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  1. Wont work unless you change the recharge on Jab, Punch and Haymaker (Basically double them, so base damage is a normal Primary level) But sure - that would work at that point.
  2. I'd argue there definitely is a problem. But the majority of people are fine with the status quo. If you have vast chunks of level 50 characters that live their whole lives at the rails of your entire system, there is a problem..
  3. I have only anecdotal data. I'm just a MMO player. Why would I have any other kind? In my experience the following is true. People will take the easiest path to get what they want for their characters in MMO games. If Harder content is optional they will only chose that Option if given an incentive. Typically this is either Loot they can not get elsewhere. More Loot per Hour. Or More Experience per Hour. There are no No-drops in COH. No special Loot really at all. I can get everything on the market. Playing the game on teams is not the best way to earn Influence Experience is already super easy to get Specific to COH Anytime Ive ever run a Task Force and anyone chose any Challenge Settings no one wants anything other than a Timer or a # of Defeats (which mean nothing) No one ever wants to fight the harder groups unless its the Weekly Task Force. I don't see a significant incentive being added. Higher End Loot? More Power Creep? Even Faster XP? Even Faster Influence?
  4. No. You were the one claiming Coyote didn't understand the game. And you said doing so was not Arrogant. Therefore the burden of proof is on you. I simply pointed out you are in an odd place to criticize others on that score since you said you aren't familiar with other game systems. All these games are ultimately based on the Tabletop games of the past. Heck the whole "5% minimum chance to hit and 95% maximum chance to hit" is DIRECTLY lifted from Dungeons and Dragons where a 1 always missed and a 20 always hit, no matter what the modifier. Knowing other systems, you see how they handle balance. The whole Superhero part is just the sheetmetal. Under the hood its a RPG game. Modifiers, die-rolls and so on. Just like fantasy games and Sci Fi games and all the rest. But maybe you understand the game system back and forward and RPG game theory and all the rest. I don't know. It would be Arrogant for me to presume to, wouldn't it?
  5. My active character is a STJ/EA stalker that is pretty much OP for nearly all content. I am thinking about starting another blaster.
  6. This statement comes of as internally self-disproving. I have to agree that to try and tell someone ELSE they don't understand this game when you admitted yourself you basically ONLY have played this one and its sort of successor .. but at the same time suggest you instead DO understand it .. Seems arrogant. Coyote's suggestion is an attempt to address one of the glaring aspects of high level gameplay - Nearly everyone being softcapped to S/L or Ranged at a minimum - By making it harder for that to happen. Identified problem. Suggestion directly aimed at that problem. To me that suggests a better understanding of the issue than to suggest that simply having optional extra difficulty will actually solve the problem. But frankly I don't think you actually believe there *IS* a problem. And from my perspective your suggestion is more a token to attempt to placate complainers. Since you practically said as much last night saying how old the complaining was getting. I don't think your viewpoint is unique at all. In fact I think most people do not want the game to be harder. Thus I see this as pointless. We should just leave things how they are. But its not because the "complainers" don't understand the game. Many probably understand the game .. as a game .. very well. If its something they don't understand perhaps its the popularity contest politics of the game, which is the authority you actually seem to be appealing to.
  7. A poor solution is worse than no solution. With a poor solution people will just expand on the current "But Task Force Challenge settings ..." Argument to include the poor solution. And be even more likely to dismiss the concerns out of hand.
  8. It won't really. If its an option 99% of the time no one will chose it. Wasting resources on something that won't get used is pointless. No, it really won't.
  9. Badges are more a "do it once and get it over with" thing. I'm not sure what Rewards you would mean TBH. Stuff you can't already get? There is no nodrop in this game. And XP falls like water. By unpopular I was referring to the idea of making the main game harder, all the time. Which if you ran the game without taking the player's opinions into consideration is what you would do. The health of the actual game mechanics are poor. Too many people spend too much time at the extremes for chance to hit, Defense, Resistance, DPS and so on. Basically I can run through entire Task Forces where I have a 95% chance to hit everything. My ST DPS is 450+ probably. Softcapped and Possessing Status Protection against everything I face. I never need to stop to rest for Blue OR Green. Before any Support at all. Then throw in Everyone's leadership spam. And my builds are hardly anything special. A lot of people have better ones they post on here.
  10. Judging by how the options are used now. Almost no one would chose them. Therefore it would be a pointless waste of resources. It would have to be mandatory to actually increase the game difficulty in any meaningful way. Since this is so unpopular its basically Moot. You never really have to do Lady Gray though. And its only that goofy Hami part where its really mandatory. You can play almost all of the game's content without it being an issue. Its not like some raid boss that drops some insane no-drop loot that you NEED but can only get from that TF. So for almost all content you don't need any Support OR Control. That's easy mode. Just grab people at random and play. Which is nice for making teams. But if the content were challenging you'd need a little more planning than that.
  11. This idea is to the detriment of challenge though. Hence if there was a hard mode it would be the first thing that would have to go. No one gets to be Superman in a Superhero game that is difficult. They are lucky if they get to be Hazardman . As to the trinity; this is really removed by the cool aspects of this game's Support and Control Set designs. These are much more varied and versatile than most MMO games get. The fact no one even needs Support or Control hardly at all anymore is part of the problem.
  12. Yes. Somehow the old devs made a bunch of questionable decisions that somehow had no impact on the aggregate result. Or something. I guess.
  13. If we can't even agree the game is too easy at present, it seems premature to discuss "solutions" to the "problem" IMO. I wonder if it goes to expectations. Does one AV giving some teams a hard time equal a reasonable challenge? That sort of thing isn't going to seem a challenge at all to people reared on Raids that required an entire team of healers just to keep the raid tank alive.
  14. In Ultima Online you could get pretty good at killing stuff that was sort of close to town, with a maxed out Character. Much past the Bandit camp or the Orc village though and you could easily be instantly killed if you forgot what spawned where. Any actual exploring required a group. That could only really talk to each other in close proximity. Giants? Dragons? haha, yeah right. I only ever saw them killed on the game box. Oh and when you died you lost all your stuff you had with you and had to wander as a ghost back to a healer to bring you back to life. Hopefully you remembered where you died so you could try and get your stuff back .. Anarchy Online required you to kill deep red (their version of purple) stuff to level at any speed through the .. 200 levels (later 220). And if you got killed you lost all experience you gained since you last saved/leveled. So you could and would easily lose hours of progression. They liked to seed roaming baddies 1.5x the level of the general spawns just to f with you. So say you were camping some mutant spot for XP, a Lifebleeder (a floating Radioactive Horror) would spawn every 20 minutes and force the team to scatter or get wiped. And that was the low level game. Where stuff was "easy". Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, etc all had some similar aspects. City of Heroes even when it was "hard" was relatively casual. A lot of games are causal and MMOs in general are much easier than they used to be. Still, there is a point where stuff is too easy.
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