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  1. i woud say, with this Beast you can use the standard settings and enjoy max grafics with max FPS no matter how messi it gets. ( yes MSR i look to you )
  2. Dimension man is just amazing ❤️
  3. i simply love the Homecoming Team ❤️
  4. and then Voting for an Unicorn, i am not happy with that, just for your info.
  5. this is the perfect Toon for the upcomming big Animal Themed Costume Competion.
  6. Energy Blasts, i always feel so powerfull when one of em goes off. ❤️
  7. then, welcome Home Mate. i like the Dragon on the chest ❤️ and the SHoulders go well with that Arms.
  8. best title i have is "Heavy Lifter" for my Grav Dominator. I use Titles all the Time, just gives a bit more Flair.
  9. Tried to update resulted in an Error, Got it to run be deinstaling Beta and reinstaling. Just for your Info
  10. This was an awesome Contest and the WInner had just insane Costumes, Thank you so much for hosting such incredible Competions. ❤️
  11. Instaled the modder Tool and this Mod, works like a Charm, and damm do i feel powerfull now ❤️
  12. Dude, thats some serious Work you have put into that, it Sounds amazing. and cool Costume in your new Vid ❤️
  13. as the Loading Screen shows its on Thunderspy Server
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