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  1. To you anyways. I only consider a game "dead" if there is no Status Green that the server is still online and/or if you can't log in anymore in-game or otherwise. Like some other else stated with SWTOR, the genre is stagnant but remains and sustains, just nobody is really trying to making games. The only thing in this thread I'm really concerned with is the point in which it will be streamable since I was already aware of Content Creators wishing to do so again; here and discord. Looking forward to that if nothing else.
  2. Well it's not wrong to be honest, perks of playing other games oustide of this and having a changed mindset over the years with gaming in my life. I mean didn't I see talk about Linux OS for this game like 2-3 pages back? I'm clearing paying attention. And don't bother welcoming me, I've already been around since the summer of last year with this game. So skip that thanks.
  3. Oh I was looking at this new launcher like "can I start using it now" ? But I guess that is... also a 'no' too 'ey?
  4. Nothing as those will continue to exist thus form their own player bases since they aren't really NCsoft properties anyway right now. My issue with this COX player base is they are with the illusion that other games can't exist inside said eco-system; they can. I believe that is the way Avaast from OverWatch quoted himself. Frankly this game is dated and I welcome anyone else to try and bring something like this that runs on modern computers since 98% of people in this comment section don't even have anything of the last year or even the last 6 months for hardware(the future is now i guess) but for now, I guess play this?
  5. Oh boy when I originally was in here for my 2nd month, I was basically SG base building back to back. Constantly checking settings, tweaking tools, and fixing misalignments I saw within the sg base itself over all. But somehow I stopped myself in proceeding with that. Currently what I would consider down time now-a-days for me would be trying to get the T3s to T4s for Incarnate on my two lvl 50s.... that and taking all the inf between alts to them and using it for well... more Incarnate components lol. tl dr, inf inf inf stack via double inf gain > transfers to the lvl 50s > inf inf inf > transfer, log to lvl 50/work on their stuff > repeat.
  6. Here's something that's been a big W.I.P. This is an attempt as drawing out a smaller scale version of one of my OC's city's Arclight and this is the current progress: Design concept is based off this: https://sta.sh/0oqeiab447c What I'm doing: basically just making the partial area that goes out to that river w/ some of the houses + the bridge into the city itself. Since doing the whole thing would be literally impossible so atm 1/3rd of it.
  7. And while we're at it also include Praetor Tilman's catsuit as an option for everyone: I mean I love this central leotard esp if the option is allowed for you to color them separately with the long boots too, man those are just... trigasm.
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