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  1. I don't enjoy knockback when playing on teams. My experience is that about 10% of the time, the person using it does it tactically and it overall benefits the group. 80% of the time the person uses it like they would any random power, and it slows the group down slightly, and the remaining 10% the person using it is an active hindrance, significantly slowing down and irritating the group. I'd like to see some way of easily toggling all KB powers to KD.
  2. My only complaint here is that if it can only happen every 4 hours, there's going to be a huge pile of heroes waiting around to become the GM every time, and it's going to be very difficult for any one particular person who wants to be the GM to do it.
  3. Nah, I was playing the game when I noticed they were down, so I knew it wasn't the game servers, just the forums.
  4. Yeah, it's definitely possible, I've done it. She's one of the harder ones though due to her her AI making her run a lot and having high resistance across the board.
  5. I'm trying my best to be polite here, so if I say something that comes off rude or dismissive, know that it isn't meant that way. But I haven't experienced the problems that you're experiencing, and I really have to sort of agree that some of your problems are of your own making. Now granted, I've got nowhere near ten thousand characters, but I've got plenty of alts, and I've never had any issue with outfitting them exactly as I wanted to. I've only been playing about 3 months and I've got 3 50s completely outfitted with high-priced builds (superior IOs, superior winter-Os, purple sets, etc.), and a number of lower-level characters who are partially outfitted with some set pieces, some generic, IOs, and handful of useful ATOs. I have run into the situation where there weren't recipes available for something I wanted, but in every single case, there were already crafted IOs available instead. Sure, it cost more, but that's not the same thing as not being available at all. You only mention two things in your post, buying recipes off the AH and buying them with merits. There are definitely other options available for you. You could simply buy the pre-crafted IOs off the AH. Or if those aren't available, buy whatever cheap IOs you can find and use converters until you get what you want. I'm wondering why you don't consider those viable options.
  6. On live my absolute favorite toon was my fire/SR scrapper. I built him to solo AVs in the early days of the IO system when that sort of thing was still quite difficult for scrappers. I was incredibly proud of the fact that I managed to squeeze in both softcapped defenses and perma-hasten. It was hard to, I wasn't able to take a travel power. Obviously the game evolved, and the things I was able to do with him got easier and easier over time. When I found out about homecoming, I re-rolled him as a fire/shield scrapper, and he's even better than the live version. With all the ATOs and PVP IOs and inherent fitness pool, I was still able to softcap and perman-hasten him, plus all the yummy shield goodness that's missing from /SR.
  7. OK, so maybe it's not a bug. I don't know that I'd agree it's not an oversight. 95% of the powers in a blaster's primary or secondary either target enemies or boost other powers that target enemies. Based on that, I would argue that confusion does prevent a blaster from using their abilities (in any beneficial way) in the same way a hold or stun does. If the goal of defiance is to allow blasters to use (some of) their powers in situations that they otherwise wouldn't be able to due to mez effects, confusion should definitely be included.
  8. I'm only bringing this up in regards to PVE. I don't really know (or to be quite honest, care, how inherent powers work in PVP, but given that so many things already work differently in PVP, I don't see why ti would be a problem for this to also work differently).
  9. I'd like to request a minor fix/improvement to the blaster inherent, Defiance. It allows you to use your T1 and T2 blasts even while mezzed. Something I noticed today is that it doesn't work with confusion. With confusion I can still use the attacks (and all my attacks actually), but I'm not allowed to target the enemies with anything. Can this be fixed?
  10. The thing that would most quickly ruin my enjoyment of the game would be not having other players. I like soloing sometimes, but 80% of my play is on teams, and without that I'd lose a lot of my enjoyment of the game. Content wise, there's a lot of stuff I don't play very often, and wouldn't miss if it was gone. Several of the zones (Hollows, boomtown, Crey's Folly, Perez Park, etc.), most of redside and goldside, and a few ATs (Tanker, Defender, Mastermind, Kheldians) could all disappear and I wouldn't miss them.
  11. Why would you try to re-summon your pets in the middle of a fight and expect them to survive before they get upgraded/buffed? That's the equivalent of a melee AT rezzing in the middle of a fight and expecting to survive with all of their toggles dropped.
  12. I'm 100% on board with this. I've got quite a bit of excess incarnate stuff on one of my 50s and would love to be able to send it to another character. Threads in particular. If this is implemented, can we also get an item like transcendent merits for but for threads so we can send 50 at a time?
  13. Which is 10 more clicks than I want it to take. When I have 50 or 60 enhancements to sell, 150 pieces of salvage, and 40-50 recipes, it's a lot of clicking to sell it all. That's boring and tedious, which I already voiced my opinion on.
  14. I know a color wheel/grid is possible because I saw a post on the subreddit where someone had done it. Not sure about hex values.
  15. I love this feeling. My absolute favorite toon on live was my Fire/SR scrapper, who I've recreated here as fire/shield (which didn't exist when I made the original, and just flat-out performs better). My favorite moment with him was running missions with a team a couple weeks ago when we accidentally aggroed three or four spawns at once. A good chunk of the team wiped, but I was still going strong. Once most everything was dead, there was one stubborn enemy who refused to die, and eventually I realized "Oh, there's an AV in there". I'd gotten him down to about 1/4 health without even noticing it was an AV.
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