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  1. I loved water initially. It has the trappings of appearing like a perfect set, with all that it has to offer. What ruined it for me was probably the success I found in fire primary and being able to use work-arounds to replicate a heal/sustain. Water can still be pretty awesome though, and there are ways to exploit steam spray that I think most people overlook. Highly dependent on debuffs, attack chain & luck, but I've seen the first tick of steam spray hit for 300 before with only self applied buffs / debuffs. As an area-wide execute with scourge, it's pretty fun. It is also neat that steam spray & freezing rain can each be slotted with annihilation -res & achiles heel -res. I'm not too good at the math, but I'm sure putting both of them in there at least increases proc chance. I don't like that water has so much smashing damage. I agree on Sonic, though I saw somewhere that someone had a fix for that where you can install custom sounds. I didn't test them out, but they described them as a banshee scream. Sonic/Storm is also interesting to play.
  2. I've tried sonic/storm as a farm build on test. It was interesting enough to entertain me for a couple nights. It seemed that if you could layer the -res effects just right, and then hit the ION incarnate, that the damage was absolutely bonkers. Bonkers enough that the mobs would just disappear at times lol. I remember one instance of looking at a +4 bosses hp at around 50-60%, having just put on my res debuffs, and using my incarnate literally zapped him into non-existence. Not sure if that's a bug or how it worked, but there is a lot of fun to be had there for someone with better finesse for optimization than myself. Another aspect that I liked about Sonic was that all the damage components seemed to do equal damage. Typically you'll see smashing get resisted, but it was doing just as much damage as the energy component. It was pretty easy to reliably get the t9 pbaoe to do 700-800 dmg in +4's. The cone's also are not too hard to deal with.
  3. I usually put it in a PbAOE. For instance, it's sitting in Inferno on my fire peeps. Now that I'm thinking of that, I don't know if it's good there or not. It's not like I could use the ability 4.5 ( or whatever its PPM is ) times in a minute if i wanted to. Thoughts?
  4. lol all good mate. bored to tears with all my other farmers... and i go through them pretty quickly. /shrug. So was considering it to try something new. But probably won't
  5. There is a reason that fire is so common, though. And it is actually pretty fun. I mostly play AOE focused ranged characters - usually variants of farming builds as corruptor / blaster. By by far my favorite toon has been fire/storm corruptor. The damage is obscene at times and the AOE damage is enough that most single target attacks ( and a good amount of AOE’s) are at the least enhanced by scourge, and often overkill the targets. In the past few days I’ve been working with a sonic/storm variant, and I’ve got to say it’s been very pleasantly surprising. If you get enough resistance debuffs layered and then toss out ionic, for instance, the AOE damage becomes AOE delete. Literally zapped a +4 boss on a fire map from about 60% health to dead, from just ionic after applying debuffs. I think sonic damage may actually be very competitive with fire in some scenarios. So that might be interesting for you. Just play with the sound OFF. lol I would avoid water if I were you. I’ve done several aoe focused water builds and, while water offers a very complete set, it gets out paced very quickly. And the fun factor goes away when you’re just watching mobs bounce, without any real damage
  6. Was looking for information on this and was a little confused by what I found. Does anyone know if resistance debuffs from the same character stack ? For instance - if a sonic defender uses two abilities that both debuff resistance by 15%, does it just re-apply that buff, or does it add on itself to make 30%? Similarly, will the debuffs from annihilation -res and achiles heel -res stack ? What about powers of the same set that apply different levels of -res debuff? Do those powers add on eachother, overwrite another, or x? Thanks for any insight!
  7. Sooo. That was 🍿, but did we arrive at a conclusion re: why sentinels over blasters?? I really want an excuse to make a sentinel for farming
  8. Does this count for pseudopets like burn and all pbaoe attacks or only cones ? Cones are usually classified as targeted AOE, not PBAOE, i thought?
  9. This has me really interested in sentinels. But I'm unfamiliar with how their opportunity thing procs. Does it only apply to a mob if you use your first level nukes ? Or is it possible to charge up opportunity and then use an AOE to spread the -res?
  10. Any updates on this toon and how it went for you ? I’m considering giving ice/storm a whirl. Ive done electric/fire/dark/water pairings with storm so far. Curious about ice
  11. Also-- do you know if level shifts effect the scale of the debuff?
  12. gotcha, thanks for the clarification. Still a 6% debuff is a 6% debuff. if it procs I guess
  13. Sorry to be confused by this, but, is the value it debuffs at against +4 enemies the 12.5%, or is it whatever it scales to from originating at 12.5%? Edit: confused by the first paragraph in that quote lol. Because you said it scales, so if it adds 10% against even level mobs but only 5% debuff or something off +4’s... how does it still add 10% clear time ? Actually. I won’t get the math, but am I understanding that right ? 😑 lol
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