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  1. It would help a lot with discerning the difference between selling uncrafted or crafted, see if paying 600,000 in rare materials + the crafting price is worth doing or not.
  2. If henchmen are within Supremacy range, they should benefit from inspirations. As soon as they leave the radius the effects go away. If an inspiration is given directly to the henchman, they keep it for themselves, outside of Supremacy range or not. The effect of supremacy broadcasting it to henchmen may need to be reduced for balance reasons (say 25-50% strength to adjacent henchmen) My reasoning is that henchmen are both your primary source of damage, and damage mitigation, yet they are left out of the loop on so many things like set bonuses. There's really no other class that has the majority of its firepower tied up in imbeciles with hit points. Yes, you can give inspirations to your henchmen either through macro, bind, or drag & drop, but you'll end up using way more inspirations than anyone else in the game. Generally I don't even bother with the T1 and T2 pets and just give them to the one that matters most. But look at it this way... Imagine if you could only inspire one of your powers at a time. Right? Crazy.
  3. Weylin


    Hey Hyperstrike, how does recharge apply to the pets it's slotted to on Battle Drones and Protector Bots on that build? I was almost certain that Recharge Intensive Pets wasn't even applicable to MM henchmen Also curious why you didn't tap into power boost 😛
  4. I wonder if the useless Detention Field could be re-purposed into a weaker PFF that lets you do things
  5. Never really liked this UI element that splits storage into 10 slots and 7 tabs. Is there any way to make it expand upwards like the power trays?
  6. Essentially you would mix 2 together and get 1 out, with the two different attributes reduced and combined. It would work by the same balancing rules as set IOs with 2/3/4 attributes, but without the set bonuses. Two IOs of the same type cannot be combined. Attributes can be added one at a time by mixing a single IO to an already combined IO. This would use the existing UI interface for combining TO, DO, SO enhancements.
  7. It's a bit of a chore having to re-enable toggles when you drop out of a shapeshift form. I suggest the toggles remain on despite what form you're in. The endurance drain and beneficial effects would be suppressed while shapeshifted, but they'll be on and waiting for you when you return to your standard form. If you're playing something like Peacebringer or Warshade, or using any ability that changes your form, this would be a welcome change.
  8. They sure seem to be prone to getting instantly deleted by AoE attacks, especially from certain bosses, and all EBs and AVs Is there any way to give them protection from taking more than 75% of their max health from any single hit? Most attacks don't come anywhere near that anyways, but the few that do just absolutely ruin your day, and there's not a lot you can do about it since set bonuses don't apply to these things that are responsible for 80% of your damage output and mitigation as a MM.
  9. I also wish that repair could revive robots that haven't despawned yet, would that be too overpowered? Only if they keep that 2m cooldown. They seem to go from full health to suddenly dead very often, leaving no opportunity for healing to even happen.
  10. Often times the recipes are really really cheap to buy, and the materials aren't too bad either. All factors considered, you can often buy recipes at a low level, buy the materials, and sell the final result for a fair profit margin. I made the mistake early on vendoring some recipes because they were selling for below vendor price on the AH
  11. I totally forgot we have the option to switch between builds. I'm not entirely sure how that system works, but I will explore it. Thanks.
  12. I actually considered repair being something entirely different - You'd use a welder at close range, and toggle it on to begin repairing a robot in 1 second ticks, and a very short cooldown once you turn it off and start working on repairing another robot. It feels like it'd be more thematically fitting, but I'm not sure if there's any such thing as a "single target melee range toggle" Obviously if you're fixing a robot you're not dealing damage with your own weapons, but the MM themselves isn't the main source of damage anyways.
  13. Imagine being able to boost attuned enhancements so you don't have to make a compromise between exemplaring down or having +5 Power creep? Maybe. Having the comfort of knowing that I'm not completely screwing myself by choosing one way or the other? Absolutely.
  14. Now I'm torn again because I don't know how often I'll be exemping once I hit 50, and if those set bonuses are really even necessary in exemp content
  15. I've played robotics the slow way from 1 to 50 in both solo and team play, and these are some of the things that have felt problematic. -Remove melee from bots so they stop running up to things to slap them. (The leading cause of death for robots fighting mobs with deadly melee.) -Photon grenade to have a 100% chance of disorient. (Instead of a 30% chance. Protector bots get 100% photons, so why not you?) -Bots to have their random knockback changed to knockdown. (I can't even begin to say how many times they've shot enemies off a cliff and spent the next 30 seconds chasing them.) -Assault bot to always prioritize napalm rockets on the first attack. (Not sure how this is chosen to begin with, but I hate seeing them start with single target attacks on large groups.) -Repair to heal 25% but have a 20 second cooldown. (Two minutes is waaaay too long, it's much more useful as an ability you can use frequently. How often do you actually heal more than 75%?)
  16. my only concerns are that recharge and damage can pair up very potently, and that it is far more broadly applicable because it boosts all abilities
  17. That's about it, really. I noticed sky raiders have those skiffs they fall out of when the vehicle is destroyed, so wondered if that can be translated to player flown/driven/walked vehicles. I'm not entirely sure how the vehicles and mechs should be limited. Maybe they act as an overshield, and when that is depleted they explode and you get ejected rather harshly if you didn't do so manually before it got blown up? And I can definitely see this expanded to other themes, but I thought that using existing assets would be a good start for testing until such time as we have a workflow for creating new models and textures for the game, but that's a ways off from happening, and there's so many other pressing matters right now.
  18. what are the balance considerations btw? I noticed that KB can't be "spammed" like KD can be, mobs seem to gain a temporary immunity to it, or at least a ragdoll immunity. On the other hand I often see mobs get completely stunlocked with KD. The problem really is that KB is utterly disruptive in teams and does nothing but cause complications. Robotics for example? Almost everything has random proc KB in it, and as a result, enemies on catwalks WILL go flying off, and your bots WILL inevitably jump down after them despite your best command spamming, and it just goes to hell from there.
  19. KB is general is just a really disruptive mechanic for your whole team. I only use it in solo play. Also I'm pretty embarrassed that half my robotics damage has random KB tied to it, so things just get tossed off edges at random...
  20. When I say a mech, I do mean those big stompy robots, nothin a costume can really accomplish 😛
  21. The primary powers involve calling down (or effectively transforming into) various vehicle types, each with their own ability sets and strengths/weaknesses. The primary set also includes some personal attacks (Handheld pistols and rifles that aren't as effective as Blaster variants) and protective emplacements (like a ring of sandbags with +Res in the middle) for when the vehicles are destroyed or the area is too cramped for them and you're on foot and comparatively vulnerable. The secondary set is focused on battlefield support through various "call-downs" This includes orbital strikes, air-dropped stationary turrets, static shield generators, crates that allies can interact with for temporary powers, and light vehicles that allies can enter. Does this general concept have any merit? Is this conceptually something that players would have fun with? Is this even doable with existing assets and tech?
  22. Couldn't this be a Null the Gull setting? Or an inherent toggle power? Personally the only reason I want KB KD conversion is as an etiquette while playing as a team, since KB is disruptive to the tanks attempts to keep mobs grouped close together
  23. Thanks for giving some background on why Bodyguard was implemented and why it's done the way it is. With that in consideration now, it would still be greatly appreciated if they could bodyguard while on Passive + Follow/GoTo. Reason being is that I often times want them to purely bodyguard without moving to retaliate or fire back, in which they break their ordered positions to go chase targets. For example, I would set the T1 henchmen to passively bodyguard since their damage is pitiful anyways, and prone to instant deletion on fighting bosses, so I'd rather they just stayed out of the fight and gave damage reduction while the T2 and T3 do their thing.
  24. Currently they have to be in Defensive + Follow/GoTo + Supremacy range to provide protection. I propose they always provide the body guard effect, as long as they are in range of Supremacy, with no consideration for their current orders. Often times it is pertinent that they remain passive and only fire when ordered to do so, so as to avoid letting them run free and shoot whatever the hell they feel like shooting. Controlling the henchmen in such a manner is often suicidal, as you lose their protection the moment you set them to passive, and are prone to instant death. After some feedback, I suggest instead that Passive + Follow/GoTo are included in the bodyguard parameters, but otherwise is deactivated when pets are aggressive or ordered to attack
  25. This is fantastic, but the necessity to take my hands off the mouse is a bit awkward for me. I really need one of those mice with a ton of buttons on the side of it.
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