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  1. I have a couple requests for costumes. Considering the number of villain options that have found their way into the creator, it would be great is the Paragon Protector patterns could find their way in there, along with their helmet. That one is probably not nearly so difficult as this one: Is it possible to separate left and right gloves? I know that Robotic Arm 3 is technically a separation, but I would like to see then separate universally. Then, rather than Robotic Arm 3 being the whole arm, it could be the upper arm of the opposite arm to Robotic Arm 1. Even better would be if three options for robotic arms could be somehow folded into all the non-sleeve wearing sets. So we could have robot arms with our jackets and robes. I have no idea what it would take to implement that, if any of it is possible. If it's possible, though, I would also request that shoulders undergo the same treatment. I know some shoulders are a solid piece, so I don't know.
  2. Does Vidiot maps still exist in any form as an actual site. As great as the overlay is, it's a tool best used with the site because the site actually explained which thing was which. This will point you to where the explorables and plaques are, but it won't identify them.
  3. This is actually really important. You should also pay attention to the low level recipes you acquire. I hadn't thought to sell salvage. By the time salvage and recipes were a thing, originally, I had a bunch of high level characters and inf wasn't an issue. But now that's not a thing, and I was sitting on a level 17 blaster with nowhere near enough influence for DOs. I figured, what could it hurt and checked to see if my recipes were any good. I just happened to have one worth 200k and now I'm flush for whatever I might need to buy going forward. I will definitely check the value on my salvage too. So thanks for the suggestion. For those unfamiliar with Wenthworths. When you talk to the broker you will want to open your storage too. Drag whatever you're looking to sell into the broker window then click on find, it will give you a list of the values for the last 5 sales. Pick a reasonable price based on that, there will be a charge based on the price. If someone put an order in for that price or more you will get the best price available, there will also be a charge here and you will have to pay the difference between the new price and the price you originally paid.
  4. I'm confused where you're getting 75%
  5. I have generally played through the content over and over, I enjoy the stories. But with between 20 and 30 alts, I definitely get reaching the point where the fastest path to higher levels is desired. I'm not there yet, though, since coming to Homecoming, though. Even when I do, though, I mostly only want to rush to 20s-30s. I find the best content in the game happens there. I enjoy those stories the most. I would like a way to exemplar without a low level character, and access the lower level content without Oroborus. Then I'd have no reason at all maintain lower levels.
  6. Here's a handful of mine. I'm got an unreasonable number. Once I get back from work I'll probably start compiling them more thoroughly
  7. Consistently, the mission I dread most is "Clear out Igneous in cave" in the Hollows Igneous are some of most obnoxious enemies in the game. Massive damage, knockbacks, and they will chase forever so you can't pull back from them. Sure it's a low level mission, that just makes it worse because your arsonal is limited.
  8. Yeah, I found it after posting this, it appears to no longer be compatible with capes and wings, for some reason, just like trenchcoats. It's kind of annoying, I know for a fact that it clipped with capes, but so what, it still looked really good.
  9. I discovered that I still have a set of save files for costumes. I guess I was hoping that someday someone might make something so I could at least look at them, if not play them, now it turns out I can actually use them. Unfortunately most of them are super broken, which is weird because they display fine in the load a costume area, but then the system takes exception to them and strips them down. One of my favorites includes a fancy coat with tails that could be worn with wings and even capes, but I can't for the life of me find it in the creator in order to fix the file. I'm adding a picture of the design in question. If anyone knows where this is hiding, please let me know. I have a couple designs I'd like to bring back with this one.
  10. I was honestly looking forward to Gadgetry as it was written, jetpack and all. Sure, anyone can buy a jetpack, but you can't buy a jetpack with enhanceable slots and an Afterburner-like click power built in. For example, I wanted the set for my mad scientist who uses high-tech inventions but doesn't actually have any "cybernetic enhancements". The characters I'd use "Gadgetry" on are not the same characters I'd use "Cybernetic Enhancements" on. And I don't see why Gadgetry is somehow redundant due to Utility Belt. UB's attacks are distinctly low-tech - bolas, a dagger, and a running punch, with only Life Support System being possibly high-tech - compared to Gadgetry's drones, nanotech, and forcefields. Those are very different conceptually. I do wonder what Paragon Studios originally had in mind for the "drone" attacks, though. Were they intended to visually summon a drone to shoot the target and then disappear? (That's a rhetorical question, of course) I'm definitely finding drones to be problematic as a term. I have an AR/Dev cyborg, but only some of him is actually cybernetic, no foot boosters. His original build included hover, because he's a teleporter and that stopped him from falling out of the sky all the time. My RP for it was that he retrofitted a gravity engine off a Sky Raider shield drone. Just having a jet pack would be great, though. But the other reason I was interested in it was he has actual drones: Targeting Drone and Gun Drone from Devices, as well as the Power Drone pet, so if he could summon some more combat drones that would totally make sense for him. Firing things from his wrists, though, is less inspiring, especially if it means he puts away his gun every time. Anyway, I hope these make/are making progress because I started building around them not realizing they weren't things yet and it will halt character progress not having them. That's fine, though, because I have a lot of characters to remake still.
  11. CO never managed to keep my attention. It was too easy. And it all just felt slapdash. The world, which has so much actually going on in it, felt dead, slow, and unemotional. Freeform allowed for exceptionally broken character designs. I recreated my AR/Dev blaster in CO, he had the Robot shield, Regen and bunch of gun powers. He was effectively invulnerable. The shield could mitigate most damage and anything it couldn't he regenned in an instant, then he'd go into gun kata and be able to fight indefinitely because most of his hits procced energy return. Just keep doing that indefinitely. It's cool, for a little bit, then it's not anymore. The missions always felt too impersonal, even though they're meant to put you into the action more. I had over 20 CoH characters, doing the same content over and over, and I would enjoy it each time because the combat feels meaningful. When I do something it's concrete, the maps are similar but different each time, even for the same mission, they're not even in the same place each time. Hes, there are still some fairly broken builds, but it's much easier to balance one set on a handful of classes than a power across all possible combinations of powers.
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