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  1. It's mainly just for the extra resists when I need it. Most of the time I don't but it gives me something to press when I do. I also use all the slots leading up to it. I like SR over SD because it uses far fewer slots to do what it does. Slots are the limiting resource for builds. It's why SR is becoming popular again at the high end. All these fancy proc builds need slots and those slots tend to provide fewer set bonuses. So the slack has to be picked up somewhere.
  2. I am making a SR/Rad at the moment as well. I felt that squeezing slots for resists has dimishing returns in that there are some good low hanging fruit but once you got beyond that you end up spending a lot of slots for 2.25% resist and such. So I wanted a slot efficient way to reduce the damage of hits that get through my defense. Enter: Darkest Night AND Rune of Protection. In addition having one AoE that only does less then 200 damage seems a bit weak and not really taking advantage of the proc focus. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1554;752;1504;HEX;| |78DA65544B4F135114BED399022D055ADA4281F268913EA1B46AE20B2451C4F0684| |2C0B8334D850B34346DD387C1B872E9D298C81FF0811B12C5851B17FE00B726EAC2| |AD2F1EA22E5C987A3ADF1126E9A4D3EF9E73BEEF9E73CF9999E4C6A46DFBEADD09A| |1D82E67D3A552EA5A3AB72E8B4DC94A395DCEE473A27635D2DD8B406A52AEC85C49| |C6162B05B216E44A566EC89297A349999532B6905ECEE86AD88EE9DC9A2CCA5C39F| |67FD1329FCF67635399D5B57226B76AD5ADC58294CB362CF3C52559BC0D634EA60B| |44EABC52C82CC52E152B65995ACC57B2A964BA542692876A1BA1FB4C07FD29B56AA| |B9A70D322A109930BA8D9191DC05627703B68D0BC53755FC37B60D307A0F523E33D| |4DC7B39447814655F43C1661B2031B5CC0C4DF5AC334718EB82AB88ACAB156D69CA| |798193161F6097DEF0BE46B647E23F39B98AFD0102C027C4B952E3146EC66B0CDCD| |3F51A5ED90710F38B00F1C3C009EF8015469B7163E45CB1FF83CBF543D93F737D07| |712FEE7D4A5366436B7054C884580ED5193CEB1BBA1717500ED1E68C7A946079FC8| |C1276AE713695483936B70CE82EF9A81BE638A711AF83A2C849B6B703F434ECF236| |0F76360DF13C6A7C0C416D04F793AB986CEA8D0F70B335EA4FABA780A5D2398C261| |48881EEE6BCF9E499FA4F70E627D82FBF9167B0F4CC0F6BD21DBA989074344E729F| |5F620769F7CFD5C7BFF67F886BF0047BEB2FD8DEDEF8CBBC017D47B3F6BFD2BA839| |B8CA6758474D8329C220CD36C433E6DA76483BC4DAA15BD004F81C8131CC2F300E6| |E90CF1964ED126D1582560BC5C18D24108B843193F030F2453E432BC98CB226BA83| |7CC3AF906FD40FEEA8C90C64CD279B1031EE57EC25F23CA4A2E3F029F1DAE08897E| |0797935C157957EB5B720AC1DBDC3D5485D345EE749D4794ED5794ED779E68C1E15| |7D98D73831F9149D65B18BDAF3A1D7B26B3DFA4E08859FACFD639F49F1A123DD338| |A3EBD81EBF826ED197521E80E8CBE4DCE6EADF507B96E18D669C3FAA6613DEB2419| |AF370D6BFDDAF21F3BFE01B0B102A7| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| Rotation is CS-DB-CS-Gloom-CS-Siphon. If you have extra outside recharge you can start dropping CS (starting with the one between Siphon and DB). The CS has a weak proc rate so I demote it to filler and utility proccer. 700 damage from DB, 423 from Gloom and 451 from Siphon more then make up for it. AoE wise I have a 433 (!) damage Atom Smash and a 298 Dark Ob, with IG its pretty brutal AoE. Defensively I have Runes of Protection with decent uptime (188 second recharge at 10% recharge Ageless) and Darkest Night. For dangerous pulls you just pop Runes and DN and it takes a lot of the pressure off from relying on the scaling resists. 2700 HP as well. CS has both Tanker ATOs and with 3 proc attempts per 9.7s rotation thats 18 proc attempts a minute which is pretty solid uptime even with low proc rates.
  3. The biggest issue with both the Tanker procs is that they both have +recharge on the same IO so it almost always lowers the proc chance of IOs (including themselves) once you actually slot them. It does not help that both ATO sets are chock full of +recharge spread amongst all the IOs. Only 1 IO in each set does not have +recharge.
  4. I think its about if someone else has the same Interface Incarnate you still get the benefit from Reactive's higher damage DoT.
  5. Maxzero

    Crazy about PBAE

    Tanker. Super tough and the changes give them bigger AoEs with higher target caps.
  6. Whatever I am building at the moment. Currently working on SR/Rad which may be my best character ever (although I think that with every build).
  7. That's because honestly they kinda are all the same lol.
  8. Spot on. Due to the stranglehold animation time has on DPS the mechanical advantages pets have (animation independant DPS) it's basically impossible to replace pets with ST attacks for a overall DPS gain. It's why MMs and Crabs dominate pylon kill times. Pet fragility is rarely an issue since the only time you need this level of DPS is for AVs anyway and in these fights you should be tanking the hits anyway.
  9. That many attack powers costs way too many slots to make effective. In addition it is a significant loss of DPS because the Pets do damage in addition to your rotation which is capped by animation speed. A whole bunch of mid DPA attacks does not add up to good DPS because you can only use 1 attack at a time.
  10. Some things to keep in mind with the Core v Radial debate from my PoV: 1) Double hit always works. If your are at the damage cap (which is quite common in leagues, with a /Kin around or if you get a bunch of Red Inspiration drops) then Core Assault basically does nothing. 2) Getting constantly max stacks of Core is actually not very reliable in non AoE situations. A 65% chance to proc a buff that last 10 seconds where each stack's duration is counted individually (ie a proc does not refresh the duration of all the stacks) means most of the time you will be rolling around 3 stacks. Considering the most common use of Hybrid Assault is for burning down tough AVs where you are often in leagues/full teams these are actually significant issues.
  11. Resistance. If you have softcap defence why not get an extra layer and get resist too if you have slots? I love getting 'double values out of my slots. In this case I am gaining the def slotting befitting Arctic Fog and getting resists from the set bonus. I trying to avoid use 'mule' powers (powers only take for set bonuses and not used in play).
  12. But whenever you are beating on an AV in a group (the only situation where mass Interface stacking might be an issue) what else has an impact apart from -res and -max hp? Remember whatever other Interface debuff you are aiming also maxes out at 4 stacks. The only one I can think of is Paralytic for the -dam debuff.
  13. It's in the thread about people crying about Dark Miasma losing Defender values for the Heal and Tar Patch. They didn't confirm the details just that TW will receive adjustments in page 6.
  14. Don't get me started on DPS rotations. When I see some 5 power multi step monstrosity I just roll my eyes. Even my VEAT with a 3 power 1-2-3 rotation feels clunky at times. I have found using and ordering powers by priority tends to work much more effectively in play conditions. Basically just use your best powers first. As for MMs lately I have found their gameplay so awkward and finicky that the final output is often not work the effort. When I am sitting in Ouro and LFG starts a speed ITF, LGTF or Miss Liberty am I going to bring my MM? No. A Yin TF farm? No I don't get the key Upgrade Equipment power at 32. AE farm? Nope. As for Incarnate content Apex, Tin, TPN and Lamda are all a complete pain only BAF is MM friendly. So my Tankers and VEAT get a lot more play in general anyway.
  15. The auto containment for Controllers too (strongly helps Illusion) and the stationary nature benefits storm (Or any secondary with Rains). The 20% resist across the board resistance does not reflect typical enemy resistance distribution. No doubt the pylon has many flaws. If someone has a better target I am all ears.
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