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  1. But other than placement, @Ankylosaur, is the concept workable for you?
  2. Well, that could work too I suppose, but to some extent still lends itself to a little lack of immersion. But I was avoiding Kallisti Wharf because SOMETHING is being planned for there. Plus KW makes Praetorians once again the last in the line when the door closes and they get nothing. Having thrashed some of this through with @Take Oneon Discord he proposed that the "avatars" wouldn't be the regular green code from the AE but would be generic NPCs until the mission activated, much like sometimes an NPC is simply gone if you do a certain arc, or Matt Habashy's wife joins him in Atlas Park after you finish that early mission.
  3. LOL. Despite what the designer says there are plenty who love them.
  4. Well, load them into the AE as NPCs and get a group shot!
  5. Wouldn't you prefer they close out the hanging threads on BAB's last story? And I'd like to see him and Marauder actually meet!
  6. Just run from them screaming, "ARGH! The gas! It burns!" Or not?
  7. Mercs might be "weak", but hell they're a lot of fun, especially if you're playing themed! Just working on getting my "Mercenary" badge, or perhaps one of the Invention badges, anything from "Sniper" to "Lord of War" 🙂
  8. Well, Goldsiders who have crossed over to Primal and got the "Escapist" badge are naturalized as Primals, so they have no issues getting to Kallisti. 24 Carat Goldsiders, those that either haven't hit the Rift mission or didn't leave - yes, there are some of us, you can get to 50 without leaving - can't go there at all. I have suggested that when the Praetorian based CC rolls around later in the year it actually be held IN Nova Praetoria, around the main Magisterium area. Frankly it's a bit cheeky if a CC with that theme is only held in KW.
  9. I don't think she should be replaced either! I mean she COULD be, as the version of her in Atlas isn't a contact, but so far I see no reason to.
  10. Me too re Fusionette. I think if BABs gets kept (Still think he should get retired for a bit) then he should be used in some future iteration of Galaxy, like a trainer/contact in part of a reclamation zone.
  11. What difference would that make to anything? Why not just finally retire BAB (and close out the chapter after his beating) and put Marauder in there as a trainer instead of Fusionette, since there's a heavy Praetorian refugee influence in KW anyway?
  12. Yes. But in the unique situation we are currently in it doesn't have to be that way anymore. There is a chance - maybe I'm just off on my own on this - of taking a different path now, one not slaved to that mechanic, one that can just expand the game and not drive it along the same worn path. Fair enough, maybe many want that path, but why should it be the only one?
  13. I'm not disenchanted with the idea per se, just with the attempted explanations of how it might occur. An endless series of BIGGER BADDER MOAR is frankly tedious. And don't get me started on the Dimensionless rubbish. The seeds are planted in the game, they could and can be amazing IMO as long as the current devs are not slavishly locked into giving us what the Lore AMAs talk about. BIGGER BADDER MOAR is, in essence, despite the best storytelling intentions of the OG devs, locked into a cycle of getting you to pay more for the next big thing, possibly leading to the end of COH in a "natural" way and the arrival of COH2. The thing is, right now, even with the tiny dev team we have, there is a chance, a wonderful chance, to break that cycle, to deliver something not seen before, that isn't tied to that "keep the players paying" mentality. And I hope it is grasped firmly.
  14. I've just run through Crusader myself, right down to setting off the Neutron bomb 🙂 In the midst of researching for a three part AE Resistance arc set.
  15. Unless of course there are actually both? Senators being the ones you can "elect", and the Magistrates being a specific "ruling" body, perhaps more like a local town council rather than actual government.
  16. I'm just going to cross post this here. I started it but @Aberrant and @huang3721 have done all the actual work!
  17. I played...Ecloga Prima? Fascinating. All in Latin, and my Latin is 20+ years unused. Brain creaking under the strain! Enjoyed it though. If I'm remembering the right AE!
  18. Currently working my way through @Ankylosaur's and @Driiquar's arcs. And enjoying both sets!
  19. This base from the Redside Kuzmin missions. That would be a welcome addition, It's not big but it has some character.
  20. One of the things facing the current Devs is obviously how to leverage existing assets to produce "new" things. Lots of time and work involved in that. And while there is a debate elsewhere on how to revitalize hazard zones (needed I feel) I still think a new 40-50 Hazard Zone could be added to Praetoria itself. Mainly an Underground for First Ward (and crossing into Night Ward). Since the Underground tile sets are all there already + the map sets from the Underground Incarnate trial, I think it could be possible. Fill it with all sorts of monstrosities and so on! Imagine running around a corner and into a pod of Seedlings!
  21. What about typos that aren't actually typos, just completely wrong? The Broken Mind exploration badge in Underground Imperial has the following text: "Deep beneath the Mother of Mercy Hospital, the moans of misbegotten Seers echo through these forgotten corridors. Their sorrow seeps into the minds of those who hear them, disrupting thought and disturbing the emotions. Tarry too long and your mind shall be broken as theirs" Except the Mother of Mercy Hospital is in First Ward and nowhere near where this badge is. Okay, obviously it was initially meant to be I'd say, because it's under the BAF and the BAF probably wasn't the original intention, rather the Asylum was. Except the badge text got overlooked. So I'd suggest a change in text for that to echo that it is the BAF that is above it.
  22. Really? Nah. That's half of Paragon for me. Imperial is full of mad little things, like the Lodestone Technologies Building used to be a theater! Stuff like that.
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