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  1. I was thinking of trying Ninjas, and Genin can accept this set/proc. Would that give each Genin a chance to do KB/KD with each of their attacks? On paper and in practice. Thanks for your replies!
  2. For at least three weeks now, even after server restart Tuesdays, Prison Break (Brickstown event) is still stuck at 12/20 Prisoners.
  3. Really odd occurrence happened last night when we ran Synapse's TF. We had a player die and go AFK inside the "Clockwork Lord" mission and we completed the mission. With the rest of us outside in Skyway, and the defeated character still inside and not advancing the mission, we awaited Babbage. No dice. We figured Babbage would only trigger once the mission advances to get the Immobilizer Ray gun. So another character zoned using the south tram to go north (not sure why) and eventually the defeated player returned after several minutes. Babbage targeted the lone player (Ultimate Jack) in the No
  4. In order to "+" an IO in Mids, begin to select the enhancement/IO but don't click on it yet. With your mouse pointer over the IO, press the "+/=" button your keyboard and that will add 1 to the effective IO level (as if using a booster)... repeat pressing the same button until you get to the "+" value (+5?) you want. You'll notice that the IO level gains + <insert numerical value>. Then select the IO and it will place into the slot.
  5. Seems OK for a cheaper build. Especially if you are teaming with a support character to help buff your recharges & defenses... and stack holds like your husband's character could. If you are wanting to squeak every erg out of the character, you could use some Enhancement Boosters on the basic IOs. More recovery (i.e. Stamina) would be my first place to "+" but that is personal preference. Pretty good numbers, considering only using ATOs and no purples/Winter sets. Glad you're liking the powerset combo. It does require dancing and knowing your powers' opt
  6. As of 5/4/21, they moved the badge's location to Vahzilok's lab in the Abandoned Sewers.
  7. Perhaps implementing a sliding scale - or a set input amount - in the options section (like how we can auto-accept EX-ing or SK-ing when there is a level difference? Just a thought.
  8. I was the fellow who had the double-price bid. Tau is amazing, and I consider myself blessed to have lucked out in having my bid be won by a truly decent individual. I second this suggestion.
  9. Here is my current build. There are a lot of attacks and no Hasten. My logic was that I wanted to have melee + PBAOE, ranged, and my cones available. I don't mind dancing around to maximize damage output. Decided Intuition Radial instead of Musculature or Agility... I wanted to added hold duration to have Migraine mean more... and Radial gives +DMG and +Range too. Capped s/l + close to capped Melee positional defense all the time with effective full stealth. Clarion 120 second power on auto-cast, to keep me un-mezzed and have some KB protection. With Support active, even better defenses. This
  10. In version 3.0 / database i27 v20.1225, Sprint does not toggle on and it has always showing slotted in it a crafted run IO in the column view. Portal Jockey Accolade does not show up in the column view but toggles on when selected in the Accolades Window. Alpha slot/Intuition is not modifying the hold duration of Blastrer /sonic manipulation powers. Basic IOs are, though. Thanks for the update and Boxing Day gift.
  11. I took on Nightstar in the Black Shroud Oro arc. I monitored her Confuse Protection using Power Analyzer. She had +50 Resistance when her PToDs were up. I fought her for over 6 minutes, using my own attacks (Boxing and Electrifying Fences) as well as all three of my Robot Henchmen. At no time did her Confuse Protection show a negative value. It was either at 50 or at 0 when her PToDs dropped - no in between. I had slotted Cognitive Core Flawless Interface. My combat logs did show that minor psychic damage DoT was applied. I was playing a Lvl 50 Tech origin Robot/Elect Affinity/Mu.
  12. I've been having issues with my MM's Cognitive Interface not firing for the Confuse portion. Fought for hours on TF or mission and not once did it proc. Thread here from the MM forum ( ). Any help?
  13. Thanks for the replies. Hopefully a Dev or GM can reply as well. Just a waste of incarnate components and time if it doesn't work.
  14. Tested again, with the Tier 4 20% confuse chance proc. Nothing. Anyone else having this issue?
  15. I reviewed both my and my pet's combat log for 10 minutes worth of fighting. I have the Confuse proc (12%) and Psionic damage (25%) slotted. I saw many lines stating that the Cognitive did varying amounts of psi damage (based of the mobs' resists) but nothing stating about Confuse. My own attacks as well. Does anyone know what the text would say if it fires?
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