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  1. It will indeed produce KB, and does, which is correct. The problem is with how often it's doing it. It's applying the proc effect 100% of the time. Which on an AoE power, has to be way over the correct Procs Per Minute.
  2. I can confirm this. The proc is definitely being activated every time. Might it be related to the changes to punch-voke now using a global proc?
  3. Community, stability, transparency. Obviously I'd love to see new content, some improvements to existing assets, and so on, but all built on the bedrock of maintaining our excellent community, knowing our characters are safe, and continuing transparent communication.
  4. I'm finding that the game is intermittently getting stuck thinking shift is being held down, so when trying to activate powers or keybinds, it attempts to execute the shift+key bind, despite shift not being pressed. Alt+Tabbing out of the game and back in unsticks it. While it sticks as thinking it's being pressed as far as keybinds are concerned, when typing in chat it behaves perfectly normally. EDIT: Using 64bit client on Windows 10 Version 1809 build 17763.678
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