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  1. So, first, if you read my later posts you will see that I had said I walked back my initial reaction of the arc being unbalanced. I just finished Roy Cooling's arc yesterday, so I agree that the newer missions were being designed to be harder. I expect that has alot to do with the fact that common IOs and IO sets were now a thing and the older missions were designed with only SOs in mind. Not only do you fight Castillo at the end of Roy's final mission, but when he is defeated a Malta Titan shows up to slap you around. So, yeah. That being said, the fact that you had zero problems is not a fair or realistic comparison. You admit that you are using a character that has the best IO sets you can buy. New content should not be designed for min/maxers. My character is a PB slotted with all level 25 common IOs along with a few of the Luck of the Gambler procs. I would say that is an average build. I shouldn't need max hit points and soft-capped anything to be able to get through a mission. The exploding zoombies are actually going to be a problem for a lot of characters. In the second mission after beating the boss, you are suddenly ambushed. I had just used a self-heal after beating the boss and the explosion took me down to a sliver of health. If I was on my blaster with no self heal, I would have been killed after basically finishing the mission. And, honestly, it felt like a cheap shot. However, you learn the stragedy and adapt for later missions. My real issue was the dialogue upon failing, which I felt was insulting. I didn't realize that you even got a choice between Hero or Vigilante, as failing defaults to Vigilante and you are basically berated for failing. Piecemeal has already stated that it's going to be looked at with a possible rewrite, so I'm happy to hear that. I may end up rerunning it after all once those changes are released. Perhaps on a sturdier archetype.
  2. Hey Piecemeal. Thanks so much for commenting and listening to criticism. I hope it was taken as constructive criticism and not an attempt to tear down your work. I will admit that I was more than a little taken aback by the content and I'm sure my anger and frustration were apparent in my posts. As I said, I genuinely appreciate the work the Homecoming team is doing to bring a game that I absolutely love back to everyone. I'm just going to throw this out there. If there is any interest in having your work looked at with an eye to edit for content, I would absolutely be interested in helping out. While I would not consider myself a 'professional' editor, I have beta-read and edited for content several works by authors who were published by small independent pressses. Editing for grammar isn't my strong suit (I know the basics), but I would say I'm pretty good at editing for content. As an example: Agent Watkins refers to the Vahzilok by two different nicknames in the story, both the Vahz and the 'Lok. For consistency, I would recommend that you pick just one and have him refer to them that way throughout the story. My preference being the 'Lok. Nitpicking to be sure, but consistency like this, in my opinion, makes the work look more polished. Anyway, I hope my offer is taken in the spirit which it is intended. I am in no way implying that the work needs to be rewritten or that I could do a better job. I simply mean that a fresh set of eyes on the dialogue could help point out areas that have room for improvement. Obviously there would be no requirement or hard feeling is you chose not to use my input, but the offer stand regardless.
  3. This is a cool concept, but I had no idea until reading this thread that it was an option. Also, if failing the mission defaults to Vigilante you do not get a morality point for failing, which is good. I checked.
  4. Agreed. I just did the Faultline/Fusionette missions while getting to 20. But to be clear, having an annoying contact tell you they are disappointed in you is usually followed up with a "here's how to make it up". I'm obviously paraphrasing here, but the very final turn in mission goes something like this ... Agent Watkins no longer talks to you. Turn in mission to hazmat guy. Hazmat guys says "Agent Watkins wanted me to tell you that dereliction of duty usually comes with a $10,000 fine and is punishable by blah blah and you really shouldn't even get this cure for the disease you have, but blah blah and standards for heroes is getting higher now so it's OK to tell you that you suck." Your response dialogue is "I'm sorry I failed. I choked." I didn't choke. I had to fly across the entire zone of IP to get back to get to a 5 minute timed mission. Click glowies in a specific order. Fight mobs that have spawned after I had already cleared to the exit. Oh and the building is on fire and you are forced to pass through damaging zones.
  5. Difficulty was the default setting AND I leveled to 24 before doing the mission, so it was actually set 1 level lower. As I mentioned, I used all my resources i.e. I used most of my inspirations. I don't believe I have any temp powers that could be used. Also, comparing hero contacts to villain and rogue contacts just isn't a fair comparison. While I do agree that newer content was being designed to be harder, it was not being designed to put down your hero if you failed. Villains and rogues have a completely different feel to them. Heroes are supposed to be heroic. My biggest complaint is the dialogue. The contact is a jerk. Fine. But having a hero contact tell your character that they suck is not OK. Full stop. If this is where the writing is heading, then I will not play it.
  6. It's interesting that you mentioned Protean. That specific story arc came to mind this morning when I wrote my follow-up and is the main reason I would walk back some of my initial 'unbalanced' review. Someone else mentioned using a Shivan, which honestly I sort of forgot about. But the failed mission dialogue is seriously egregious. There isn't a single other hero arc where the contact basically tells you that you're a lousy hero and your response dialogue is to agree.
  7. Ok. I've had time to sleep on it and mull it over. My problem is more with the dialogue and less with the actual enemies. Do I think the content could use some balancing? Yes. I defeated Pathogen, but used all my resources. This was on a PB with 3 self heals. OK, fair enough. There was a warning to do this on a team, so fine. However the timed exit wasn't challenging. It was overly problematic. Additional mobs spawn in a setting where fires do additional damage and you have to click glowies in a certain order, I think. Not sure since I died and had to slog my way from one end of IP to the other using fly. Even with Quatum Excelleration it took over a minute with a 5 minute countdown. This could have easily been solved by placing a temp hospital right outside the mission with the hazmat team. The dialogue however is just insulting. I'm not sure what to say here. If you fail the mission, the contact refuses to speak with you. OK. You are able to figure out what to do and finish the arc. However, when you turn in the mission to the hazmat guy and get the cure for the disease you have, you are chastised for failing the mission. You are accused of 'dereliction of duty' and your option to turn in the mission is to tell the contact "I choked". This really feels like the author gets to tell you how crappy your character is for failing the mission. Do I think that was the intention? No. It still comes off that way. Like I said, the dialogue is insulting. I've played Homecoming on and off for a while, but when I saw that a new big issue had launched with new content, I was SO excited. I created a brand new character and played up to 20 just to get the new mission content. Maybe my hopes were set too high. I get it's all volunteers and I really do appreciate all the hard work they put in because they love the game. But having contacts tell your character that they are a loser is just not cool. One star. Will not play again and will not even bother with the villain side arc.
  8. My feeling is the exact opposite.
  9. Solo. And I had the mission and leveled doing radios before running it. So the mission was at level 23 and I had hit 24. No changes to difficulty. As far as I'm concerned this content is completely unbalanced. In addition, the dialogue you are given if you fail the penultimate mission is just ridiculous.
  10. The new Issue 27 hero side mission with Agent Watkins. After my experience with it, I have absolutely no intention on running the villian side mission.
  11. The dialogue, particularly at the beginning, is repetative. Information that should be included, such as the defeat of Vahzilok (if you haven't done the missions in years) is left out. Other information is repeated several times. There is an assumption that you know the lore as well as the person who wrote the story arc. This isn't true for new players or even old players, like myself, who haven't done some of the content for a very long time. The intro dialogue is just overly extensive. Info dumping is not good story telling. In regards to the beginning missions themselves, ambushes that appear on top of you and then explode when you just finished beating the mission boss is annoying at the very least. If you don't want spoilers, then don't read further ... Penultimate mission with Pathogen: Reduced health and endurance - check Boss becomes untouchable during power up - check Waves of ambushes including enemies that have excellerated movement and then explode on top of you - check Boss get electric powers that do endurance drain - check After beating boss you get 5 minute count down to finish or fail mission so no time to heal - check Fires all over that you have to move through and do further damage - check Another ambush - check Unclear objectives - check Mission in IP on the opposite side of the zone from hospital requiring over a minute to get back to if you die - check Khelds spawn Quantums for added fun - check If you fail the mission - THE CONTACT STOPS TALKING TO YOU - check Final mission with Cortex: Had enough and actually skipped this mission after first failed attempt to fight Cortex since, you know, in addition to fighting a boss with psi damage, he should defintely spawn additional ambushes with exploding enemies during the fight. When you finally turn in the mission to complete the story arc you are chastised for failing the mission with Pathogen and your only choice in completing the mission is to tell the contact that "I'm sorry I failed. I choked." I choked. Seriously? No. The missions are completely unbalanced. The thing I was most excited about when I heard that Issue 27 was released was the new content. Finally. After all these years. I can't even tell you how disappointed I am.
  12. I don't even know where to begin. Honestly, I'm not willing to waste the time to write a proper review. It's awful. If this was an AE arc I would have one starred it after the first mission or two and stopped playing it. Desperately needs to be edited for content. Clearly designed to be a 'challenging' mission and ends up being ridiculously bad. If this is the 'quality' new content we can expect, I'll stick to the old missions. Hard pass.
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