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  1. Haven't been able to pick who I wanna roll out with yet, but count on me being there. @Erebus Algiz
  2. Great seeing SC so full, tnx for bringing the fun in! Hope there'll be more events like this in SC/WB/BB
  3. Ahh I shoulda searched first, my only excuse is 3am brain mushyness. I'll go check it out after I type this. I can understand the "trap" reasoning, but I can't say I agree with it. Even being able to throw a lotg or kismet in the slot would be huge imo. I'm also totally ok with bumping that wet ice def up to 2-5% so it's less of a trap, but I didn't want to ask for raw buffs.
  4. It's barely a buff, just a little QoL for the frosty bois. I could rant and rave about other stuff ice needs help on but this one seems very quick and easy, and would help a lot with slotting.
  5. Definitely on board for the pvp accolades, removal of base tp, and the helicopters! I love and fully support alpha-only in zone and I'm glad there's less grind needed for entry, but without assault hybrid, judgment, and interface everyone will be doing less damage (no, I don't think the loss of destiny will offset this nearly enough). This is fine if you're on the side with more people, but it's gunna be rougher for underdogs/solos trying to pick a kill before getting focused. Zones, unlike arena, are very rarely 2 balanced teams duking it out and people almost never switch to even
  6. Got on today to mess around with my elec/elec blaster. I was worried that CC would drop dynamo, but now that I know it doesn't I love it (so much so that I want it for my /elec armor toons if I'm being honest). I'm glad that thunder clap is not the sustain anymore, and more glad that it's other changes got rolled back. Thunder strike is still kinda meh, but that's nothing new so whatever at least it's faster meh now. I'm also a fan of the power order changes, earlier access to build up is always welcome and low level blasters and damage auras hav
  7. @macskull I'll give taunt another go, just remember being disappointed with it last time I tried using it. Forgot crits used to be unresisted, that might be a huge part of why my scrapper feels so underwhelming. Thanks!
  8. I actually agree with you about nerfing blaster HP back down, raising it was a good choice. My suggestion was to lower the bonus resistance blasters get in pvp from 40 to 20 instead,
  9. @macskull I just want to clarify, because you took the time to respond with a well written post. I'm for sure aware of the chaotic nature of zone pvp and the impossible task it would be to balance it perfectly, as well as how absurd it is to balance around 1v1 in ANY mmo. I also don't think blasters are as durable as tanks or even a well built scrapper. If you'll forgive me for using arbitrary numbers, I see it something like this. If blasters have 100 points in damage and 50 points in durability, tanks have 100 points in durability and 25 in damage and for a middle ground I'd put scrappers at
  10. There is an unfortunate amount of condescension in this post, but let's move past that. The video shows that tanks/brutes can fill a niche, but it also shows 2 teams full of ranged classes. Your video is, more than anything, evidence of the disparity between ranged and melee. I counted a total of 3 tanks, 1 brute, 1 stalker and one spicy mastermind from the timestamp till the end of the vid. Not even 1 scrapper. Every other character was ranged dps or support (which is ranged dps with heals). Tanks/brutes have a niche in 8v8 arena with their taunt and durability, that d
  11. Bit late to the party. I seem to be the minority here, but the last thing I want is ranged classes getting more survivability. Blasters are so durable right now because most blasters got a double buff to survival between the larger hp pool and the secondaries having survival built in (I say most because some blaster secondaries got the shaft on survival. Looking at you elec manip!) Corrs, fenders and trollers have low hp to balance their ranged damage and heals/buffs/debuffs, and trollers and doms have stronger CC. Blasters are the outlier and need to be brought back down a bit. Me
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