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  1. When the Enflame toggle is up does your pets benefit?
  2. And yet when we play incarnate content all the negative level shifts disappear. So if we don't need them for incarnare content why do we need them for the rest of the content?
  3. More like if we do everything right as a MM we get to be average. If I have to herd half a dozen cats across a battlefield when I unleash those same cats I want hell. Instead I get the same impact as the guy who only has to lead one well trained dog.
  4. I wouldn't mind the downside if when we do the right thing we are rewarded with above average performance.
  5. The longer animation times would be fine if they had the damage to justify it. Unfortunately they get super long animating attacks that only do average damage. In some cases its so bad that it actually lowers a pets overall damage.
  6. Its strange how later primary MM sets (Demons, Nature) had better MMs attack to encourage a more active playstyle then proceeded to punish said playstyle with higher end costs.
  7. Actually pets are much better in Incarnate content. They are get level shifts to counter the level drops so all your pets are equal to your level. Which as I said earlier makes you wonder for the need for negative shifts for pets at all. If they are not needed in Incarnate content why are they needed in other high level content?
  8. Add to that many builds take the same pools. Speed for Hasten Fighting for Tough/Weave Jumping for CJ Flying for Hover Sometimes Leadership pops up. Trying to fit in multiple origin pools is a pipe dream.
  9. I plan on getting all the travel powers and then turning them all on AT THE SAME TIME! The mobs won't know what hit them!* *The answer would be nothing hit them because I didn't have open power picks to take any attack powers.
  10. My main issue with #2 is when the devs make blanket statements to the effect: "we won't make pet upgrade powers auto." To me pet upgrades are a key influencer in regards to many MMs issues in the current meta: The lack of mobility, pet fragility, pet setup times, pet CC prot, pet primary diversification, etc. By making them at least partially untouchable it limits options. So yeah I was a little disappointed in the devs statement.
  11. I don't know why pets have level shifts anymore anyway. Can't be for balance since in Incarnate content they are negated entirely and MMs don't become outrageous so I don't see how having level 50 t1s and t2 in and ITF or STF is somehow different.
  12. There are heaps of good ideas and honestly I find Equip/Upgrade so lacklustre and dull that pretty much anything would be an improvement. The issue is its a lot of work for the Devs that are already stretched thin.
  13. Demons/Cold did well for me. The def and res synced up well enough for both res and def to be near softcaps for both. The -res stacking made it extremely strong offensively.
  14. Well no one is forcing you to stay in this one single topic. If you want to discuss other topics you are free to do so but I don't know why you feel the need to police others discussions.
  15. I understand it would be a huge amount of work for an AT which is probably already the most resource intensive already. I remember from reading stats somewhere on the forum that MMs are one of the most popular ATs at lower levels yet one of the least popular at 50. That tells me that for many players they start out attacted/intrested in MMs and actually start likely the class less the more they play it. That to me is a major red flag.
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