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  1. Regen is great if you don't mind running away screaming every 5 seconds after you take a hit that removes 70% of your health bar
  2. I think they did this on Champions and me and my friend were laughing hysterically because she was just this tiny lil fairy with 5 wings doing 20 backflips per second to run around backwards
  3. Group Fly? It needs to give a higher speed bonus to allies. It also needs to increase in strength for every ally in the radius, so a full team can ZOOM
  4. I don't really blame anyone for hating this suggestion, but here we go. First, just get rid of all the scrambled set bonuses. It's a complete mess of predominantly survival-focused buffs that have absolutely nothing to do with the enhancement name or role. Sets will have "milestone" bonuses, you can't just throw in one and get the good shit. Sets could have anywhere from 1 to 6 milestones. Some milestones could be so good that you want to dedicate an entire set to get it. This means that a great deal of enhancements that provide some global attribute and nothing else would go away, and instead would enhance an attribute as well as have a set effect for having 1 slotted. For the most part, these set bonuses apply only to the power you slot them in, but they enhance things that normally cannot be enhanced. We're talking things like... - Increase the magnitude of stuns, holds, mezs (so a weak one can affect larger targets like Lt's and Bosses, for example.) - Increase (Or decrease/nullify?) the chance of procs that are not 100% (For example, an attack with a 50% chance for KB could be slotted to do so at 100%, or 0% so it never happens.) - Grant a single target ability some measure of AoE. (Like 20% of damage is applied to enemies within 10ft.) - Convert some portion of damage into a different typed damage. - Apply a bonus enhancement that goes beyond ED limits. - Speed up animations so you cast more quickly. Durability (Resist), Evasion (Defense), Fortitude (Status Duration Resist), Willpower (Magnitude Status Resist) would be inherent and slottable powers. Strength (Global Damage), Precision (Global Accuracy), and Haste (Global Recharge) could also be inherent powers, but this would need to be balanced carefully. These powers would start at 0% across the board, and can be slotted with special enhancements that increase effectiveness against various types of damage. You could generalize or specialize into resisting various damage and status types. Bear in mind that you enhance these at the price of dedicating slots to them. Again, these need to be balanced carefully so that choosing what type of things you resist and how much are a compelling decision. TL;DR - Set bonuses are different and apply to what you slot them in. Survival bonuses are now done directly through the relevant inherent powers. All parts of this are up for discussion, and hopefully might lead to an even better idea by someone else
  5. I think we should remove set bonus enhancements and all power pools except for mutually exclusive travel powers. Take that liberals 😎👌
  6. If it wasn't for "Enhancement Diversification" you could simply slap on recharge until you perma a specific ability, at the cost of other attributes. Stacking on the same enhancement has a form of diminishing returns as it is, even without ED
  7. It is kind of overpowered that a single pool power can be equivalent to 9 luck of the gamblers +global recharge The fact that builds require this to "perma" something is indicative of a larger problem. Some games don't even start the cooldown on abilities until they finish their thing, so hastens cooldown wouldn't even begin until its 2 minute duration is up under that system. I'm just a newcomer, so trying to take toys away from the veterans for reasons of balance probably isn't going to end well, so I just accept it and suggest QoL and power creep instead 😛
  8. Fundamentally, what really gets to me, is that there is practically no correlation between difficulty and reward. If you're playing at settings in which you barely survive each encounter, it seems intuitive that it should reward more than an EB who chucks a knife at you every 5 seconds.
  9. AE farming on typical ATs is boring (Though I had some fun with a fire farmer), but it's like 20x faster and easier to power level a toon off of level 1 elite bosses than to try and do normal missions solo. On one hand I enjoy having the option to power level, but on the flipside I hate how comparatively unrewarding the rest of the game is because of it. Trash random drops, bad exp/inf, traveling long distances, and cranking up the difficulty to the maximum that you can barely deal with yet still getting next to nothing for it... all sucks. Getting together with a mission team can be decent, and is certainly a lot more fun, but I haven't seen an LFG mission ad in hours that I even marginally qualify for. DFB DFB DFB DFB, then what? You got your 4 basic offensive abilities and your best option is to farm AE Elites the rest of the way. If you want to do the stories, you can just use an oro crystal later. My first character was an MM that I leveled 'normally' through story arcs and contacts, and it took me nearly 2 months to reach 50. Then, I made a fire farmer and reached 50 in one day. After seeing the sheer efficiency of AE farming first hand, it's really hard to go back.
  10. I thought it would be nifty if same-level IOs could be combined in the management screen. You could combine a damage and accuracy, for example, and you'd get one dual-IO with 60% of each (or however that multi stat upscaling thing works)
  11. A sentinel is someone who keeps watch, so how do we make that descriptor into a valid and useful game mechanic? Maybe some kind of toggle that immobilizes the sentinel and buffs themselves and adjacent allies? +range +acc +damage +absorb +heal on hit? Some combo of those? Would be kind of like a "siege mode" for those games which have a class that can switch between a versatile mobile and tough/powerful stationary mode. Mobility isn't hugely important in this game, so you're not really a sitting duck by sitting still, so I'm not sure what would suffice.
  12. Here's my take on it... Two mutually exclusive toggles - Offensive Stance & Defensive Stance Only one can be active at a time. Shooting at an enemy with any weapon procs a stacking debuff that either makes the target increasingly vulnerable, or whatever defensive actually does, +lifesteal? -tohit? -damage? The effect reaches full strength at 10 procs or something, so having two Sentinels will get it there a lot faster, or they can apply both at once if they split. Each stack of the effect decays over time, so a sentinel can't cap both at once. I'm not sure how to make it clearly visible in-game how much it has built up on a given enemy, but overall it should be far more consistent, and it should be designed to easily reach maximum strength against EBs and AVs well before they go down in a team fight.
  13. Day 9, food is running low, I still find myself trudging through the tangled strands of the ancient source code. They warned me, they told me I shouldn't go, I thought I knew better. Never mind, I have to keep going, I've come too far to turn around now, I know I'll find the root of all this evil eventually. I may die, but I will leave a note for anyone who stumbles across my bones - "just play petless MM lol"
  14. I've recently tried using Thugs, and they seem to have no problem at all attacking from range. They have a 16 second melee, and a 2 second pistol shot, and no other attacks unupgraded, but they seem to have no problem holding back from my current observations. Robots though? the T1s and T3 both make a mad dash to smash the very moment they can. Against tough melee enemies this is instantly fatal, or else I wouldn't have brought this issue up in the first place. They simply shouldn't be attacking at melee range unless they are well-equipped to do so.
  15. I still want to know what directories the relevant files are in. I have dozens of tabs open in Notepad++ and none of them seem to be relevant to specific configurations.
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