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  1. Some days I play the game with the sound effects and music on, others I feel like listening to music while I play instead, just depends on what kind of mood I'm in that day. It's kind of annoying having to go into the menu and change the volume sliders each time. Would it be possible to add a new slash command to the game to mute and unmute the volume?
  2. While I agree, in general, that nerfs should be done only with great caution and only when absolutely needed, I'd like to point out a couple of counterpoints to this. Because I've seen about half the people in this thread post "Just boost the underperforming sets" 1. Devs time is limited, and making changes to several sets is more work than making changes to one set. Right or wrong, nerfing TW is less work than boosting all of the underperforming melee sets. 2. At a certain point, you have to say "Here's the power level we're going to balance around, anything below this should be brought up, and anything above should be brought down." Because if you just keep rebalancing around whatever the most powerful available set is, you end up with a lot of power creep. Something this game is already intimately familiar with. We're already at the point where a lot of endgame content has become fairly trivial even for modestly optimized characters. The only other option is to increase the difficulty of the content, and that's a hell of a lot more work than rebalancing the numbers of a few powersets.
  3. Ah, you're right. I forgot AAO from shield defense included a taunt.
  4. As I mentioned, I tested it out with several different types of enemies. Various types of rikti (not just drones, and not just groups that include a drone), Nemesis, crey, and malta have all shown the ability to see through the superspeed + celerity combination if I get close enough.
  5. I'm not sure if this is an issue related to the patch or if I'm just misremembering how things are supposed to work, but it seems like Superspeed combined with the Celerity +stealth IO no longer offer complete invisibility. I tested it with several different types of enemies around the RWZ during a LGTF, and it seems like if I get close enough any enemy type can see me.
  6. The number one thing I want is just assurance that the game's not going to disappear again due to a C&D order. That would already be provided by default if it became legitimate. The number two thing is being able to keep the progress I've already made on homecoming. My characters, my costumes, my names, all that good stuff. Anything beyond that is gravy, but if I'm getting greedy there are two major things I'd want to see. First off, finish the incarnate system, all 10 slots. And second, content to go with it, everything right up to the looming threat that the Menders keep talking about. Anything else beyond that would fall into the "It would be cool but I'm not that passionate about it" category. Stuff like a graphics upgrade, new powersets, new ATs, etc.
  7. I was envisioning the idea of the ultimate tank the other day. Armor primary, control secondary. Pretty much no solo ability, but amazingly good at holding the attention of, and controlling spawns.
  8. Since I found Homecoming I've been trying out as many new characters and powersets that I never got around to trying on live as I can. I never did much more than toy around with VEATs and am interested in trying one out. Can someone more experienced share what the playstyles are like for the various options? Just trying to get a feel for what I might enjoy most.
  9. I had actually completely forgotten that this could happen. So at one point on my fire/kin corruptor I hit secondary mutation during the AV fight in a task force and immediately turned into a rikti monkey.
  10. Why should the development team spend effort encouraging people to play content that they obviously don't want to play? Seems a little backward.
  11. Just like on live, I think the blue/red disparity is multi-faceted. A lot of people just don't want to play the bad guy. And for those that do, redside content doesn't really do a very good job of making you feel like a supervillain. You spend pretty much your whole career as a henchman to the real supervillains. There's also the issue of the zones being more difficult to navigate, and the enemy groups being more difficult. And finally there's the self-perpetuating circle of: It's hard to find teams on redside > I don't go on redside > there are fewer players on redside > It's even harder to find teams on redside Ultimately I'm not sure it really matters that much. If people don't want to play redside content, no one's being hurt if they just avoid it.
  12. I've tried a bunch of new stuff so far. Water/Bio sentinel - ended up deleting him, sentinel just felt like the damage was too puny. Water/cold blaster - enjoying him much more Rad/EA stalker - never played stalkers much on live, but wanted to try them out post-buff and I'm really enjoying him Rad/rad brute - Despite the hype about rad melee and rad armor he just feels mediocre to me. Earth/time controller - too low level to tell yet. Savage/bio brute - tons of fun, feels like an unstoppable ball of slashy death TW/Bio brute - Maybe my favorite of my new characters. From what I've seen/heard pretty much all of the new sets are possibly a little overpowered. I can't think of one that's performing below average, and a lot that are considered top-tier. I'm wondering if it's due to them mainly coming from the beta server and not being fully finished.
  13. I'm into tabletop RPGs, shooting, and high-powered rocketry.
  14. In general I agree with you. However, I will point out that context matters. You mention having a discussion about Masterminds in the suggestion forum, and that may be one of the places where pointing out someone is playing "wrong" (or rather is playing in an unintended way) is appropriate. If someone is suggesting something that's intended to cater to people who choose to play in an unintended way (petless masterminds for example), it's perfectly acceptable to point out that that isn't how the AT is supposed to be used. Which isn't the same as saying it can't or shouldn't be used that way. The other thing I'll unapologetically call out as "playing wrong" is playing in a way that is detrimental to other players. I was running radio missions in PI a couple weeks back and an energy/storm corrupter joined the team. First mission and he's blasting guys all over the place. It's taking us forever to finish this because the mobs are getting so scattered. I politely asked him to tone down the knockback a little, and he responded with (paraphrasing here) "Can't lol, I've got knockback sets in every power", at which point I kicked him. Sure, concept builds like that can be fun, I've played several myself over the years. But when you're making other people's experience less fun and refuse to make changes when asked, you are absolutely playing the game wrong.
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