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  1. CoH has a ton of areas that could be revitalized. Sewers is no exception but there aren't enough Dev resources to do a lot. Anyway, lesser effort changes could be unique enemies and enough defeats = badge. It could be a spot for a contact in the future where AE/player canon missions are added. Maybe a unique enemy could spawn there once a sewer trial was completed (kinda like activating the rikti invasion after a LGTF). Lots of options and there's always just forming a team to do the 'old skewl sewers run' which I've seen once in a while.
  2. Make them co-op zones which includes Praetorians. And of course adding new content but that's not an easy ask for a small Dev team.
  3. A nice solution might be to have the OPTION to make the KB power into a KD or knock up. Perhaps a drop down menu similar to the one like when you change your power colors on the powers screen. Have one that allows the option to change to KB, KD or KU. I rarely ever want KB but I do get how some might want it....I guess....
  4. I did a number of posts that discussed, in depth, my idea to use AE and add those missions to the regular game. I was told the idea was feasible but I've never heard back from Devs to see if it could be added to game. It would be a system where you would have strict guidelines to what players could create and then pick from those submissions. It was an idea where Devs could, basically, drag and drop AE content into the regular game and make it canon. There isn't much new content being added (missions and things to do etc) so this idea seems like a no-brainer. However, I haven't been told if it will happen or if it won't or if there are some other issues. It's too bad cuz it would add a nice new wrinkle to the game and give us lots of radio/paper level missions (tons could be added potentially and it wouldn't seem quite as repetitive as it is now......I mean, how many times can a guy go after the P.L.O.T. device?! lol).
  5. So I also was curious about sonic on a blaster. What about the new sonic power? What would pair well with it? I do find sonic primary a bit meh on blaster. So, ?/sonic? Anyone have a build to show?
  6. BurtHutt

    ATO sales

    Cuz this is a GAME. It's not real life. I don't farm and just try and play the game. However, I want to make more high end builds and have made some uber builds but that costs a ton. I blame most of that on high priced enhancements. So, I put my enhancements on market for less than half of the recent averages. The casual player who just plays content cannot make the uber builds if they have altitis - yes, I have altitis...le sigh... I really don't get the greed in this game. Don't you get enough of that in the real world? I see threads where players have so much INF that they want new ways to spend it. I once suggested giving it away to friends and SG/VG mates etc - that suggestion was pretty much ignored. Ah well, to each their own. :)
  7. I like this idea for any main boss. I don't know how many times I've ended a mission without realizing the boss was in that mob. If you have a main enemy to take down, make them distinct and unique. I will say the Summer Blockbuster has some good villains on the coliseum side. Some of those guys stand out and make you feel like you're into it with supers. The minotaur, the mechs, God-Champion...that's all good stuff!
  8. Fair point on loadscreen times. My comp is a few years old and I can catch a sentence or two. I guess this will vary. I also feel you don't need a fully comprehensive explanation on each loadscreen - maybe 1 sentence regarding the purpose of that part of the TF. The dialogue boxes during the TF would also help so maybe a combination. The key is to keep it brief. Let's face it, you don't really need to read the material as most of the game is just charge, smash, repeat... If Devs want to go with the loadscreen option, they also have the ability to allow the player to close it out/click enter (like in WHO WILL DIE series).
  9. Devs, thanks for all that you do! I do feel the winter stuff is awesome but needs to stay around for December and maybe a week before and after. The zones and events should not come around at any other time. 🙂
  10. I mentioned (as did others) the text and dialogue is lost on the team if they aren't the lead. In addition to changing some of these TFs, you could also change the way the mission info is disseminated. One of my previous suggestions was to have unique loading screens and on those screens have 1 or 2 sentences summarizing that portion of the TF/SF etc. The Devs could simply use relevant (to the TF) screenshots as the loadscreen (pics of the main characters might be a good option) and then a quick summary. I also see a few very talented artist and graphic types on the forums who could also be asked to contribute unique art for the loadscreens. This was part of a previous suggestion as well (on adding AE missions to the game) and adds another unique piece to the TFs etc. Again, the Citadel TF is my shining example of what I dislike. It's essentially the same mission (in appearance), in multiple zones and it has some caves....over and over. It is painful. Have I mentioned that?! lol
  11. Thanks for all the work you all do to get MIDS to us!
  12. Oh I am a huuuuuuuuge fan of the game. Piece et al did great. However, it was not that fun to play through the arcs. I don't solo so I didn't get a lot of the dialogue etc as it was on the team lead. Going forward, I'd suggest keeping the text to a minimum and have it viewable to all - if possible.
  13. I hate to say it but I didn't care for either side's version. The blue side was worse. I was not the team lead so I didn't get a lot of the dialogue. When there was dialogue, it flooded in and was a lot to take in - just too much. Then you add the run arounds and travelling to various locations...it was just too much. I was really hoping the Homecoming team would add original stuff as well. Unfortunately, in my opinion, we were given variations of enemy factions that've been around for a around a decade and a half. Piecemeal did some good stuff here for sure. I don't mean to insult him. Quite the opposite. He learned the system and put it all together etc (and whoever helped him?). I wish I could do that! However, I just didn't enjoy the arcs.
  14. This. I went on a Citadel TF once since I found out Homecoming was a thing. I hate that TF. Never again. I think it's far worse than Synapse. It's awful game design and just boggles the mind - I can only assume the Devs who implemented it into the game were told they want players to be on as long as possible. Hence the awful missions/TFs that cause players to remain logged on keep playing so they would have to keep subscribing etc. It's too bad they couldn't be more creative on how to keep players logged on but I get it. The longer it takes, the longer people need to play and the longer they needed to subscribe. However, it is just awful stuff. For any revamps, the Devs have to remember, when doing missions, TFs/SFs etc, most of the team do NOT get a chance to read the text. So, any revamps really need to consider this. I've made suggestions on how to deliver text so that all can read it and not just fly through and be pushed to rush through. I think the TFs that need to change are Citadel (aka CitaHELL) and the shadow shard material. I feel we've discussed this before though...
  15. I really liked my WS but it does rely heavily on enemy bodies. This hits home big time when you're doing a boss fight and all of the minions have been dispatched...the WS will be in a bit of trouble! This is why PBs are one of my fave ATs. Versatile and a lot of fun. WS are too but when you get to those button mashing battles and the only one left is the boss...well...I prefer the PB!
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