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  1. Wiki says: So it looks like you do have to defeat all defenders for all banners at the same time. It also feels like there's a rate at which you have to defeat the defenders. If you aren't killing them fast enough you'll never clear a given banner. Probably evenly distributing members will help. Linkage here: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Deadly_Apocalypse
  2. I grabbed "Burnpile" though as a test villain for the Galaxy City content. Not sure if going to keep it.
  3. You can click on different NPCs and get information from them. I think NPCs with names starting with N tell you how many times your character has logged in. NPCs that start with M tell you your total time logged in. NPCs starting with E or F will tell you the "city time" (which runs much faster than normal time). During the Halloween event they always say it's midnight. Edit: Here's the list: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Civilian_NPCs
  4. Remembering my Rob Leifeld names guide, I checked and "Blade Blade" is available. 🙂
  5. If you're careful, not really. But I have this problem on my /Kin. I typically have Siphon Power on auto, so I can buff as much as possible. But if I target a teammate who's scanning, I'll trigger this power and pull. I either have to stay well back so SP is out of range or I have to remember to clear my target (ESC) every time we finish a group. Otherwise: fun times.
  6. One more thing that's a little different here. CoH is/was an early MMO and didn't follow all the conventions. We need to talk about the F key. F is for follow. So you can target a teammate and press F and you'll follow them. Except that's almost never what I actually use it for. You can also follow enemies. And that means you can use F to move yourself into melee range quickly without having to actually maneuver around the battlefield. In a crowded room on a map this can be highly useful. (You may need to press W for a moment at the end to give yourself a nudge to move completely into melee range.) Also jumping a lot is useful to clear obstacles on the way. Pressing space (jump) won't interfere with following, so you can use jump to control your vertical while still staying locked onto a target. This is really invaluable for melee toons like Tanker, Brutes and Scrappers. Also mashing your powers (numbers) keys when you don't have a target (or your target is dead/invalid) will select the next closest enemy for that power. So I usually mash 1 twice (once to target, and once more to "queue it up" so it fires as soon as I'm in range) and then F to move quickly to that enemy. No mouse or WASD involved really. For ranged toons F is less useful unless you have a shorter ranged attack that you want to orient (like a cone shaped attack). I also use it sometimes just to orient myself towards an enemy if I've lost track of the action completely or if it's an enemy that shows up on Tab but I can't see/find. Press F and then quickly press it again to turn it off, you'll just turn towards the enemy and then stop moving.
  7. I think you should seriously post some of your ideas on the Dev board, let them know you might be interested as a story writer. I think you're ideas are quite good. Removing "red vs. blue" (for players) so there's content for each faction on both sides in all zones is an excellent idea. I hope you can pull it off. Villains are never (well, seldom) segregated off on their own little land in the comic. They always appear in The City with the heroes. Yeah villains lose in the long run, but they're still *there*. That's the way it should have been. Incidentally, I think Gold Side should be the same. Open it up so there's some level scaling and heroes can do missions in Preatoria. It'll be some nice extra "alternate earth" missions at lower levels to fill out some of the content in the 15-30 range (with level scaling this could work). And Gold Side should quickly discover an escape themselves to an alternate Earth, blue side. It'll help populations on both sides.
  8. Yup, they stack. Got TT:Maneuvers and Leadership:Maneuvers on my Widow just for the stacking Def.
  9. There are a few powers in the game that targeting through a teammate won't work. For example, a mastermind commanding their pets to attack a target, won't attack your teammate's target. That's where you have to use "/assist" to get the target before you use the "/petcom" command. Works I suppose for folks with commandable pets, like Lore pets. My MM had /assist bound to CTRL-A ("A" for "assist") so I could quickly pick up targets and order my pets onto them.
  10. Forts should be able to solo just fine. Forts also have the option of going all ranged. This isn't highest damage but it is extremely safe. You're a Psi blaster with much better defenses and much better team buffs. You can also use your second build and make a Night Widow as either a stalker/scrapper or go more tanky with Confront and Tough and have a real chance at tanking AVs. My Night Widow solos just fine at +3 (although this was after a moderately expensive IO Set build. I'm sure it would do fine at +0 with just basic IOs.)
  11. I played a Merc/ MM on live I think, maybe as a challenge? I didn't find them that bad. I seem to recall they have some problems with their AI mainly, but also maybe some questionable power choices by the devs. They were doable. I don't remember exactly what I played, might have been Mercs/Traps (and /Traps would probably make anything serviceable). Ninjas I found to be squirrelly as heck and almost unplayable. One could tough it out but I didn't see the need. Thugs were fun. Zombies were kinda like Mercs, the power choices didn't seem to quite jell. Bots were my first 50, ever. I think the newer MM sets (Demons and Beasts) were made with more experience under the dev's belts and they play a bit better overall. Oh, and /Poison sucked. That set was super slow to get good, assuming it ever did. Zombie/Poison sounds good but it was too hard to get to any decent sort of level. With new leveling tools this might not be a thing but live, yech, trudging through mud while dragging your minions and your powers behind you.
  12. I was actually going to say the same thing. Depending on how many actual new people we are getting, it might be worthwhile to, for example, add some dialog to the Shinning Stars intro arc about AT, buffs, grouping, and composition. Some folks might be helped by that advice.
  13. I"d actually say the same thing. One accuracy first, then a Damage or some other boost (Heal, Immobilize, Sleep, etc.) to the power's main function, then an Endurance Reduction (End Redux). Then feel the power out and decide what to do next. Often I go another damage and one recharge, but not always. Depends how it feels in play. You have to be careful with End Redux and Recharge. Both of those work differently than other Enhancements, they have a natural diminishing returns built-in, over and above ED (Enhancement Diversification). You often don't want to slot more than one, because the next one doesn't do nearly as much, so one is the max. Only in special cases do you want to use more than one EndRedux or Recharge.
  14. Bots and Demons rock, most other things are kinda average. YMMV. Most people play MMs for the style and because they're fun. Scrappers and Brutes are better if you just want raw power. If you put the wrong enhancement in a slot, you just replace it with another one at any time. If you place a slot that's a bad idea, then you have to respec. But respecs are relatively easy to get, and I usually just do whatever until I hit 50, and then I do one big respec to fix everything. You should get a pretty good idea as you level what powers work well and what needs more oomf, so you'll know what powers need more slots. At least, if you don't powerlevel.
  15. If we're talking about new players, TOs, DOs, and SOs are one of the things that the dev team should "fix". First off, there's way too many of them. "Origins" should be dropped and you should just be able to slot whatever Enh you have, regardless of your origin. Second the whole TO, DO, SO thing should be dropped and replaced with one "schedule" of enhancements than vary by level, and range from level 1 to 50 in effectiveness between DOs at level 1 and SOs at level 5. Third once a player out-levels an Enh., they should all still function, just at half value. Combining Enh should be automatic (works 100%) and provide a small boost over the larger one's value. Finally I think with better access because of removing Origin and the wider level bands, I think Enh should drop a lot less often. This would be better because the darn things would not be clogging up your inventory as much. It'll be much better that way. And having an Enh drop will be much more meaningful that way too. ---- And to new players: Buy Invention Origin Enhancements at the Auction House. The drops are all pretty much garbage and can be sold. Players going for badges will be dumping Invention Origin on the auction house at cheap prices, esp. below level 25. You can get totally cheap Enh that work better there.
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