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  1. Piece, glad to see someone step up for the Redsiders! I am wondering, was creating this mission arc so time consuming because you put in some new features into the mish? I would prefer to see more content (missions, TFs etc) over powers and the such so I'm curious as to how difficult this process has been for the current Dev team. It seems these arcs may have been TF/SF worthy? I'm also constantly knocking at the door to help out the Dev team. Maybe one day. I have ideas!!! 🙂
  2. I don't have anything detailed put together but I will add one comment: whatever you add, don't have it attached to any character of faction. I do like the red side patron pools but being somewhat subservient to them is not great - having a pool named after them and then using their 'powers'. I used to enjoy the pet powers but being stuck on the same theme or a theme is annoying. I don't want any real attachment to these NPCs - it's even worse when the toon changes back to Vigilante or Hero and has these arch-villain powers. I guess what I'm saying is...have them more generic and if you have a pet to spawn then make customizable or generic or give it the ability to create the look in the character creator.
  3. Oh yes, I caught it and did jump back on to edit. Whoooops!!!! lol Yes, I think the SIDEKICK system should be a separate thing too but I don't know if the Dev team is large enough to implement a new system like that. My original thought was to have the toon complete an arc that made them so heroic or so infamous that someone would want that toon as a mentor. Then it would unlock the SIDEKICK power pool. I'd be just as happy to have it as a larger than average power pool option which unlocks at level 25. As long as the actual power itself is fun and an enticing option. There are so many good options here on this topic, I'd almost want to remove the limit on the number of power pools you can access.
  4. I have yet ANOTHER suggestion for an Epic Power Pool set: SHAPESHIFTING. I know this could re-purpose a lot of what we have. I picture this in the same vein as the Kheldian shape shifts. So, when you access the SHAPESHIFTER Power Pool, you can pick a form. Once you have the tier 1 then you can click on the power in your tray and it opens up the options for that creature (like the squid form etc). I didn't flesh this out further because I don't know how far the Dev team could take it. So, maybe the entire pool is open and you can pick whichever creature you want to shape shift into. A total of four different forms and all can be slotted if you like on each attack for each form. The forms could vary and if we're re-purposing existing materials, one option could be a giant Hellhound...or something like that. It would have a few attacks and maybe a special power here or there. Another form could be a snake creature (we have those all over the Isles). Maybe a giant bird? Maybe the Kheld lobster could be the look of a super powered bear creature? I really don't know what the Dev team can do but these shapes might be fun options and add a unique take on a toon. I do enjoy my tri-form Peacebringer a lot and that's my inspiration for new forms. Maybe a four armed giant could be one form? Perhaps a centaur? Maybe something like a transformer where your toon can turn into a fighter jet or mini tank (if it's a mech-type toon, it'd fit the theme big time). Perhaps one could be shrinking - toon would become very little and have better defence and so on. Lots of options and this pool could have like 10 different choices - take all 10 or take none! 🙂
  5. I posted this a while ago but I would really like a SIDEKICK power pool. For this pool you completely design the look of your sidekick so you have complete customization over the look. So the tier 1 could be the ability to call in the sidekick and the SK would have basic attacks (implement MM tools here for your tray but may involve additional options). Tier 1 would have a variety of options and you would pick 1 path for the SK (a blaster, healer, tank, scrapper - so the sidekick could also compliment your toon). The subsequent powers would be to enhance the SK on whichever power route it was on (so maybe an additional 4 tiers and each tier would add a power). Finally, this pool would unlock ONLY at level 25 - no new toon gets a sidekick! C'mon! TIER 1: -customize the look of your SK -pick if the toon will be a blaster/corr, defender/healer, tank/brute, scrapper The subsequent tiers would be the ability to enhance the SK's powers or add powers. Each SK type (ex. blaster) would have it's own subsequent tiers unique to that class of SK. The key difference here might be the ability to customize your SK. This may happen for MMs one day so who knows. But, I think this would be a cool Power Pool and it's optional to anyone. 🙂
  6. I like these a lot (along with others posted) but this really stands out. I think Pools can be fun. So, keeping in mind the limited resources, I'd suggest the options of a weapons pool. There would be a pool for a variety of weapons we already have such as Assault Rifle, Dual Pistols, Arrow set, Broadsword, Katana etc. None of the pools should have high end weapons but maybe some mid-range damage and usefulness. Each weapon would be a different pool so you can take 1, 2, 3 or 4 attacks from the same set. It would be another way to further customize your toon. So, if I have a toon that's a Brute...maybe Super Strength/Invul and he's a super powered barbarian. Then I may want to opt for the Broadsword pool and add that to my attack chain which will provide some variety and finish the toon concept. No, I haven't crunched numbers to see if it would break anything but I think if you keep items lower on the power scale, it could work! 🙂
  7. I'm sure all of your numbers are correct. However, I did note I have softcapped and then some on all of my defences. S/L Res is just under 69% (69!) and the rest of the Res are sitting in the mid 20s. I opted to avoid pets for thematic reasons. All of those Res and Def numbers are before any incarnate powers and with Cloak off. Anyway, I enjoy the toon and that's kinda the key here.
  8. I also feel a Bane is way easier to slot for Resistance and Defence. My current Bane has softcapped Defence to all but Psionic (40%) and those are the numbers with Cloaking Device off. I always team so damage isn't a big issue. For me, the Bane beats out the Stalker.
  9. I think you have to maybe make polite suggestions via team chat or tell. If that doesn't help then you may have to roll with it - you did sign up for a PUG. I almost always PUG and sometimes the adversity is part of the fun. There isn't much you can't steamroll thanks to incarnate powers... 😞
  10. Ok so one of my fave toons is a Peacebringer. Pretty fun to play. So, I came up with an idea on maybe altering/adding to the Khelds. Essentially, adding more forms to options to the AT which may make them more appealing. I am not sure why they're so shunned but I think the Khelds are my at the top of my list or close to it! So they have the option of taking two other forms. Why not add more? This would be an optional route a player could take. Of course, this may cause some huge slotting issues but that may also make each toon even more diverse - especially if a player took all forms! Oh the excitement! One form could be an Umbral four legged creature? Emphasis on speed and quick melee attacks - a scrapper type route. Another option could be an insect - so you shrink to a light form bug and can zip around. Hard to hit, agile - float like a butterfly and sting like a bee! Maybe like a wisp type creature - so with some Defender AT characteristics? Maybe an original looking creature with 6 or 8 legs - the game already has the arachnos spiders in game so those models could be adopted. There could be more options. I've never really fleshed it out but I think Khelds have so much potential. I wanted to get this idea in before the thread locks! 🙂
  11. Yes and no. I can see the need to cycle a lot of the old maps but they can make new characters and factions - that is not a reach. New lore and story would also be great and essential if you're adding new. I'll say again, some of us are really into volunteering and helping out. I look at all the stuff added on Thunderspy server...we can do this and more!
  12. I think this and then some! We've seen the same factions, enemies etc for YEARS. It's time to stop adding content that heavily involves the old stuff. Let's put a new coat of paint on this thang!
  13. Very cool. Of course those are inspirations for me too as are some of the existing animations in game here. I think it'd be cool as would a number of other ideas here. 🙂
  14. Yes, we have lots of stuff that is like a power armour (PA) set and have NPCs that have other attacks that would be in a power armour set. I get it. However, we already have a number of power sets that are like previous ones. So, I am all for cobbling together a Power Armour set option! I posted it in the suggestions thread and here are some of my ideas. -This PA set could contain the electric AoE attack like the newer Clocks have -The grenade/bomb launcher as seen in Freakshow bosses -Missile launch AoE - same animations that you see in various NPC items such as the Arachnos flyer (love that animation where missiles fire and have that somewhat indirect smoke trail to the target!) -a gattling gun type item with various animations (Champions online had one that would work its way up and set up on the toon's shoulder). -have options on where you want to launch some of the weapons (ex. missiles from the chest or pop-up shoulder launchers etc) -laser beams (firing location options: hand(s), eyes, chest etc) -an energy sword or built in metallic sword etc -super strength via your armour some melee attacks could be an option -armor upgrade -Nuke tier 9 power (missile, bomb, etc) -analyzer (yes, we have it, I know) -the list could easily go on.... Ideally a lot of the powers would have new animations. I'd be all for using the animations NPCs already have that are not currently in any player power sets. Lastly, this may be a bit off topic but I saw a youtube video for another CoH server that has a ton of new powers and ATs. Whenever Homecoming goes legit, I'd suggest reaching out to them and incorporating that team and their powers to this game. I haven't played there but the video is impressive. Maybe after a balance sweep of those ATs and powers, they'd be awesome adds here. I see they have a ton of stuff added and it would be amazing to add that content here (maybe some name changes as well would be useful - they're way too D&D and religious inspired names for my liking). 🙂
  15. I am happy to hear this. What I am not too stoked about is continuing with the same characters, factions and the such. I kinda hope the new Dev team adds new items - characters, factions, mission maps and so on. Something where it doesn't quite feel like the same old game 🙂
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