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  1. Just bought some more at 10M apiece after the the server reboot today (30 mins ago)
  2. I thought after the update today the price would revert to 25M, but they are still on sale for 10M?
  3. I got 3 of the 2B ones on microfilaments (end/fly/run/jump), but too many peops that are faster than me. I'm pretty sure all the good bids are gone now.
  4. Might as well add my experience to this. I regularly open 120 Super Packs (40 of each) and process them to the AH in 30-45 mins. For the past 2-3 weeks, after I get the 1st batch of enhancements out of the mail and into the AH, when I go back to the mail, I cant claim anything. It continually gives me the message "Character or Account item claim failed, another request is pending". Sometimes this lasts 5 mins, sometimes over an hour. Ive logged out, switched characters, logged into another acct then back to this acct, zoned (bases, common maps, regular maps) went in mish's, claimed/sold things on AH, everything I could think of. Prior to this, I did the same exact thing for the past 6 months and never had an issue.
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