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  1. @MysteryMouse has drawn another couple of my characters! This is Ruby and Tamara, Praetorian/Primal twins. 🙂 Ruby, on the left, is from Praetoria, where she grew up on the streets of Brooklyn after her parents died in an accident and her grandmother, who was watching her, died in a fire. Those accidents never happened on Primal Earth, however, so Tamara grew up in the lap of luxury. Ruby ended up as a knife-wielding street gang member (dual-blade brute), while Tamara became a highly skilled assassin (archery/ninjitsu blaster) - and both ended up dating their world's version of the same guy (t
  2. Here's another character by @MysteryMouse, finished today. Leylah, a vampire blood-magus of clan Tremere, who diablerized her sire and used ancient magics to be able to walk in daylight. A continued unlife in Vienna is a bit too risky, though, so she's sought refuge in the Rogue Isles. (Yes, one of the great things about CoH is how easy it is to accomodate your own stories, even if you want to mix in elements from other soures! 😄 ) She's a Water Blast / Poison Corruptor, but of course I've colored all the fluids red, to illustrate how she's tossing the bloo
  3. @MysteryMouse is on a roll now, working her way through our characters! When she'd just finished lightbringer and sorority starlet Phi Beta Betty above, she got right on to finish pink goth sorceress Misty here: It shouldn't come as a surprise that Misty is a dark/dark controller, self-taught in the dark arts of the occult. 😄
  4. That's my character Darla Drake. No prize for guessing her archetype. 😉 She's a California sorority girl who has soughtrefuge in the Rogue Isles after having used certain forbidden tomes and summoning spells to wreak vengeance on her former sisters. 😈 Now, thanks to her diabolical pets, she's having the time of her life. 😄
  5. I'm sure she'd be open to a few commissions. 🙂 At the moment, if anyone's interested, just PM me and we'll take it from there.
  6. Cool thread! Lots of nice art in here. 🙂 Here's a few drawings my wife's made of our characters: This is a headshot of Thugs/Pain Mastermind Pete Cipriano, aka "Black Eyed Pete": Here's Pete together with gravity/time controller Isabella, aka "Attitarina". Here's former K-pop starlet Cyan, now known as the mutant vigilante "Swiftspike". Hard to tell from this shot that her favorite pass-time is murdering Trolls in cold blood with her spikes/bio armor in full bloom. 🙂 And here's Asami, aka "Cold Shower" - fluid dynamics researcher by d
  7. So I created my first AE storyarc! 🙂 I hope someone will play it and enjoy it. Reclamation: Baltimore Arc ID: 37438 Created by @nwisth This story is set after more or less every storyline in the game, but in a reality where a Praetorian Mastermind named Pete Cipriano was the one to complete Number Six's story arc and enlisted the aid of his super group to bring civilization back to post-apocalyptic Praetoria. Crowned as the New Emperor by the people of Last Bastion, he's had some success bringing housing, food and power to the pockets of survivors along the US eastern seaboard
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