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  1. Even level, all enemy types, no I can also say that I had been experiencing this for a while, I don't play the character often and it kept coming up, before finally actively testing it and confirming it. Now it no longer seems to be in effect.
  2. I have a Mind Control Dominator, level 27 I have Mass Hypnosis, currently three slotted with level 30 Lethargic Repose IOs: Acc/Sleep, Acc/Sleep/Red, Acc/Rech According to Detailed Info, I have accuracy 1.61X and a duration of 15.12s So far, I'm lucky to hit a group at all once in five. And even if I do hit it seems to have no effect except to put a visual effect over there heads for a second, but does not put them to sleep at all.
  3. After playing for a few months, I figured I should come here and put out some feelers, for any of those bridges I didn't burn during or after the game ended. Spiro - My original Main Liberty Vanguard - American Legion, United Sentinels of America Quick Shot Kid - Young Gods of the Golden Age, Maggie's Rock Gleaming Spark - Maggie's Rock Shadow Squirrel Several others that most people wouldn't remember After the game ended I actively pulled away from friends that wouldn't move on while I was trying to move on and let it go. I regret that now.
  4. I've been trying to track down a document for learning the speech patterns of Clockwork, but the only one I could find pointed to NCSoft and is defunct. Does anyone have anything worthwhile?
  5. One of my favorite aspects of Champions Online character creation is the ability to define how your characters hold themselves. I would love to see something like that in CoH. CO only has the four "stances" Heroic, Average, Vixen and Beast. I think CoX can do better. I certainly have no idea how the program actually functions, but my expectation is that Ninja and Beast run temp powers must interact with something along those lines, because that is effectively what both of these powers do, while also increasing run and jump, so they might be something to work off of.
  6. It's Psionics, that is typically not natural.
  7. Force of Will is a mutant centric power pool, like Sorcery is magic centric. There are three more of them
  8. I'll start by saying that I have no expectations that this is even possible. It's a complaint I've had since AE was first implemented. I just wish it worked differently. I dislike that it's enclosed in the building the way it is. It was meant to be a storytelling feature, but became just a farming method because it couldn't help but be. I wish that when making a mission it was possible to define a zone for that missions to exist in, such that the door would actually be in that zone. I also wish that the contact could exist in the zone. Rather than having holographic person that becomes the contact I envisioned a series of phased contacts throughout the zones that can unphase when you start an AE and become the contact in the world. Then AE could become, not only a storytelling tool, but an RP tool, better than it currently is. If any of this were actually possible. Additionally, and this one I hope is more possible. It would be awesome if the AE base item was actually functional. That would also help further RP because it wouldn't require taking the group out of the moment by crowding into an AE building in some zone, or Pocket D.
  9. Can we get a fix to Archery Fast Snipe animation. The current animation for Archery snipe is to pull out the arrow with a flourish, knock it, draw and hold, then fire. Fast snipe involves the flourish, the arrow reaches the bow, doesn't have time to be knocked or drawn and just flies at the target. It basically looks like I'm throwing the arrow up in air but it shoots forward at tremendous speed. Nevermind, this is probably the fix Fixed a bug in the no-redraw version of fast-Archery's Snipe.
  10. So I just got to play with Perma snipe on my AR/Dev, so that's sad, but based on how this is described, it should be fine. Big fan of the Targeting Drone changes, that should boost me really nicely
  11. It doesn't actually need a new body type, it just needs to be a lower body option alongside monster legs and pants. It might also be possible to lock it out for anyone using the kicking power sets, unless someone actually wants to figure out how to animate snake tails to do the kicking. For anything outside of kicking it's possible there is a sufficient analogue in the animations that already exist for snake people to handle the rest. But still, yeah, probably not.
  12. I have a couple requests for costumes. Considering the number of villain options that have found their way into the creator, it would be great is the Paragon Protector patterns could find their way in there, along with their helmet. That one is probably not nearly so difficult as this one: Is it possible to separate left and right gloves? I know that Robotic Arm 3 is technically a separation, but I would like to see then separate universally. Then, rather than Robotic Arm 3 being the whole arm, it could be the upper arm of the opposite arm to Robotic Arm 1. Even better would be if three options for robotic arms could be somehow folded into all the non-sleeve wearing sets. So we could have robot arms with our jackets and robes. I have no idea what it would take to implement that, if any of it is possible. If it's possible, though, I would also request that shoulders undergo the same treatment. I know some shoulders are a solid piece, so I don't know.
  13. Does Vidiot maps still exist in any form as an actual site. As great as the overlay is, it's a tool best used with the site because the site actually explained which thing was which. This will point you to where the explorables and plaques are, but it won't identify them.
  14. This is actually really important. You should also pay attention to the low level recipes you acquire. I hadn't thought to sell salvage. By the time salvage and recipes were a thing, originally, I had a bunch of high level characters and inf wasn't an issue. But now that's not a thing, and I was sitting on a level 17 blaster with nowhere near enough influence for DOs. I figured, what could it hurt and checked to see if my recipes were any good. I just happened to have one worth 200k and now I'm flush for whatever I might need to buy going forward. I will definitely check the value on my salvage too. So thanks for the suggestion. For those unfamiliar with Wenthworths. When you talk to the broker you will want to open your storage too. Drag whatever you're looking to sell into the broker window then click on find, it will give you a list of the values for the last 5 sales. Pick a reasonable price based on that, there will be a charge based on the price. If someone put an order in for that price or more you will get the best price available, there will also be a charge here and you will have to pay the difference between the new price and the price you originally paid.
  15. I'm confused where you're getting 75%
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