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  1. Wow great detailed info Rath. I've got more homework to do now. Thanks a bunch!!!
  2. Thank You, Enhancement Catalysts! I'll do some follow up research on that. Awesome quick responses !!!
  3. So I decided to dive into the auction house and crafting. I did neither back on live despite playing off and on over the whole life of the game. I saw that I had all the stuff to create a level 22 named IO enhancement, and crafted it. Checking out the auction house made me think I could get 2M influence for what I had. After some test unctions of salvage pieces,I listed it,and was rewarded with 2,222,222 influence. Im very happy with those results,and I'm diving into the market whole heartedly now. I do have some questions that I haven't been able to find searching through AH topics. 1) Why did I get more than I posted the item for? I think I must have had the best price/ only one for sale, and just got what someone bid. If this Auction house basic I s explained somewhere, I'd love to be pointed in that direction. 2) Why is a level 22 enhancement selling for pretty close to what the same enhancement at much higher levels appears to be selling for? Again in sorry if this information is out there in existing threads, I must be so lost I'm searching for the wrong key words.
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