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  1. I know there are a handful of missions that make use of MM pets, specifically the Robots. I thought this was an option in AE, but while I can find individual pets as an option for captives, I'm not finding them anywhere for enemy groups. Is this a thing? What I'm trying to do would not look right or work properly if I just used some Robot MMs and ran them loose.
  2. I have since gotten it to work by installing it to a completely different drive
  3. Sure, my original complaint was in the loss of that functionality in place of Combat Jumping, not about stacking with Combat Jumping.
  4. What got reverted? Because my Archery/TA blaster with Gymnastics definitely does not have fine motion control while jumping, like she used to when it functioned similar to Combat Jumping
  5. I'm disappointed with the loss of Combat Jump effects inside Gymnastics. I have multiple versions of a character and I added Combat Jump to the other ones to mimic the effect, only to have that no longer be the case.
  6. Not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this, but it's the only one that makes sense to me. I had no problems with the program for quite a while, then suddenly it started throwing the attached error. I tried rebooting, reinstalling it, stripping it entirely from my computer out of the registry and appdata, nothing works. I have no idea what's going on and that it the only clue I have.
  7. Well, that is one way to do it, I was hoping for a different solution. I was hoping momentum would actually be momentum, in that every time you use a power you add little bit to a stack of momentum and as long as you still have time on the stack you keep going at momentum speed. If you stop for too long you lose it and have to start over.
  8. Time for my next two commissions from Flashtoo
  9. Various sized invisible tiles. In the editor they can use the place holder similar to FXs and teleport beacons. But in effect they would be solid walls that can be seen through from either side, to help contain spaces, or make invisible platforms, or any number of other purposes.
  10. Indoor/Outdoor Lighting as a placeable item like the sky tiles is placeable in a room to define the sky for that room. This way the base could be set to outdoor lighting, but could still include indoor rooms with indoor lighting instead, just by placing an indoor lighting item in the room. Or make the base mostly indoor, but have one outdoor room and set it to outdoor lighting with an Outdoor Lighting item.
  11. Had my original commission updated. I was right, this version works much better for my avatar
  12. It may be a result of nighttime coloring, it looks like the hat, belt and inside of the coattail are violet
  13. Ooo, I was going to dismiss the discount, but the thicker lines and simpler visual would make that a lot more effective for an avatar. Not that I don't love what I currently have, in general, but it is almost impossible to make out details. I may need to get in on this while I continue to plan out my next proper commission.
  14. Just to clarify. The costume GM_Miss has in the video at the end would not qualify because it has purple. Correct?
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