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  1. Hmm, I can see the name "Super Patriot" being a bit tricky these days! SG Mission Computer? Well, since we have effectively unlimited base access now, how on earth would you earn it? Use the base computer 100 times? That's pretty much the same as buying it since a mission costs 1 Reward Merit. Street Crime and Iron Man? They could definitely go somewhere!
  2. I'm going to be cheeky and refer people to my three Loyalist based AEs (in the signature), and one of them is quasi Portal Corp. Had to do a bit of lateral thinking to get it to work but I think it does! And yes! Make it so!
  3. That would match up with the discrepancy between the Underground badge that says it is below the Mother of Mercy, when that ended up in First Ward.
  4. So these aren't anywhere that anyone knows about? I mean if they were then with a bit of (HARD WORK/LONG HOURS/BLAH BLAH) then Gold could easily have that necessary 40 to 50 level somewhere, other than my own mad idea of building an Underground for First Ward (that crosses into Night Ward) from existing Underground and Underground Incarnate Trial maps. Finally get to open the door on the CTA building in First Ward! (Yes, I already said that above, and yes I am saying it again...because I like the idea!)
  5. And Woo was was there to investigate a Witness Protection case. So WHO was in Witness Protection in that town?
  6. And that Darkhold look is nawt like that seen elsewhere.
  7. Simply put, the code doesn't allow for it. I was thinking partly of this very thing when I posted this: I knew the code wouldn't let you have this in a base, but I had pondered that an SG, especially a themed RP SG, might use the base computer in their "War Room"/"Operations Center" whatever, and then head out to do the missions. Of course if you don't have a base, then the thought was that the endless Information Booths etc could do the same.
  8. Am I missing something important here? What part of playing this game needs streaming other than "I want to"? Maybe I'm just old school and don't "get it". I dunno. That's not meant to bash anyone by the way, I just genuinely don't see how it is somehow a vital thing to have. Or have at all for that matter.
  9. Well, we already have the Mission Computer in the base loaded with tip missions, it would just be adding part of the AE UI to it. TakeOne suggested repurposing part of the many many information booths around Paragon/telepone booths in the Rogue Isles and perhaps something pasted on the many Morris Columns in Praetoria/a Clockwork, for those that don't have an SG or a base computer.
  10. Apologies for my tardiness in finishing this! I have yours, some by TakeOne, some by Driiquar and others all in mid go! And just finished out @cranebump's epic story.
  11. But other than placement, @Ankylosaur, is the concept workable for you?
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