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  1. For more redside groups I'd like to see other villains and heroes to fight. A long running fight (arc, or multiple arcs) between a hero group or other villain group could be just the thing. It's be like the Shining Stars except you're fighting them. There's a few missions like this redside already (Dr. Aeon, he's a villain you fight) but those still feel like mook-fests. I'd like something with a little different feel.
  2. Those were Hellions, not Trolls. Trolls are green, those guys are red.
  3. Pirate AT confirmed! Though seriously it sounds like a new task force or arc, maybe a series of interrelated arcs. I saw a bunch of stuff in there, Dark Astoria, Doc Delilah, the Midnight Squad, and looked like some other stuff too, will be interesting to see what they've cooked up.
  4. Just saw someone roleplaying his Beasts mastermind as "plushy toys." I think that's a neat idea. Plushy toys as well as more mechanical toys like toy soldiers would be a neat addition, if anyone has the time to add it.
  5. Well this is kind of a fun idea for a thread.
  6. No reason it can't be both. I was thinking more actual maces. Big heavy things to hit with. Like more types of hammers and round or polygonal maces, and something that looks like a kanabo. Both medieval-esque versions as well as high tech looking things. Would also be cool: pure energy weapons. Like the kind that are all glowy and don't have any physical parts or anything. They should also have a different "draw" animation. Rather than pulling one out from somewhere on your body you just hold out your hand and they appear. The weapon itself should have an animation when it appears, like it grows out of a spot on your palm.
  7. Wow, where to start? I was in late beta for CoH. Brawl and the origin based powers were added because you'd only start with one offensive power and that wasn't enough to even get through the tutorial without dying of boredom. Suggestion: give people three primary picks at level one and two secondary picks. That's three more than the one and one you get now. Then delete Brawl from the game. The origin powers can be removed too but left on the P2W vendor. Also the damage on the first two offensive powers should be improved so that they're not a joke at level 50. Furthermore: three extra picks is *most* of the Fitness pool. Make Stamina inherent (as it is now) but move the rest of the pool back into the regular power pools, and add two more powers to the Fitness pool. You can take the pool or you can skip it. You're almost losing nothing (you are losing a power pool pick), but I think that will be worth it in exchange for the extra picks at level 1. Also I'd like the prestige power slide to be removed from new characters. I hate this thing, the animations is stupid, and it just clogs up my powers screen. Put it on the P2W vendor where I never need to deal with it again. (Longer term, if you add "element surfing" with an appropriate animation, I think that would be cool. Having a water wave or ice or earth to surf around on would be a better travel power.) Other inherent powers: I think some of the AT inherents just don't work. I don't think there's anything wrong with admitting that it's just too hard to make unique powers that are balanced and just port the best inherent powers over to other ATs. Give Controllers Domination, for example. Easy, done. For Defenders, I think using their buffs and debuffs should get them a bonus, not being low on health. Using your Heal should get you bigger green numbers. Buffing allies or debuffing enemies should get you bigger buffs and debuffs. This might be hard but I kinda feel that "make your teammates vengebait" isn't really what a Defender should be about. Blaster's Defiance just looks weird to me too, although I don't really play Blasters. I think the idea that Blasters can still use powers while held just means that squishies need better defenses and status protection. I would give Blasters crit damage like Scrappers and be done with it. Scourge too might be better just to be extra crit damage all the time. It barely seems to fire until a mob is already to the point were any hit would kill it. I'm not sure how I feel about Sprint and Rest being slottable. Seems like a good way to have newbies mess up their builds. I think I'd take them off the list of slottable power (reduce the End cost of Spring though please, to half or less) and also remove them from the Enh screen. That screen is really busy as-is and I think it should be less so. The other "inherent powers" that you get from the P2W vendor are fine. They're fun, and optional. You don't need to clutter up your powers window with them if you don't want them.
  8. Ugh, don't like this myself. Too long to wait to get a complete set of pets. I'd much rather have at the current level or even earlier. Perhaps the "Supremacy Proc" could be made variable based on level, so that it doesn't grant the full T2 upgrade immediately, but grants some lesser version of it, until the MM is at level 32. For example, longer recharge times on the T2 powers, or reduced damage and control on the T2 powers. Just to give the MM something to look forward too as level increases.
  9. I'd dispute this somewhat. While true of some MM secondaries, many MM secondaries are "fire and forget." You use a long lasting buff on your minions and then you have nothing to do for 2.5 minutes. Force Field is like this. I spent my time on Bots/FF micro managing my minions, but it was still "worth it" to use the personal attacks, esp. with bodyguard mode to pull aggro. Obviously some secondaries will work differently, and FF really needs to be a bit more active, but the MM attacks really aren't that bad. (They certainly could be a bit better though.) The original game play for MMs depended more on managing your pets, and them not being too tanky. With much longer times between summons, you had to pay close attention to how they engaged and what they were fighting, or you'd risk losing too many pets and have to wait for them to be resummoned. Same with the upgrades. Getting your pets summoned and upgraded in the middle of battle was a risky proposition. There was a high chance the pet would be dead before you got all its buffs on it. Given all the other character buffs across all ATs, the current buffs for MMs aren't out of the question, just pointing out that the intended play style was different back on live. The changes listed in the last few posts above would be a large change to the AT, enough that the whole AT might need to be rethought. If I had to pick a set of changes. I think I personally might go with longer recharge on the summoning powers, something like live or a little longer, but add the buffs to supremacy as suggested. Then there's a bit of danger with over-extending your pets during a fight, but the tedium of re-summoning and then buffing is eliminated. I also might add a delay to the AoE "proc" so that pets aren't buffed right away, there's a delay of 4 or 5 seconds before they're fully up to power. Otherwise, if the pets get too tanky, and resummoning is quick, then there's no real danger or challenge at all. There are other changes I might try first, like making all pets equal to the level of the MM (and not one or two levels less, which is pretty bogus really.)
  10. Edit: I also made Smashing Success, Exceedingly Extra, and Almighty Man (Mighty Man was taken). (Hmm, and another synonym for "super" is "almighty", as in All Might. I wonder if Kōhei Horikoshi has the same thesaurus I do.)
  11. Just tried some names on Everlasting, I got Magnificent Man and Mr. Remarkable. Hopefully I even spelled them correctly. They're yours if you want them, otherwise I'll just release them for anyone to play with.
  12. Give him Ninjitsu. Then when you go up against him you can see whose kung-fu is stronger.
  13. About two days ago I tried "Circe" on Everlasting and was surprised as heck that I got it.
  14. Makes sense to me. Probably the toughest part would be the inevitable character creator menu to customize it with all the guns available. I'd go with three gun style attacks. "Gun shot", "Heavy Shot", "Burst (AoE cone)". Like the newer Fighting Pool, if you take all three attacks, you get a bonus of some sort. For example your attacks have a small amount of -Resist, or you get small damage boost. Then I'd add either Hand Grenade or Combat Knife. Adding more +Resist to a pool I think could be problematic, it tends to be highly desired by a lot of builds. I'd go with Combat Training, but I'd make it +Def to Ranged and AoE. So nice, but a little less useful for the melee builds. (What I think would be useful is a pool power +Resist or +Def that does not stack with other similar powers from other pools. Then Brutes and Tankers and Scrappers aren't compelled to try to fit in every pool power. They can grab one defensive pool that fits their build, and the others become extraneous. I also think it might be useful to give different values for ATs that already have a lot of defense and resists, and another for squishies. That would allow squishies to get a higher value and therefore be a lot less squishy, while not over powering the already tougher non-squishy ATs.)
  15. My Fort is currently vet level 20, and has all six incarnate abilities slotted, all the way through Hybrid. I only have them slotted with level 2 abilities, not all the way with the top tier level 4 incarnate abilities, but if we're just talking vet levels vs getting the slots, that's all it took for me. Personally I think this is way too fast. It happened basically by accident, just doing some ITFs to get inf for IO Sets. I did some random content like that, didn't even run most of the incarnate TFs, didn't do any DA missions, and bam 100% unlocked. The rate of gain for XP for incarnate abilities is way out of whack with regard to say Inf for buying IOs. In my case (as I mentioned) I promptly lost interest at that point. Lower level content is more interesting (and challenging) to me.
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