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  1. Band Maid again. This is from a "live" concert they gave, which was actually them playing in a studio setting and was broadcast over the internet, because covid. Still pretty cool. Manners and Black Hole, live.
  2. I'm not suggesting any stats be removed or lowered. Just add EndRedux. That's it. (Adding a new IO would mess with the number of IOs need to get set bonuses, I assume that would be bad. We could end up 7 IOs in a set that only supported 6 for bonuses.)
  3. I have a PBAOE that takes Taunt sets (actually only takes Taunt sets, it's Against All Odds). None of the Taunt IO sets have any EndRedux, which is a bit of a bummer because it really needs the EndRedux. I'd like to request that two to three Enh of each Taunt set get added EndRedux, just for folks who want to slot some Taunt into powers that also use End. Thanks!
  4. I'm going to +1 this also. I've wanted different necklines on costumes for a while, not just the basic T but also all of the older tights patterns. It's weird the way it comes up exactly to the seam in the character's neck and then stops. A few different options would be useful and look cool.
  5. Also been listening to Larkin Poe.
  6. Been listening to a lot of Band Maid lately. Five hard rockin' women from Japan who dress in cute maid outfits. Here's Domination live:
  7. Not a terrible idea. I do feel some chest emblems are overly large. Other's seem a bit on the small side. A slider that goes anywhere between 200% to 10% (or so) would be great and let anyone pick the size they like.
  8. I really hate to dis anyone's favorite set or some other bad-wrong fun, but yeah I kinda agree. SOC is way overpowered for its tier and considering the rest of the set. It should have a maximum number of targets about 1/4 of what it does now, assuming the rest of the power stays the same. I sincerely don't like a big nerf like this, but it's been pretty obviously overpowered since the set launched. Just something that needs to be done. Not that Mind Control doesn't need a buff, but if everything is brought up to SOC the game is gonna be a cake walk.
  9. My own contribution, Flying Monkey. It's the normal male physique, with the shoulders as wide as possible and the legs as short as possible and the waist as small as possible. I messed around with the facial features, basically making the face and cheek bones very wide, the brow short, and the jaw and chin short too (monkeys don't really have chins). I think I used the "cat" face, with yellow eyes, and one of the "animal" leg options, probably small cat. The western shirt and red cap help sell the effect. Also I used Beast Run which was pretty effective on this character.
  10. This is definitely my perception. SS feels like it's always doing less damage than other sets. War Mace if anything is bordering on OP. The numbers are just different, WM got a buff back on live right around the time of Going Rogue, and it was a pretty chunky one too imo. Played WM to 50 on a Tanker, it works fine. I think the main difference might be the no-crash self buff and WM's AoE is chunkier too, and arrives earlier. WM's second AoE does damage too, unlike Hand Clap. This would be fine too, but making all sets play the same probably isn't the answer ei
  11. This is a fair point and one reason I think SS should get a blanket increase in damage. An increase would "make up for" all the mobs resistant to Smashing (and there's a lot) while it would also act as a sort of bonus damage against mobs that are not resistant to Smashing.
  12. SS and Rage: 1. Increase SS base damage. Reduce the buff in Rage and remove the crash. 2. Increase SS base damage. Make Rage a large buff like it is now, but make the recharge unenhancable and remove the crash. 3. Increase SS base damage. Make Rage into a short duration buff like Aim with even higher +Dam and +Acc and remove the crash. I kinda like the "Make Rage like Fury" suggestion but I wonder if it would be OP (or just wonky to implement) on Brutes.
  13. Ah so that's why. I didn't know that, thanks for the explanation.
  14. This is something I was going to recommend. If you don't know how to play the game and want to figure it out, running missions from contacts solo is the best way to work through it. Scrappers and Brutes probably work best for this, they're high damage and have good defenses so you can solo much more easily. This also allows you to actually read the mission text too, which is actually pretty fun and often good, if a bit wordy. I have solo toons that I use just so I can read all the content. I don't do that on teams, because most everyone knows it by now and they're expecting a q
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