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  1. Yeah, I do think a 10-15-20-25m price cap on rarities should be a thing.
  2. I believe there is an effective price cap of 100m, with the 1m to 1 merit buyin and the ability to buy recipes for 100 merits? Granted, this is far too high, imo.
  3. Exactly. I simply do not understand why 'using' the mechanic is 'abusing' the mechanic, even on a 'level 49' mission
  4. Straight up they're trying to tell me that simply 'using' the mechanic is somehow 'abusing' it.
  5. It was meant to be used to get double influence and no experience when exemplaring. It was used to get double influence and no experience when exemplaring.
  6. Yeah, that's dumb. Using something as it was meant to be used is not exploiting it. The interaction with Patrol XP was the exploit. By that logic, we may as well remove patrol xp, it was being exploited.
  7. Goes more than removing an exploit--they removed the entire mechanic, they've admitted as such it goes beyond removing an exploit.
  8. That's still not true, though. Marketing gets inf faster and easier. Plus, I never liked the idea of 'things were worse in the past, we can't want things to be better in the present for reasons?'
  9. Personally, I think it might be best to have something a little more expanded, perhaps have IOs be interchangeable to the others within the set on the market.
  10. That's a false choice, they could easily make IOs act like salvage does on the market already, and keep IO prices down, but for some reason they love marketers.
  11. Further, the implication (and later outright admission) that people just using the 2x influence system to get 2x influence were somehow 'abusing' it feels like a misstep as well, and rubbed me the wrong way.
  12. Them taking it out in and of itself is annoying, but overall meh. But doing something this big without discussing it first feels like a misstep--and that's my issue with it. The devs even undercut the 'exploit fix' thing too when they themselves admitted everyone was using the exploit anyway, even if they didn't know about it.
  13. Again, it went beyond fixing the exploit--it's not fixing the bug between patrol xp and double inf while exemplared that's the issue, it's taking out the mechanic entirely.
  14. Again, this goes beyond fixing an exploit. They fixed the patrol xp exploit, and removed the system entirely without any feedback period. That is what's annoying
  15. The stealth of it is what bothers me--I mean, I could understand an exploit fix, but this explicitly goes beyond that. They fixed an exploit, and removed a mechanic entirely, without giving people an opportunity to give feedback on it beforehand. If they wanted to look at inflationary things, they could have looked at market fees and increasing them and the like as well.
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