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  1. /petcom_name GM_Bot att def There, fixed it for you. Get back to work.
  2. This is a super good idea. My bots have the same problem on live right now. My character just plain runs much faster than back in the day with Sprint, and the bots can no longer keep up. I am constantly leaving them behind just moving around normally. If all pets could have their normal running speed increased to match what Sprint gives players now, that would be awesome.
  3. You can't trade Afterburner for for anything at all? But all you use it for is a LotG set mule? What about Hover, is that already in your build?
  4. I like EM a lot. With EM, I don't need to slot Swift or Fly for flight speed. I can leave Fly at one slot and put an EndRdx in there, and I can one or two slot EM with EndRdx and I'm pretty happy. Almost at the flight speed cap. I assume a few IO set bonuses will get me all the way to the cap, even without trying to slot for it. This means I can save slots and put them elsewhere, and use Swift for something else. I just tested it this way and it's pretty useful to build like this. The cap is 102 mph with Afterburner, Fly and EM running. Time from north tram in IP
  5. Yup just noticed this. Besides the speed boost, the effect that makes you not float around but stop immediately when letting go of a movement key is gone too. I noticed I was still be charged End though, and its toggle button indicated it was running. Clicking EM off and then on again fixes the problem.
  6. I got my first Tour Guide mission yesterday and it was pretty funny and well written, especially for just being such a simple mission (Unlucky in IP, any time you have the Freakshow talking in l33ts34k it's great). Kudos for spending so much time and energy making these fun to read.
  7. This was a brand new character on Brainstorm that I auto-leveled to 30 with the cheat menu. So no accolades, temp powers, day jobs, etc. All the powers are completely unslotted. So these are base values only. I'll try to test later with some SOs. Base Powers, nothing toggled on (not even Sprint) Run Speed: 19.33 mph Flying Speed: 24.41 mph Jumping Speed: 32.14 mph Max Jump: 10.67 ft W/ Fly: Flying Speed: 56.66 mph W/ Fly and Afterburner: 71.00 mph W/ Super Jump + Super Speed: Run Speed 69.44 mph Jump S
  8. I added that, but I think it crossed with your post. Yeah I picked up on that when I tested it.
  9. I just gave this a quick test on Beta. Traveling from the north tram in IP to the northwest corner of the zone and back. Super Speed + Super Jump: 2 min 20 seconds Fly: 2 min 33 seconds. I was able to use Afterburner twice in that time. These times are VERY similar in my mind, Fly was only moments behind what someone with SS+SJ would do, and the travel in IP is nearly ideal for SS anyway. I think in practical terms these differences aren't that big of a deal. (And something I didn't realize but Afterburner is now a free power with Fly, so these two should
  10. Don't forget that Fly+Afterburner is two power picks. It should be equivalent in speed and utility to something like taking Super Speed+ Super Jump. Especially now that a travel power is just one pick and not two, any Travel Power + A Power that enhances that travel power should be the same, or around the same, in terms of utility and convenience for the player. I ran two travel powers on many toons back in the day (including a MM with Teleport + Hover, no 15s bs for me, I just stayed in the air as long as I wanted). The new powers are great, but I think we have to keep in mind
  11. Want to +1 this as well. Personally I hate being invisible because then no one can see my costume. Having a slider for how invisible you are would be ideal, but even a click button to toggle between "Really invisible" and "Not too invisible" would be ok.
  12. I just want to nth this, squared. This would be a super option to get rid of those annoying extra trays that we can't do anything with.
  13. Not terrible ideas, but as other have posted might need some work. Yin stance could be changed to "whenever a to-hit roll is made against you" you gain a damage boost. Like Brute's Fury. You could describe this as not getting hit but "redirecting energy back towards the enemy," seems like it might be martial arts ish. And Yang Stance, I like the idea of debuffing enemy damage (which is what I think Power Siphon does now). It not only protects you, it also protects your team if they pull aggro or get hit by a cone, for example. Powers which benefit a team are good, so I'd like
  14. Yes! Right, this is pretty reasonable. To make Power Siphon work better with the existing animations, making its effect last longer so that it works well with the existing animation times seems like an excellent suggestion. I do like the existing animations. Not everything needs to animate with the speed of Claws or Spines or whatever. But the powers in a set should be tuned to work well with the whole set, and that includes animation times and not just sticking to arbitrary formulas. (The original devs seem to have had a blind spot in this regard.) I'd even go as far
  15. I only have one (or two?) lower level characters with Kinetic Melee. I kind of like it. It has style and that's somewhat rare in this game. I don't think every powerset has to be a top performer, it's ok if some have a little less performance than others. I'm curious why this ends up on people's dislike list so much. There's lots to play out there if you want raw damage numbers, including some set that I think are underrated for their damage output (War Mace).
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