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  1. You could build a dedicated "studio" in a base perhaps.
  2. Further thought would mean that swathes of the Underground would be flooded, - imagine having to swim to a mission door in the dark, pursued by almost amphibious ghouls - plus sections of petrified Hamidon tentacle to get by and so on. The zone ( because topographically they should be identical) could definitely be smaller than the other Undergrounds since it really should be ruined to match the devastation of above ground.
  3. Plus if you are so inclined you can get Task Force Commander still using Psyche instead of Yin. (Yep, tested that.)
  4. RE Scott's mental health. My personal head canon - yes, I know it's not said - is that whatever the reasons for his delusion, whether actually genuine issues or ones imposed upon him, some of the other higher level Resistance leaders already know about it but never mention it. Why? Because they need him to be that way, driven by rage and fury at what has been done to him. Vetrano is quite capable of this. After all she was trained by Sinclair and is, don't forget, effectively Ghost Widow. She will do what needs to be done to win and if that means keeping Scott in the dark then so be it.
  5. So, time to stand on the soapbox again - I'm crossposting a version of this in the Discord. Praetoria could "instantly" - for a given value of "instantly" involving lots of work and time - have two new zones added to it without breaking any canon/rules or what have you, if First Ward's and Night Ward's Undergrounds became available. No immediate need for figuring out why there's suddenly extra zones narratively. The zones themselves could be built using any combination of the existing Underground tile sets, with possible use of parts of the Underground incarnate trial sets. (<- presumpti
  6. The Emperor can hardly complain when the citizens ask for more Utopia!
  7. Well, frankly the "facts" I think weren't the issue IMO, but the reveal was. Scooping into the narrative we don't know if any of the Resistance NPCs knew or didn't know so we can't say no one ever believed it to be true because it's never mentioned. However, right now it could be backfilled a bit with a few missions by HC that foreshadow that and ease you into that reveal. Which was still brutal. It was badly shown, but you could meta that by saying a vestige of Mayhem's cruelty was lingering in Aurora so that she had no empathy for the man. Anyway.
  8. Fair point. I did use your post to stand on my own soapbox there, so no actual offense intended.
  9. 99 % agree...except for this bit, "good at the game". That is entirely subjective to how you play/want to play/enjoy playing. This isn't a professional sport. For instance I get my kicks spending ages in the AE writing stuff. Am I somehow bad at the game? No, not a personal attack actually. If you're going to address what I feel is a valid point, and make a good point about it, which you have by the way, then don't torpedo yourself like that. And I'm always amazed that people think any of that really matters! To plenty it does, and that baffles me. And there's plenty
  10. People, a thought, and it is just a thought so bear with me. What if, I repeat what IF the devs were to decide that it's not 2021 in CoX? Suppose it's, I dunno - oh, had another thought, someone poke me about that later - 2013 or 2014? Tops? My thinking is setting the timeline back a bit gives them a lot more control over when things happen next and they can literally plan the "next year" or "next two years" out well, rather than stumbling into 2021/2022, like someone with a bag over their head and falliing over stuff.
  11. How? The entire point of Goldside is to experience the story AS a Praetorian. That's it. Allowing Primals to "infiltrate" in the way you describe turns a side into a zone, and that's going backwards. That doesn't seem to me to give you more options but reduces the "native" Praetorian population further. This looks like a solution at first sight but I believe, and it's only my opinion mind, that it simply means Blue will swallow up Gold. And Blue/Red can already do every Gold arc/mission (apart from the repeatables) via ouro, something Golds cannot do in reverse.
  12. Sounds good. But that defeats the entire point of Goldside.
  13. Already filling in a tiny gap between the end of Neutropolis and crossover/going to First Ward with my own AEs (in signature, levels 19-24) Not attempted anything like a TF due to, as you say, limits. Especially of Praetorian map choices. With the best will in the world there's only so many Underground missions you want to see.
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