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  1. An optional mission mode is an interesting idea, if that was mentioned I missed it. But I think you'd have to define a special type of mission for this to be fun. Otherwise it's just going to a gigantic bore fest as three-fourths of people's powers go unused. (And I'm not sure what the new mission type would be. I was going to say "maybe involving less combat" but no, that would be bad too.)
  2. Right, it's an interesting idea, but the game would have be rebuilt from the ground up. There's no way it could work as-is. It would nearly destroy all the viable tactics people using in game, especially herding and gather mobs together, with absolutely no pay off.
  3. Just popping in and I've only skimmed the first post, but I played a mastermind on live to 50 and well beyond, I see some good ideas and bad ideas. The primary reason masterminds kind of suck at high level (esp. 50+) imo is movement. You can't keep the little buggers up with you and they tend to get lost at the drop of a hat. Everyone else keeps their powers with them wherever they go and most higher level content involves a lot of fast movement. Hence you're just inherently nerfed from the beginning just by reason of having your powers require functioning pathing AI and not having the same movement powers as you do. I don't know what to do about this other than to glue the minions onto your back somehow. The other thing is something I've learned from Overwatch. The Overwatch team at Blizzard seems overly concerned with "the meta," and making all characters equally viable at all levels of play. And I don't think that's a good idea. All characters and all ATs don't have to be equally viable at all levels. If masterminds are just inherently not great at high levels, that might be OK. If we can fix masterminds, and actually fix them, then fine go for it. But I'm also suspicious of charts and graphs and data and statistics which all seem to ignore fundamental gameplay issues, and I think that mentality leads to making gross changed to classes that fundamentally change them, and still don't fix the actual problem. And that just leads to people who play those classes to feel they are being jerked around for no reason. So for MMs I feel there is a fundamental issue with their powers not being directly attached to the player that just isn't fixable. That has to be considered carefully. On the OP's specific suggestions, I think the best one probably is suggestions around the inherent level losses. What felt good at levels 1-15 (as a game designer) with the MM slowly increasing in power and gaining more minions, and those minions becoming slightly less powerful as more of them were acquired, didn't scale up to levels past 30 or 40 or so. The rest of the game just doesn't support it. IO Sets buff the player, not the MM (pet sets not withstanding, they're only a so-so fix imo) and the epic power pools are the same, geared towards individual players and not the "group" that is the MM. I'm not sure what to do about this because it's a fundamental design issue for the MM AT. One option might be to summon fewer but more powerful minions with no level loss, thus keeping overall power about the same. But that leaves out the problems (imo) with slotting and with epic pools, and I don't think it's a great fix either. So I'm back to being skeptical that MMs can or should be fixed. If MMs cannot be fixed, I think we should not make large scale changes that affect their gameplay, as that just feels bad to those already playing them. Some actual fixes would be great, but I think I'd keep them smaller and less impactful, and just understand that the inherent problems in MMs might not be truly fixable.
  4. Personally I think the mechanic that gives these two powers a chance to "jump" to another target is too inconsistent and fiddly to be truly useful. The simpler mechanic of "everybody in the radius gets hit" just like every other AoE power is more desirable. It's just too hard to use these powers effectively. Both Envenom and Weaken should be changed to either have a simple AoE effect, or they should work like Darkest Night and just affect every enemy in the radius of the anchor.
  5. I remember giving this set a go on live as a Necro/Poison MM, and it sucked bad. I haven't played it recently, but I'll toss some ideas around. I think the heal is OKish and needs smaller tweaks. Think O2 boost. What I would do is leave the long cast time, but improve the healing. I would keep the current healing per second number, but increase the recharge time and boost the healing in proportion. Then you have a situation that decreasing the recharge would actually make a difference. Right now the recharge time is so short and the heal itself so weak that slotting for either doesn't matter. Increase both (maybe even increase recharge to 36 seconds and increase the heal by 3) and you'd have something that could be buffed up with slotting really easily. I totally agree that radius on Envenom and Weaken are far too small. Compared to say Darkest Night (25 ft.) or Irradiate (20 ft. and a defender *secondary*), the 8 ft is a joke. Please please increase this. The radius could be double to 16 ft. without even thinking about it and I'm sure even more would not be OP. I think I'd advocate to change the cone Neurotoxic Breath to have a small heal over time effect if it hits a friendly (keep its debuff on enemies though). Similar to the cone in Nature Affinity. It would need to be able to target both friends and enemies if this change gets made. And I'd like to add a buff to Anitdote, where if you hit a target with this and then within say about 10 seconds or so, you hit them with Alkaloid (the heal), the heal gets a buff and does like 1.5 times or 2 times the healing. You'd have to adjust carefully the recharge time for Antidote for this to not be OP though. Just my two Inf. Keep on rocking in Paragon City.
  6. Yeah I would put all options into both lists, then just leave it up to the person picking what works for them. It's really a decent idea. Maybe implement the UI with one of those breakable circle things like they added to the arms and legs for the asymmetrical option. Rather than "asymmetrical" you'd just get a second pick.
  7. I'll ❤️ this and also add it might be nice to have a "global" calendar that performs the same function as the MOTD. Do the devs want let the player base know about up coming events? Just drop them on the global calendar. But calendars associated with Super Groups and Coalitions might be cool. It might be nice to have more than one calendar too. Like some groups seem to run public events often, maybe they'd like to publish a global calendar of their mother ship raids? But they might like to have a more personal private calendar for their group members too. Also, who knew that "less than three" would actually auto transform into a heart emoji?
  8. Oh, and the terminology is confusing here. IOs != IO Sets. At least that's how I use the term. Yes I don't really look at IO Sets until at least level 40. (The exception is certain unique IOs that provide a global bonus, but as you say that's more advanced.) I'm talking about the regular generic crafted IOs that are just a better replacement for SOs. New folks should take the tutorial in the university and then money permitting just replace any existing SOs with the same thing. Also check the auction house for generic crafted IOs that might be got cheap.
  9. Agree with this! As a first character with no other sources of funding, IOs are quite expensive. They are definitely money sinks. But I disagree with this. Regular enhancements will stop working quickly as you level up, and they'll need to be replaced. I find this very tedious. Like, I totally hate it. I would slot IOs until you run out of money and slot regular enhancements as they drop, selling anything you can't use. Only buy regular enhancements when you are desperate for a particular power to work better, and you need it right now. Since Invention Origin enhancements never expire, they'll never go bad on you and you'll eventually be ahead of the game. You might need until level 30 or 35 until this happens and you really see the difference though.
  10. Got another one for some decent "hard" content: Ghosts from Circle of Thorns. The spectral demon lords have a huge Dark debuff that will render melee ineffective. My first villain however was Bots/FF and I never had a problem with them. The kockback keeps them out of melee range and the energy damage makes short work of spectral types in general. Boy did my Blood Widow hate those things though. Suddenly I understood why everyone complained about them.
  11. These are excellent suggestions and I approve of these ideas. Yes, by all means let's avoid clown suits and maple syrup. That's just lazy design. Mucking about with the AI sounds like a much better way to add difficulty than cat herding battles. Also, yes phasing mobs are bad, so get rid of that (unless maybe you can hit them somehow and they have a power that works while they're phased?). And I agree that people just prefer to steamroll groups like Sky Raiders and Nemesis so those need a bit of work too.
  12. I agree with this, mostly, but I also think there should be some bonus for being an incarnate while doing lower level content. Like if you're an incarnate helping out a team of 20-somethings, I think you should get some bonus. Just maybe not quite as much as now. One idea I have is to basically allow all your IO set bonuses but scale them down by some percent as you Exp down in level. That way there's some bonus, and also it doesn't have a rather frustrating cut-off where things just stop working and it's like you're not slotted at all (OTOH, Attuned Enh. might be too powerful as they keep working at 100% all the time). But on your list of zones and TFs, I think I would add Ouroboros. It has options to control powers while on a mish already, and also it might be nice to go back in time with no limits and show some old villain what being punched by a real incarnate is like. This might include all the old TFs as well, esp if people had trouble with them.
  13. The game feels too easy to me overall. Even at lower levels. To be fair, I think part of that is we have all very experienced players who know exactly how to build characters, but still. I was running some level 20ish content with a team of randos, and we steamrolled over everything in the arc. I forgot to ask if anyone wanted the difficulty increased, folks seemed happy with it, but still there was almost no challenge. Same thing happened on another group for someone who wanted help with Frostfire in Hollows. I remember this mission being SO HARD when it first came out on live. Like multiple team wipes hard. Granted again we were all buffed to the nines, with DFB buffs and the newer SOs from DFB and probably some twinks with IOs. And we were also higher level, all of us were around 12 or higher (leader was 13), so we had way more powers (Frosty used to happen around level 5-6? iirc). But still, Frosty went down in about three hits, and his gang didn't pose any sort of threat. My personal idea is to make the game harder, but only on certain servers so folks have a choice (and maybe get to try it out without having to have their current characters changed by any new rules). So make a new server Hardcase (or whatever name you like) and mess with the difficulty until it feels more "right," more challenge for people.
  14. There are Help and LFG (Looking For Group) channels in game, and people are generally helpful. You can type /help or /lfg to send messages to those channels. Just above the chat box where you type (but below the two default windows where the chat appears) are some tiny buttons. You click on these to set your default channel. The last button in that group is "A" and will set your chat default to whatever window you clicked on last. This is handy when having multiple conversations. Those chat windows are editable. You can right click on a window and pick "Edit Tab" and add and remove channels. I like to remove Help and LFG from the first tab (Global) and leave them on the second one ("Help"). This way I leave that first tab for team and league chat, and the second tab gets devoted to the more social stuff. The numbers 1 through 4 at the top of that window allow you to make totally custom chat windows. The button in the upper left allows you to detach them and move them anywhere on your screen. You can click on peoples' names in chat (left click, not right click) and get a pop up menu, where you can send someone a private message (useful when LFG says "we want more players, pst" (=please send tell)) so you don't have to try to spell their name correctly. You can also get their global name, add them as friend, add them to your team or league, or add a note about them. The notes are stored permanently and tied to their global name, so if they are playing a different character you'll still see that there's a note about them when you mouse over their character (to see this easily you should give the person 1 to 5 stars, which will appear when you mouse over their character). And finally bases used to be expensive and hard to get, but now they're totally free. You can set up a base anytime you like (I think, there might be a restriction on characters that are very very low level), and play around and set any of the teleporters or special characters that act like contacts. Most servers have public bases that anyone can use. Click on the base portal and pick "Enter Code". For the Everlasting server Zone-8888 is well known and a pretty good one.
  15. I tend to want to think it over, and I also want to see how my character looks actually in game and while using powers. These will affect my decisions how exactly to adjust the costume. So I like to wait and do it in game. Typically what I do is create a few alts, then just kinda fart around with them until I feel happy with them, then I decide which one to start leveling more seriously.
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