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  1. I already do this and am happy to exemp down below 45 to play, as are plenty of others. I haven't ever experienced your stated tiny vocal minority personally. I see far more complaints, and they are valid, that there isn't enough content of the right nature for incarnates. That's no fault of anyone here right now. There are plenty of suggestions above that could paper over this while we wait for some new content of the right scope and range.
  2. Haven't had time to write new material, so see above for my previous (totally free from ego!) self nominations! I thankoo!
  3. Ah, sorry, @Troo. It's not for me. I simply like seeing actual words. Sure we can read emojis but, it's a no from this Kam.
  4. Might get flamed on this one! If Incarnates could only be used in level 50 content then lock things like the ITF to a 49 cap. Seriously, a kitted out 49 is damn tough.
  5. Had the base macro, and used it, but I like to walk the City/Isles/Praetoria to get a feel of the place, as a place. So relatively happy with the new versions.
  6. But could you make a trailer for an arc?
  7. OH! But think of the story possibilities if this wasn't fixed!
  8. Ok, I'm actually spamming this around and some will have seen it before, but bear with me. Here's the modified cut & paste from elsewhere. Dark Watcher (who you do meet in Praetoria), gives access to the same missions that Number Six has except entering via the Night Ward portals. It is a bugbear playing a solid gold toon when there is an entire section of missions dedicated to your place of origin that you can't access at all without becoming a Primal character. So plant Dark Watcher somewhere in Praetoria (could even be Nova, he's a time and dimension traveler after all, the same way that other high level contacts hang around in low level areas, like James Harvan in Atlas) and he'll speak to you when you're the right level and give you the exact same missions that Number Six does. The exact same ones but you just enter via Night Ward.* Or hell, it COULD be Number Six talking to you via the Static! Again just enter via Night Ward or in Six's case the map for the Rift Enclosure mission could be used back to back, whereby you are simply shortcutting local space from one portal in Neutropolis to another in Last Bastion and so on, rather than crossing an alternate dimension. Goldsiders get the chance to go out fighting without abandoning their homeland. * Might need a dialog tweak here and there but other than that it's: Add contact(s) and a door. Cue up existing missions. In Ouro they'd sit directly under the existing Number Six mission set but have (Nova Praetoria) marked beside them like other Goldside arcs do.
  9. I have used it against a room of Fortunatas and Mistresses where I was blinded. Popped invis, stuck it on and hugged a spider until Blinded wore off. No, I didn't know it would work but hey, it did.
  10. Of course. That's all they want, to rise up and open a Bagel stand in Perez Park. Baron Zoria's Salt Beef Bagel, now with the special mustard! (*) (*) May contain the souls of others. Ts&Cs apply.
  11. "Aha! Take that, Devouring...bagel?"
  12. Well, at least it's the Underground Trial, not the Subway Trial, the Tube Trial or the Metro Trial 😛
  13. My only reaction so far is... @Piecemeal, I want your tool kit! Gah! (Bangs head on KB and stares forlornly at AE screen.)
  14. As can be surmised I've gone through all of Praetoria, from Precinct 5 to the Eternal Prison, and it can be a mad and rough ride but it is a hell of a lot of fun. Get your foundations in across Nova/Imperial/Neutropolis, go loaded for bear (ghouls) in the Underground, and then on into First Ward and Night Ward via the Imperial Underground, These two Wards have very rewarding story arcs and are, as @MTeaguesays, tough enough. Once you've finished as far as Neutropolis circa 20, pop into Pocket D via Studio 55 and see if there's a Summer Block Buster going, you can do those and an Overwhelming Force will slot in nicely somewhere. At the least you can get up to 8 mill for it depending. I don't know what shard you're on but it might be worth seeing if there is a Praetorian-centric SG around. The Praetorians SG on Reunion is semi-part time, given the nature of Gold, but we will (if able!) answer the call for help on something from a member.
  15. Derailing ahoy! This reminds me of "Galactus Joins the Avengers!" Iron Man: I may have a plan, you'll have to trust me. Cap: Trust you? Well, ok then-- Galactus: I TOO HAVE A PLAN! Cap: Is it eat the planet, Galactus? GALACTUS:...YES? Iron Man: Same solution to everything, eat the damn planet! Cap: Yep. No planet eating, Galactus! Galactus: BUT... Cap: I said no.
  16. Mind Controller/Empathy! How do I know? Done it, it's great, still gold into the Vet levels. Take that, Duncan!
  17. True. You need to have accessed an ouro crystal in a base and done at least one mission.
  18. Ok. Just checking. I only outlevelled Sir Lionel in FW, and he just gives repeatables anyway.
  19. Outlevelling or becoming Primal? Just clarifying there.
  20. We're not going to get more Incarnate content any time soon, realistically. Not impossible but improbable. I'm not for nerfing the powers as they are. They're fine. Again, tidy up the crafting, ditch shards as they are just annoying. I mentioned above my concerns about keeping incarnate powers when exemped down to 45. There really should be an option in the difficulty settings where, like level gating for a TF etc, the mission recognizes that the team consists entirely of incarnate 50s and adds in enemies scaled for that. It wouldn't work on a mixed level team because the lower levels would get mangled, no more than dealing with a level shift. Imagine doing Liberty/Recluse when the foes are incarnates too. But without adding new incarnate content I can't see a reason to add new incarnate powers. You need somewhere to rev your engine and test them out where they're needed rather than in what we already have. But if there IS going to be new incarnate content I can see it being more along the lines of Dark Astoria than a full trial.
  21. So my Goldsider now has a badge for Ouro, an exploration badge for a place I still cannot visit. ROFL.
  22. How do people feel about being able to access Incarnate powers down to level 45? I'm mixed about this. Some of the time, like if I'm solo, I like it and they keep me alive (depending on the notoriety levels), and some of the time I hate it, mainly in teams, because even at a tough notoriety 45+ material was never designed to stand against an Incarnate PC. I don't see an immediate solution that wouldn't rack off at least a fair amount of people, no matter which way you leaned, UNLESS, taking a cue from above, like the Kheldian identifiers, an instance could generate Incarnate NPCs to deal with the Incarnate PC. Then again if I'm the ONLY Incarnate and have exemped to play with level 40s then that, unlike the Kheldian issue where their nemesis really only affects them, could wipe a team out.
  23. That's just TV execs (a) being lazy and (b) not wanting to deal with possible law suits, however frivolous. Case in point. White Wolf (ha!) the RPG company (back before it was entirely poisoned by EdgeLords) released a Sci Fi RPG called Aeon...for all of a month. It had to be withdrawn and renamed as Trinity because Aeon Flux (anyone remember that garbage?) filed a suit against them. The two are nothing alike, there's no look and feel to it, there's just one word and both are set in the future. I was lucky enough to snag one of the original printings but the case was nonsense. It looks like the TV execs are box ticking against Elric in that respect.
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