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  1. What about the new version of Energy Melee? I've heard people say it's really good and some even said OP. I have no idea as I haven't had a chance to check it out. Does anyone have comments or a build for EM? What would be your ideal secondary for the power? Conversely, is Touch of Fear in Dark Melee really good? Does it make the set great? I've never been a fan of the set but haven't played it since Live. Anyone?
  2. Well, I don't know if there is really a retention issue or people just taking a break. This site allows us to see the number of players logged on and it seems to be fairly steady (for the last while). However, I do feel people are coming and going...maybe a bit more on the going. I really appreciate the Devs here. Big time. I just don't know if adding powers and making changes is the way to go. I think they new to make additions that are fresh and new. Tons of ideas have been suggested so who know.
  3. Disagree. 110%. I like the unique names and not having 20 characters running around that may have the same name. I got on here summer 2019 and found a lot of names I liked. I continue to do so. I like being creative and having to think up some new names/ideas/concepts. This isn't the same for all but count me in as liking the system.
  4. I've made this suggestion before. I'd also make it a co-op area.
  5. Thanks to all who keep making this possible!
  6. I don't think any new powers should be added. Incarnate powers have made toons too powerful and they steamroll most of the content when they have access to the powers. I don't think the HC Dev team have resources to pump out content (missions, SF,TF, Trials etc) where the incarnates can be challenged. I'd clean up the interface a bit and not much else. I don't mind the system but I don't really pay too much attention to it. It's great that I can progress in it doing regular content and I casually add the powers as I go along and craft for the slots. I know players want more endgame content but that's a never-ending request. If you add more slots, eventually players will want more beyond those and so on. Since resources are limited, add items that are more universal like missions etc. If you must add to the incarnate slots, take a different approach....no idea what that might be but making a toon more powerful isn't really necessary right now. There's no way we'll get enough things to do that will challenge the player.
  7. I've read some ideas and there are lots of good ones. I had an idea ages ago regarding a varied toon and the theme may blend well with the Praetoria concept. It AT would be having two ATs in one. You build and level up a toon that is actually two different ATs in one. So, you can build a blaster and a brute all in one. You'd have to switch forms and go back and forth between the two. So, hitting the form button would essentially allow you to go back and forth between two ATs. As you level, you get your normal level of slots for each AT etc. Heck, you could have a combo toon that allows you to have 3 different AT/power sets in one. I haven't fleshed it out to any detail but I think its pretty much already there in game. You could call this AT class The Amalgam! Or something like that :) It would be easy to do and not too draining on the resources. Is it something new? Not really. I do feel it will add a new wrinkle to playing any toon. Until more missions, TFs, Trials, SFs, events etc are added, players will want something different and new. This is definitely different. Also, you could add another epic AT that's completely original to the game and add them to Praetoria as well. Just some ideas here :)
  8. To me, it's been a game changer. We're not getting many new missions or actual things to do and a lot of what we have involves way too much pointless running around. It's old, lame game design. The travel hubs have made it palatable.
  9. I really like Khelds. I thought I liked the Warshade but he relies way too much on enemies/bodies. This becomes a big issue when you're down to the final boss (AV, GM etc) and no minions around. Otherwise the Warshade is a lot of fun. So, I went to Peacebringer and he might be my fave toon - he's certainly up the list. The PB doesn't require enemies to siphon from like the WS so he's way more self-sufficient and can work in any situation. Those, to me, are the key difference. Yes, the play-style is also very different and I enjoy both. They're definitely a little more complex and that might be why I enjoy them. Oh, these toons are definitely not overpowered but they can be built in a way that makes them pretty effective!
  10. I like the idea of more events and sandbox stuff. Something like this is solid. Each one can provide a badge and only come out during their month. Getting all 12 can result in an accolade power. I don't mind this idea at all.
  11. I think it has been mentioned and maybe it doesn't really fit here but the Sentinel AT needs some improving. I have no idea why I like the AT so much but I do! I always team so the lack of damage isn't as obvious but when you break down the numbers...yikes! Also, under the Fire Blast power set, why does Blazing Blast have a knockback effect?!!? Really?! Please get rid of that 🙂
  12. I just don't know why we can't keep our base/travel hub. It is, perhaps, one of the mist impactful things to happen to this game in a long time. Players no longer dread the missions/TFs etc that asked for time-sink run-arounds that were somewhat pointless and put in place to prolong a person's time they stayed logged on. CoH has so much to do, there is no need to resort to these time-sink tactics. Leave the player-made SG/travel hubs...please! 🙂
  13. I see a lot of good comments and agree with most. So, I'll try and suggest a minor issue - Force of Will power pool set. The activation times are awful (this is also the same in various sets but my main has this pool and it is sooooooooo annoying at times). I don't know how many times my target is dropped between activation time and the power firing off...happens all the time during any invasion event, minion type enemies and so on. I don't think I'd take this pool power again due to the long, drawn out activation/animation time. I do like the concept and the actual powers but not so great when you try and attack using some of the powers.
  14. Yes, I am tired of accidentally hitting the arrow key on a tray and losing my primary attacks in the middle of a fight. This is a minor issue but you asked 🙂 Also, the arrows are awfully close to slot 1 in a tray so sometimes I hit the arrow instead of the intended power (when using my mouse).
  15. This is such sad news and such a tragedy. 2020 has not been a good one. My condolences to his friends and family.
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