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  1. No I thought if the power was available, the IO was available.
  2. I slotted 2 Blessings of the Zephyr in TP Target and TP. Both available when Exemplared. Not getting the protection and getting knocked around silly. IT also doesn't activate after use. Submitted a ticket.
  3. I'm not a member of Veracity, but I've been on several of the WR speed runs with the members. The 6:18 Keyes was my favorite. We took down Anti-Matter so quickly that the game mechanic dropped a 10K mag hold on us for DPSing too quickly. We never knew it even existed the first time it hit us. Even if you got whacked, we found out it kept us held inside the hospital at Keyes. Even on different COH servers (gasp), I worked with them, because I wanna go fast. On another server (Tspy), there was thought that the speed teams were only good because of X, Y, or Z. Then, we did an en
  4. I've been back for about a year. In that year, the market prices were pretty stable. There was some increase, but not a heck of a lot. So, ask yourself. Why the change? It ain't about the market. There are FAR EASIER fixes if the target was market fairness. Put a million of each recipe on the market, like they did with salvage. Set values for things on the market and no longer let there be bids. They chose to hit farming, because....
  5. I think this goes back to other observations. They want to discourage farming as a playstyle. They just don't want to say it.
  6. LOL You literally took away incentive for folks who generate IO recipes and enhancements and think there will be nothing but sunshine and lollipops. Put another way, what happens to non-purple recipes? Anyone willing to spend 50 reward merits for a Mako, when the market sells it for 2 million crafted? When they dry up, because farmers stop dropping them on the market for barely above cost (cost of recipe+500K or so for components + cost of crafting - WW commission), what will happen?
  7. Hey, it's all good for me. My toons are IOd. I have 30 or so. I can melt any down for rerolls. New players are hosed by this nerf, not me. The number of recipes will necessarily drop. The number of crafted IOs will drop. Crafting and selling an IO I got from merit rewards? Merit rewards that take more effort to generate? That'll cost ya. Recipes that I got with less effort? I was willing to post on the market for under market value to sell more quickly.
  8. This assumes all Inf gained from farming is spent in the market.
  9. I don't know about that, but I ain't selling for 1 Inf anymore.
  10. To what end, though? What's the rationale? For the person with gobs of Inf to dry up the market and no longer get gobs of Inf? I think there's a reason that situation never ocurred. The massive inflation during Live was from the Inf farming from Chinese farms and selling of Inf. I haven't seen those spammers in AP selling Inf like before. Actually, I've never seen those people selling Inf in HC. I farm. I literally give away billions. I give away sets of purples. I put hundreds of IO recipes on the market for 1 Inf. But now? Now, I have
  11. Disincentive the farming and you disincentive a lot of activity that puts IO recipes and enhancements in the market. So, what happens when there are fewer items for sale in the marketplace?
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