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  1. That's the thing, though, it's not something you can really play around. There's no interaction, it's just 'here, it's ready.' It doesn't add anything to the gameplay. And while that's fine if need be, it can be better
  2. My take on Arcane Bolt is simple--having the base damage according to the formula is fine, and having the bonus damage tied to a gimmick is fine--but it shouldn't really be random, it seems like a missed opportunity for specific interactions. Perhaps, as it has a decent chance for knock back, have the bonus damaged tied to only affect enemies that are currently knocked down, for example. Something like that might even make it more useful for melee characters, as a followup for knockout blow, etc.
  3. Yeah, I'm mostly interested in a timetable, myself. Like, is this going into beta this year? Not like, mad or impatient, just curious on when to expect news.
  4. Yeah, I do think a 10-15-20-25m price cap on rarities should be a thing.
  5. I believe there is an effective price cap of 100m, with the 1m to 1 merit buyin and the ability to buy recipes for 100 merits? Granted, this is far too high, imo.
  6. Exactly. I simply do not understand why 'using' the mechanic is 'abusing' the mechanic, even on a 'level 49' mission
  7. Straight up they're trying to tell me that simply 'using' the mechanic is somehow 'abusing' it.
  8. It was meant to be used to get double influence and no experience when exemplaring. It was used to get double influence and no experience when exemplaring.
  9. Yeah, that's dumb. Using something as it was meant to be used is not exploiting it. The interaction with Patrol XP was the exploit. By that logic, we may as well remove patrol xp, it was being exploited.
  10. Goes more than removing an exploit--they removed the entire mechanic, they've admitted as such it goes beyond removing an exploit.
  11. That's still not true, though. Marketing gets inf faster and easier. Plus, I never liked the idea of 'things were worse in the past, we can't want things to be better in the present for reasons?'
  12. Personally, I think it might be best to have something a little more expanded, perhaps have IOs be interchangeable to the others within the set on the market.
  13. That's a false choice, they could easily make IOs act like salvage does on the market already, and keep IO prices down, but for some reason they love marketers.
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