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  1. Everything is better than Repair
  2. I would take Hasten earlier. Ice has some longer recharge times on the good attacks.
  3. I voted for Darkness manipulation, Force field, and Robotics.
  4. Not intentionally, more out of habit. Like, at level 14 take travel power, 20 costume mission, that sort of thing. I know those things don't matter, but I still do it.
  5. I only ignore people for childish meltdowns. Only one since homecoming so far. For a "STAR ME STAR ME STAR ME" hissy fit.
  6. I always felt that the passive should be shifted to provide an aoe team bonus to make Khelds more group friendly. I also rather like the suggestion of knockback to knockdown. this would also help with the stigma Peacebringers have.
  7. Personally I'd go Bots/ff, it's a low pressure build with room for mistakes. I'd also go Corr and brutes over defenders and tanks. If you play a tank people expect you to tank, they tend to be kinder to brutes. This also applies to corrs with defenders, the lower expectations make teams more forgiving of mistakes.
  8. Easiest to me would be Robotics/Force Field mastermind. Hardest would be another vote for the tri-form Warshade.
  9. In the alpha stages of the game there was a shapeshifting set. The forms are leftovers from that. the shapes are based on a book that showed what lifeforms on low and high gravity planets could look like. I still have the book in storage somewhere, I laughed at how little they changed from the original material and wondered if it was legal.
  10. Late game when all kitted out, you can get away with skipping Caltrops and Trip Mines. But early game you need caltrops for control and late it's still useful. Trip mine is more a mater of taste.
  11. The reason they're picked least is do to the fact they don't shine until late game. They have tons of tools that all of need to be slotted. I always wanted to change cosmic balance and dark sustenance to also buff the team. This would make them more desirable on teams, thus leveling would be quicker.
  12. Remember you have a second build option. Play one on the first build, another on the second. Whatever feels the most fun, well that's your new primary. That's what I did.
  13. Truth is that because some players give so much unnecessary unsolicited advise that when someone does say something useful you've already started to become tone def.
  14. Hell on earth does work with Dark Servant. The little dark things don't seem to spawn as much with it. With the demons they continue to spawn, with dark servant one or two at best.
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