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  1. Hey just finished the final and posted in the MM forums. But I'm wondering what other 'No IO' (SO/Hami only) builds or AT's people think could Solo MoITF at +1/+8 or higher? (Or hell even +0/+8.) The biggest challenge to 'No IO' builds for most AT's is probably the lack of Endurance Recovery. Having Performance Shifter, Panacea, Miracle and Numina's, plus Recovery set bonuses makes a huge difference. You could use Ageless to fill, but again without set bonuses many AT's will need Barrier for survavibility. So maybe the ideal AT is one that needs Ageless for Recovery and +Rech, but has survivability covered on their own. But no idea what that would be. Beyond that, , Blaster? I was thinking maybe a ranged blaster could maybe do the last two AV fights since they can Hover Blast and out range the AVs. But would they have enough DPS without IO's for procs and set bonuses. And they'd have no chance of keeping the Lore pets alive. And Blaster with No IO's would struggle badly in the early cave missions, where they wouldn't be able to effectively Hover Blast, nor would have +Def and +Res from IOs.... Corruptor? or Defender? Using the same ranged Hover Blast plan, but maybe Debuff some -Regen or -REs and could keep Lore pets alive? Also, the Buff set could make the cave missions much more viable. Sentinel? Melee AT's? I'm thinking all Melee will struggle without IO's. Dom will not have Perma Dom with the IO Rech bonuses. Or what am I missing? If you had to do an 'IO-less' SO and Hami build, solo, MoITF run, what AT and build would you try?
  2. [Place holder for future comments on the relatively new Electric Affinity set]
  3. Yes, you read that correctly. Master of ITF completed on a build that used only Single Origin and Hamidon Enhancements. Limitations: No Invention Origin Enhancements (used only Single Origin and Hami) Solo No deaths No temp powers (but did use some Ninja Run and Steam Pack for faster than Hover traveling...) Used just Inspirations from inside the missions (no email inspiration cheese...) Ran at +1/+8 (had to drop down from planned +2/+8) On the final AV fight in the 4th mission, I resorted to splitting the Nictus, so I could pull and fight Romi solo. Might be possible to handle the full Nictus + Romi at +1/+8 if you get lucky and AV's spawn at Lvl 51 (or if you dropped the last mish to +0/+8). But with the Nictus at Lvl 52, my pets couldn't survive their +8 horde of Nictus summons. (More on that below the pics...) Also might be doable without the Hami's but I didn't want to spend that much time crafting an SO build and I never figured out how to make lvl 53 SO's on test server, so already had to make do with combined Lvl 50 enhancements that only get 36.63% instead of 38%. Build was Demons/Elect Affinity MM using Soul Mastery Epic and full Incarnates. I named him "Hami SO SO" I think this says some interesting things about the power of Incarnates and I also have some thoughts about the new Electric Affinity set that I'll post as a reply to this. I had this plan in the pocket a few weeks back when testing out Electric Affinity. But finally had time on the long weekend. I originally planned to run at +2/+8. But to speed up my feasibility tests of the AV fights I did it at just +2/+2, and I didn't consider how much brutally harder +8 would be. I simply could not reliably get through the 'Take Out Shadow Cysts' mission without dying. Each room of Nictus that spawned at lvl 53 had very good odds of killing me. I had to drop to +1/+8 and even then it was a slog. The next thing I hadn't considered was how much brutally tougher the final AV fight is when the Nictus pets spawn at +8 multitudes. Even with EA's great buffs, my pets couldn't survive that fight against Lvl 52 and I barely escaped alive. I reset three times hoping for the AV to spawn at Lvl 51, but no luck. So I cheesed the fight using the run in and "Split the Nictus' trick so I could pull and fight Romulus alone. That made the fight straight forward, even killing Romulus once with just the Demon pets (Lore down and Imperious had run off to suicide himself after getting stunned...) Took about an hour a mission with the Crystal mission taking by far the longest. But it was grueling slow meticulous going, so I finished up the last mission the next day.
  4. Yeah but Homecoming handles temp powers very oddly for Mo attempts. For instance Ninja Run, and some other temp travel powers are not disabled like they used to be on live. Some of the newer non-travel temp powers also don't get disabled.... Build looks good. It's find it interesting how much more you prioritize +Rech bonuses, than I do. For instance if you don't have the room for procing out Char, then I'd probably go Corruption instead for the -9.38% Res, and three slotted with Thunderstrike to make up the Range Def. But the 7.5% +Rech is obviously not something you'd not be willing to give up. 😋 Whereas, if I was going to use a power choice on Char, then I'd steal slots from Sleet and proc Char out. Yeah that FF tends to be the only thing I slot in Bonfire (of course along with a KB --> KD proc). Do you think Bonfire is worth slotting for DMG? Except on Controllers doing Containment bonus damage and not having lots of good damage sources, I've never found Bonfire Dmg to be very impressive. But I'm just realizing the damage boosted by all the -Res might be more impressive than it otherwise is... Yeah big hassle, I only try that when I'm on a team or at the beginning of a big fight. But for normal play, I make a macro to cast Frostwork directly on the Ember Demon. Ember Demon's Ember Shield is a big part of the Res and the only Heal, so him staying alive makes a big difference in survivability.... For slotting I put the Preventative Medicine (1) +Absorb Proc & (2) Heal/End R. That mitigates some of the Endurance problems and gives you 2.25% S/L Resistance bonus. But Frostwork is competing for a valuable power slot against Hover, Tactic and Char. With you're point about T1's being either best with or outright needing Tactics making it a particularly hard choice... (Not to mention that Confuse Protection from Tactics making encounters with Succubus like enemies much easier to handle...)
  5. Maybe you won't care about this, but it matters for me: Does the'Blessing of Tielekku' bonus work in Mo attempts? Or is it counted as a temp power and disabled?
  6. If you switch to Nerve I think you can easily get your build to permanent Ranged softcap without needing the Blessing of Tielekku. Here's an quick example of what I mentioned in the edit of my previous post: *Edit* Updated to include Unbreakable Proc | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1642;775;1550;HEX;| |78DA6594C94F137114C77FD34E29DD68B12D3BD296BD94965A16BD68C26A802624B| |81E4C33D2012676C1B62472F4E0DF608C1B278D174F2672F5E2F267E8C578101030| |8A9AD4D7F9BEB49374027CDEEF6DF37D6F6648DE9B75BE5EB87F49489E998C522CA| |6924AB1A416B25A2E6D492A1BDA9AA0AB29B99408CC28DB45353097D64A5672056B| |79A9D5ED6C369F8BCEAAF4970F5A6EA3C79031BDBDBE1E9DC967D2A9D93C3994929| |6CF09F74A3E9F892EAB4A5A2D1437B52D877E9ECF681B9B2517EC8A49ADECFA6975| |4B55D3ED735BDA5AF4B2AA9458E94E6AB5A464EEA885365295A0DF471EC157D9228| |E4C42C46DC274C8FC01CAC715CA423E001B4EC0CC70B55612AF243DB7E11DC5BCB2| |C8524C92F4982CF9116B5C3083F3A07D91B90436D3AACCA8B198EDA8713AC0A626A| |60BF438255D83C70D3EA6392CD0222C41A1E73C219F95FB59DFC277E60D730FF485| |CC7ABD6F07BA5B1E60B63CE9B7F16C36D6DFE2039F525F07F775DC90F5FCB66BCC6| |9ECAC2382FE1D5FE8DC2D8BAE6F741E94858D6674A1567271BF2EEEEFA5981B31E1| |9E20D0F919DDAB999F4FF327683DFB91F981F91E0CDC8486C015F02ECDE0659DDE6| |3CE39C0AE83FBCC23E609183F459E44F7F6F33EFD65BA84993CADE8666A3D87ACDE| |18AA7A2B019AF239A96D67B5EDD7A1A2F72AD877119BE99BC186FB5EA066E0A7D0C| |F0552DBC91BEFECC0F606464099EEDDCD5BEBE66D0DF0F676E99E3DACB4879F7C91| |7A855847C86CD1FB0FCA4C0BB3011CB6321BC112D5F6736DFF2F59EF37FC170C9F6| |296F01FE66F30F20FF4D2A31AE2DAA129CC1999C4DC910970741CFED104F33376E9| |A7DA11FE6246F86D8DED6137B1AFC889F1DB1A37416B88F612E5BD44795771A68F6| |263BC97313FBE922EB9FAC5D24FE5A986EB3C63759E789D2751E719AFF32C1B3D36| |CC9AACF9CA2B644B1C97F40A1B3D493347BFDBABFF3F84348A890E6A3E490A6213C| |E4549FFAEF68DF943C83F34FA1E42C178B8A660C2604F1AEC29B21D6C9F37D817C2| |D5B7BBBCEBA576124F62D767D4ED5B065B31D8B70DF6CB50ADD6E5A8F9E70C3DFF0| |3E1770EA4| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| Data Link Damn I think you're right that I'm short on T1's. I broke the build trying to fit the Overwhelming proc in. I probably have to give up the Overwhelming, so I can swap the Acc/Dmg/End back with the Dmg/End from the T3 and then make up the Dmg with an IO that can be +5 boosted replacing Overwhelming. That would be another 26% Acc, so would at least get me from 78% to 104% on the T1's.
  7. Yeah I wanted more powers, and Nerve made me feel like I could drop Tactics and have more slots for fun gimmicks. Funny how Hover is pseudo KB protection, means I should be okay with the 3 KB I have. And that's good to hear about the End use being fillable with Heatloss since I was worried... *Edit* The build you posted looks the same as your first one? And I wanted to add that Nerve would let you make up the 2% your getting from Blessing of Tielekku. Nerve would let you short slot Artic Fog and Glacial, then use the slots to 6 slot Sleet with the new Artillary set. That puts at 46.8 with Barrier.
  8. Interesting similar to what I'm leaning towards. But I wasn't willing to give up Frostwork, or procc-ed out Char, so I gave up Recharge and settled on using Nerve to free up slotting. My plan went for 32.5% Positional Def, so I'd be just a small purple Insp away from soft cap even without Barrier. So went for less Ranged, to get all three positions near 32.5%. I also wanted some Heal slotting in Ember Demon. Going Musculature means you're pets will do around 20% more damage, than my Nerve But I was able to squeeze out an extra 1.25% Def for pets using far less Def slotting. That freed me up to more Res slotting in both Artic Fog and Ember Demon. A few questions about your build: I don't see any KB Prot! Aren't you worried about that? I'm worried about my build only having KB 3, so am expecting to have to swap out the Def LOTG in Hover on some missions against higher KB enemies, which would get me up to KB 7.... (at the cost of 0.6% Def...) Aren't you worried about Endurance use? Heat Loss is great, but long cooldown even with your massive Recharge. I'm worried about End use in my build and I have a net positive +1.71/s End, whereas you only have +0.99/s net positive End gain. *Edit* And since we both need Barrier for Pets, the typical Ageless on End hungry builds won't be available... Your accuracy is lower than I'm comfortable running, but I'm guessing you're counting on Sleet to make up the difference. I also couldn't get my Accuracy up to 95% against +4's, but I have what looks to be 15-20% closer to that 95%. *Edit* This was the final straw that made me give up Musculature, I just couldn't get Accuracy high enough to be comfortable.... Since my recharge is lower at just 141% this build will be leaning hard on FF procs in Crack Whip (and a little from Bonfire...) I couldn't allow myself to give up Frostwork because it's a 71% HP buff that you can keep stacked on 4 to 5 pets or teammates. I also wanted Hover for ranged safety and procc-ed out Char. That meant I had to give up Corruption, which made me sad since it can easily stack it's -9.38 Res three times. But realistically there wouldn't be time to stack much and Crack Whip outperforms with it's procs. With the FF proc Rech you should have reasonable chances of keeping -12.5% Res proc up, so Crack Whip should provide close to a sustained -21.88% Res. Maybe I'm underestimating the dmg it can do, but Bonfire is just a soft control power for me on MM's, so slots and the Overwhelming proc moved elsewhere... It's not in the build because Mid's is bugged and doesn't let you toggle it off, but I'm planning to use Vorpal Radial. It's Smash/Lethal which is not great, but that 10s of +30% Def means you can open with it to easily eat Alphas. Nice to have in your toolkit every 90s. Or alternately, for filling the period where Barrier will go down mid fight... **Note** I've had tried similar builds on Beta but this exact version I'm not leaning towards is untested. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1566;760;1520;HEX;| |78DA6554494F535114BEB7EF3D4A5B864229738196B9D0D232386CC40838D284044| |55D350D7D406327DB92C8D2857FC08D314EAC8C6CDCEAD685D3DE855B35C6B06048| |041587D4D3F79DB44DFAD2D7EFDEEF0CF73BF79EFB42B7666B9E9FBB3D2DA47D261| |EC966C3A14836A76712B164540B455663CB8AA0C74CAFBB64092FAE2712A9A47F56| |A77F9EC492ABDD651E67D65756FC33A978343C9B2222928BA592A27E21958AFBE7F| |54854CF64D762E95A637E36B6BA96A3701B66F1C2D46A8C17D3BA1E6D9B4BC796FD| |E7F5488EB56D84177391F80D3DD34AAAFCF4DEB70B7EF29AB8AA0A115485E90AE32| |7C540F5C0049C2EA045547D2674A9223E5C8C95E215710E55546D49C3274136290D| |9B229DE0AA9B18FF0923BEE912F237D01629F035297B8AE153B70B1CF80E9F07A45| |3C35A42730BC3F6903833E234F31D68ACFB8A38FB37C4D937A0ABD1A419F3C697C2| |C014E9B320565A585F13EB7B44796D9CD7760A35379F663C40FED643C623ACD3DE0| |74D926AA9659DB5797A8485987A5EA99E571AE5951ED34A0DBCFB0D8750D6B94D38| |A88AAEF7C8DCF596F11DB0E70DF02655E060950ECEDBCE793B0350D713641C478CB| |B85EC2E8BF09026276B728E40B99B51215B0B6C6A4B00F9DCE3C0DE09C649A0774A| |1A799F501D6D5C47DB65744FEF12B0EF1AE375C6A7D238FD81199C5886EAE8E02EE| |A600D03ED4095B4B858A78B6B1CB4033769CD6EDEE96EEE882CE5F2803379AA35F8| |9B1935608E7CFA596BFF5FD5E0867F31FE66FC03F41E31FE043AE8B08658CFD017D| |433CA9DE724DB08F22A232FA0C7C7DDE6F360FF7DDC85CDE4EBE7B3F37FC06D1AFB| |4868217C8698B1D7C81FBC80FCC120304DFA03BC5F811DE40D6EE39C3BD5E28DA45| |FA1FBBC154CA0820956301315CC6405335FC1844A4C7E81C692AD12F780CE4B61EB| |8EB5F87510D2877AF74A9C49BA5197F5A234EEC2E812FA6CB73C6E0871FBD6B22FC| |D3DEC91F52E6E6BCD3ECEADE607F672D25B523855363E56363E4E631B8F4F948D4F| |7A8B3D9E9F73503AAC99DF2C8C99DFF294F8FFE4290209| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| Data Link
  9. Will be interested to hear how that turns out for you. Won't help until later levels, but I recommend trying Bonfire builds. Fire Mastery goes really well with Kinetics. Giving the Epic shield was counter-intuitive to me, but from testing builds I found that for standard content Bonfire with Overwhelming feels notably stronger. The mitigation ends up being more than enough to make up for loss of an Epic shield. It's just against hard targets that are KB resistance like AVs that my Bonfire builds suffer.
  10. I'm sympathetic to the idea that Incarnate powers broke the balance of standard PVE content. And I get wanting to ignore them or create artificial limits for a personal challenge...** But we're in a thread about "Most Damaging MM combos" and OP stated they're a power gamer (Min/Maxer), so seems very clear he's going to use Lore Pets and anything else that maximizes power. Dirty Min/Maxxers like myself are going to use every (legal) tool they have available. @Coyote already covered this more thoroughly, but from a Min/Max perspective one of the reasons to play a MM is precisely because of Lore Pets. MM's with their two extra pet uniques, and a reason to slot the other four uniques, plus a support 2ndary, can make the most of the potentially very powerful Lore Pets. For thorough fully optimized min/maxing you have to consider Incarnate powers. Put another way if we're artificially limited ourselves not using game breaking out of balance powers, then by you're early arguments seems like we should not use Thugs either. 😋 Taking a step back from all this. You've made a number of good points. It was your original claim that was a bit too extreme to be defensible, so I wanted to push back on that. If you dial down the magnitude on the Thugs claim a bit, then we'll probably be mostly in agreement. And we can stop hijacking OP's thread. 🙂 ** Along those lines, I rolled Ninja/TA that I've been putting through solo ITF's and I'm working on something wild with /EA that I'll maybe post about this weekend.
  11. I don't disagree with anything you're saying. Thugs are very balanced, and a powerful, near perfect synergy with /Storm. But the bar being discussed has been set significantly higher than those fairly uncontentious points. See below:
  12. It's no comparison, the Thugs personal attacks don't help. You can't stack procs from Achilles, so the most you ever get will be -20%. And the cooldown on the Thugs personal attacks means their proc chances for Achilles are not reliable: With Zero Recharge Enhancement Achilles proc chances are: Pistols w/ it's 3s cooldown just: 24.5% Dual Wield w/ 8s is 42% And Empty Clips your AOE proc opportunity: is 30.7% You should probably skip the single target Thug attacks and take something like Weaken Resolve since it has capped 90% proc chance and it's own -12.98% Res. But Demons can take that too.... Demon powers, like Sonic, stack their -Res, unlike procs can be slotted for Recharge to maximize the -Res stacking. You can easily maintain 2x Corruption and 1x Crack Whip for a total of -28% Res Hellfire Demonling has Corruption that does -15% Res for 5s on 4s cooldown Hellfire Gargoyle has the same Corruption -15% Res You regularly should hit peaks of -58% Res, but will more often maintain -43%. These are raw that will be decrease by AV/Gm resistance but still are very sizable. And again you too can take powers that give you the Achilles proc, plus you get the bonus of benefitting from the BP Lore Pet -Cold Res. All together this let's you stack Sonic attack level -Res. Why would you ignore game powers when theory crafting? Ignoring data is only good for politicians and product marketing. 🙂
  13. In case someone needs a Costume Concept for Plant/Martial you're welcome to steal my Mandrake Root costume idea. I got distracted with other builds and experiments, so doesn't seem like I'll finish him. Working name I had was: Mandrake Sensei Idea was a martial artist that is imbued with or shapeshifts into a Mandrake Root hybrid..... Here's a GIF of the costume: https://imgur.com/Rw95410
  14. My personal take is that you definitely want to take it for the slot mule slotting opportunity. But unless you have a very high recharge build so it's up often, then it's totally fine not slotting it for much Dmg or Accuracy if using those slots elsewhere makes your overall build significantly better. You get the same Dmg buff regardless of slotting, so the only way Dmg/Acc help is from the dmg the steam of little imps can do with their attacks. They help clear trash mobs faster, but against really tough targets I find it hard to keep them alive on some 2ndaries and builds. Their value probably depends mostly on your 2ndary. A 2ndary like /Time will have trouble keeping them alive because they will rarely emerge when they can get instantly buffed by your /Farsight +Def. But with a 2ndary like /Traps or /FF they'd be automatically buffed.... /Dark might similarly do well with them, since they'd automatically get your /ShadowFall, Manuevers, and the -Tohot and -Dmg debuffs...
  15. Interesting. Does that mean it can be used on Lore pets? If so, that's clearly the best use since that Lore pet can do so much more Dmg...
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