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  1. Well, I went through every page here & only found the SJ/SD combo build for a scrapper and tank, but not a brute. But it's all good. I'll figure something out from those builds. Thanks!
  2. Looking for a good build for my Street Justice/Shield Defense Brute, if you have time. Thanks!
  3. Just an update on this original post...All of the toons I listed here that were on the Justice server have all been finally recreated and levelled to 50 once gain on the Excelsior server! Even managed to keep most of the names, too. Hope to see more friends from Justice here again soon!
  4. I was in the Universal base, but did respec with pending levels. Never again! Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Wow, you were right! I logged back in & everything was back in my inventory. That was quite a scare, as I had some VR's that I spent a lot to craft. Thanks for the help & quick response!
  6. I was trying to respec a second build to my lvl 50 this evening and when done, a message popped up saying the respec failed. I had moved all of my enhancements (many were VR's) to the unassigned area prior to finishing, but when I finished, they were all gone. Not sure what to do here, but I do know what I had crafted, as the remainder of the sets are still recipes. I was devastated, as I've been running Hami's and weekly's to get merits to make these & now they are all gone from the lost IO's. Please advise & thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Welcome back home, everyone! Here is a list of my main lvl 50 toons on Justice you may have seen or teamed with: Global: @countvampyro Blue Side - CoH: Super Group: Honor Guards Count Vampyro (Fire/DB Controller) Super Bee (Spines/Regen Scrapper) X-Phase (Rad/Elec Defender) Phantom X (Ill/Rad Controller) Winter Warlord (Ice/Storm Controller) Warshadow (Warshade) Red Side - CoV: Supergroup: Chaos Corps Killdozer (EM/Inv Brute) Thornspore (plant/thorn Corruptor) Ultra Omega (Bots/Traps Mastermind) Hellrazor (Claws/Super Reflexes Stalker)
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