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  1. I wanna add an odd one Sonic / Ice Armor Sentinel. you will love the low Damage 😄
  2. ha, i got the Name Painlord for my Psy Scrapper on Exel, coudnt believe my Luck
  3. I Can say, it was an Fun Event. By Sheer Luck i discovered you and i am very happy about the Price. It helps me build my new Toon and having no problems to outfit him on his way to 50 will be an sweet extra for me. Thanks to the Donor of the Inf. And thanks for handing me over the lovly 50 Million.
  4. na its fine, the superios Invis has an Tread Reduction i dont want miss that, and for teamoriented Toons Group invis can be nice.
  5. Sadly i dont have an Build for you as i never used Mids, i am kinda a Newbie here. But its pretty simple, you dont need Res / Def on this Toon, only as much as possible Recharge. Your PA has an Build in Taunt in any Attack and your Superior Invisibility has an buid in Tread Reduction. So you normaly never get any agro. for larger spawns your Poison Trap locks all reliable down.
  6. My Main is an Illu Poison, and he wrecks so hard, no matter if solo AV / GM Hunting or Teaming, the Debuffs are ungodly good.
  7. my Main is an Illusion / Poison and hell he can do it all. But Plant of the shelf is better because you dont have to chase that enormous Recharge as for Illu.
  8. as far as i can say, it doesnt, but hey you cant have it all 😄 but i have to say, i am in no means an Expert for Illu. I did this Combo because i had never seen one and found it an nice choice. I never dit imagine that its so powerfull.
  9. For Hybrid i Took Assault Partial radial Craft, Interface i took Degenerative for - Max HP. just for a little more damage overall, cant hurt.
  10. Il / poison is my Main and hes an total Beast. From Av and GM Hunts to Teaming he can do it all without even breaking a sweat. I Normaly let my PA attack and then roll in and finish all. Agro is never an problem with PA and SI.
  11. in the Launcher, on top right is an gear symbol, click on it, and then in general Settings, check the alow multible instances. and you then can simple lauch more . There you go Champ.
  12. Ilusion / Poison Controler is my main. Since lvl 18 i have no Problems anymore, Ofc after Perma PA the game fully changed, there is nothing i cant do.
  13. Damm thats an impressive Costume ❤️
  14. i woud say an Earth / Storm / Earth coud do that feeling. Its Powerfull, it has the sound and is chaotic enough.
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