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  1. My advice for these origin pool powers would be to make them like Epics--they're their own thing and they don't take up a power pool slot, but you can only choose one, it doesn't have to match your origin Also comes with the benefit of being able to take a travel power without needing to take a power pool slot. So if you wanna grab Concealment, Leadership, Fighting and Medicine but still fly, go ahead!
  2. Yeah, it's mostly just as a quality of life improvement thing
  3. I'm wanting to make an StJ/Elec Brute, but I'm not sure if I can cap all of their defenses. Any good builds out there?
  4. Well, it's harder to use than dispersion--you actually have to wait for it, especially for an MM as you have to try to keep it in range of your pets.
  5. Something that kinda bugs me about /Traps, and since /Devices was worked on recently I thought I'd ask and see if something like this could be worked on?
  6. The irony being that you can put Panacea in before either of the others
  7. You want Rage to be a thing where you have to pay attention, that doesn't punish people for having too much recharge? Make it a toggle--a toggle like hybrid, has no effect on its own, but gives SS's attacks a high chance or perhaps guaranteed proc for something like +20 dam and +5 to-hit that's a 30s duration and stacks up to 8x. But also, while the toggle itself is fairly expensive, have it make attacks more expensive as well. Give people incentive to keep attacking and not let up, but if they ever run out of end and the toggle shuts off--full crash. Dam debuff, def debuff, res debuff, the works--punish them for not paying attention to end and focusing too much on rage. This way you can still get the benefits of rage--even stacking it--where it actually punishes you for not paying attention to things you need to, rather than whether or not a buff has expired.
  8. The second is an annoyance test. I don't want to have to pay attention to Rage while fighting an AV and adds and whatnot and get penalized because *oops* I pressed Rage two seconds too early. It's usability/user friendliness vs min-max. I put the question back to you, Why sacrifice user friendliness because people wanna min-max?
  9. Well, then why not make Rage work like that? A beefier version of that proc. It's pretty thematic, I think.
  10. Why not the special buildup type proc power from Martial Combat
  11. So overlapping powers is bad now? Are we going to see a crash on Perma Hasten, or Perma Dom?
  12. That's the thing. It's not easy to use. It's an annoyance tax. Skillsets should not have built in annoyances that punish you if heaven forbid you get two seconds of stacked rage.
  13. Well, I mean, at this point regardless of what they do they're gonna annoy some people. At the very least with non-stacking rage, like they had originally planned, the set itself didn't actively annoy people.
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