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  1. Anyone from the VG known as The Brotherhood of Doom? We were the #1 prestige group on Infinity for awhile. I used to play as AMID, an Nrg/Elec brute, but I had many other alts. Played with Max, Rag, G, Mura, Jack, any many other in the SG. There were also a couple heroes we would meet up with in RV. I believe one was called Hip Hopper. A something/regen scrapper. Used to duel him and another regen on my thugs/dark.
  2. So, you hit the nail on the head Chemist. Logged in tonight, got the first 3 debt badges and got my accolade. Also, since I didn't know this, to get the debt badges was pretty simple. I used the XP booster so I had a bunch of rested XP. Then just died and went to the hospital a bunch of times in a row. No need to "work it off" like before the snap. Very easy. Thanks again
  3. I have no problem at all with that.
  4. Thank you so much! I am at work today so I will check to see if I have the badge tonight and get back with my findings. This community has always been amazing!
  5. Lex, Thank you. I will try to see if it is disabled next time I log inLet, ATC, I have no doubt that you have created a powerful tool. I will do my best to install it. If I remember right, even vidiotmaps gave me trouble. 100% due to operator error. For reference, here is the "screenshot" I have of the badges. As far as I know, you can't select a badge title unless you have earned the badge.
  6. I did do that. I was told to try a pop menu(?) to try and see what I am missing as well as check the wiki. I feel a bit more confident now that I haven't missed anything. Thank you again for you advice.
  7. No. I've been villain since creation on this one. Thank you for replying tho.
  8. So I am trying to figure out what I am missing for High Pain Threshold. I decided to start a badge toon and it looks to me like I have everything. I currently have Bad luck, Gangbuster, Spider Smasher, Relentless, Locked and Loaded, Freak of Nature and Technofreak. I have a screen shot of all these badges. My character is a full villain. Am I missing something stupid? I feel like I am. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  9. So I read Shinobu's guide and followed it to play the market. It worked. Really good(well?). Now I can't seem to stop. I am marketing on 7 toons almost full time and another 3 or 4 that I check every once in awhile. I have enough inf and enhancements stored to make pretty much any build I want, but I can't step away from it. I think I enjoy playing the market as much if not more then playing the game! So thanks a bunch!!! As if this game didn't have a strong enough hold on me already!!!! Is there some sort of marketer's anonymous meetings I could go to? you know what, I don't have time. I have to go check sales. In all seriousness, thank you Shinobu. You definitely helped me enjoy the game more then before.
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