on topic comments and constructive critique are always welcome and can really help an artist learn and gain a new perspective by seeing things through the eyes of others. Besides if no one ever comments it just looks like me orange-splaining to myself in here. Trust me it's not a good look. This space reserved for QueenBethari's "like" ↓ ↓ ↓
  5. I did some more work on Healix. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome. P.S. I prefer those. Call me old-school or whatever but if you like something I've drawn or said, say so. Even if it's just "Hey, I like this." You can still hit the like, thanks, confused, sad or funny buttons too if you want to add to my community reputation (whatever that's good for ) but given the choice I'll take a comment every time. Of course you can choose to do both, they are not mutually exclusive. DA got it right in that respect, if you try to hit the +fav button and run it pops a dialogue box next to the artist's avatar saying "Don't forget to leave a comment!" Colored in the spires on her crown(?) and blended the gradations on the under side of her hat. A few other minor facial tweaks. I am roughing out an upper body. I'll see how it goes.
  6. Great job on these Jon and it's so cool that you are doing art for your whole SG like this. To my eye Signal, Ace, Trance, and Gunfight are really stand out designs in your style. I must confess I am a bit confused about Interface though. He might just have a helmet I don't recognize or something like that.
  7. Adding this from the collab thread here as well. This was a birthday drawing I did for Supa Dee of her eponymous hero. Which then got colored both by DD... and then by Supa Dee herself as well. I really can't overstate how much I enjoy seeing multiple different colorings like this. They are the same drawing but also unique and awesome in their own way.
  8. I know right? So in people terms the difference between a male crow and a male raven is like the difference between a guy and a slightly taller guy. So if you had the Arnold Schwarzenegger of crows and the Danny Devito of ravens and the Arnold crow could sleep with the Danny raven's wife (or his maid ) and have a kid then they would essentially be ............. (wait for it) .................... Twins!
  9. Yeah I got that you used the Latin name for a common raven but there is no real consistent distinction between a raven and a crow, they can even interbreed and produce viable young. I suppose they are sometimes portrayed differently in media/culture so yeah raven if you prefer. Nice.
  10. Went back to the drawing board, literally, (hah!) for the third time but this is now even more of a thing than it was before. The 2nd take actually managed to make her look wicked somehow, like a praetorian version of Healix. I like the direction this one is going in better. I'm not done with her yet, more to come soon™ but I thought I would post what I have thus far and see what other people think. Character belongs to@Healix ... if you couldn't tell.
  11. "My sword is up HERE!" CHOP! ...also @RikOz Soul Candle is boss.
  12. An electric crow, neat. The posi head comic label is a nice touch too.
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