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  1. Does this mean I'll have to become a villain and do that patron arc? 😛
  2. All the builds for Robo/FF seem to include it, and I'm wondering if there's a viable build that uses one of the Epic power pools instead. This is my first time leveling a character to 50, so I don't have the years of experience that many players have to guide their decisions. I've encountered numerous paradigm shifts on my path from 0 to my current level of 42, and it's starting to become painfully clear that pets are annihilated by AoE, basic minions are useless in upleveled missions, that the mastermind itself is always a full health bar away from instant death, and pets are a nuisance or disaster waiting to happen to your entire team.
  3. I wouldn't say the discussion is heated nor two-sided, it's almost entirely agreeing that pet blocking is a problem and that it would be beneficial to all parties if that were addressed. The remaining replies are suggestions on how to mitigate the problem until such time as the problem can be properly addressed. 😛
  4. Since removing collisions is difficult to do, could dismissing henchmen be made to reduce the cooldown time for summoning more?
  5. It's a huge problem in confined spaces, especially caves. Allies need to be able to walk through henchmen completely unimpeded the way the mastermind can.
  6. Target an ally and give the attack command, damage will be distributed between them the same way as the MM inherent, perhaps less effectively. Only the first 6 pets to bodyguard are counted, extras from other MMs are only counted if current assigned bodyguards are killed off or given other orders. I honestly feel like a burden to groups as MM, with all the body blocking, comparatively meh damage, henchmen being easily annihilated by AoE, and 1-shot by some attacks
  7. I'm definitely on board with the idea of giving MM's a separate power pool for personal weapons As for the gaps that would leave... What about abilities to give your pets thematic buffs? Like soldiers putting up sandbags and becoming immobilized with a +res all
  8. Would it be possible to get TWO powers by picking Group Fly? My allies reallllly do not want that ability being active during a fight, but I want to use it exclusively for the pets to fly above the fight and stay out of the way.
  9. tbh, between having very few slots, and weak enhancements, I didn't even bother using any until dual orgins started showing up
  10. I'm not entirely sure how the AI works, would henchmen still approach targets and get in their face if they had no melee attack and all ranged abilities are recharging?
  11. This is just overwhelming evidence that it needs to be buffed so that these things don't happen 😛
  12. This is what I keep begging for. It would help immensely. Even if the pets fall behind, which they always do, they will eventually catch up to you.
  13. Hmmm, I didn't realize that. What if Group Fly were tweaked to apply to your pets regardless of range? Maybe allies and pets get a higher flight speed than the Group Fly caster?
  14. Title just about covers it. The pet AI can't keep up and remain within range of the AoE unless you stop every few seconds. Any ideas how to address this problem?
  15. There is a workaround that's kinda disgusting. You can set a macro to constantly spam Go To twice a second to keep the henchmen in front of you as you're flying, so they always stay comfortably within range of the effect. I don't like resorting to such things at all, though.
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