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  1. Awesome. Not showing for me yet, but glad to know it is possible. I haven't done First Ward, Night Ward arcs yet, nor have I hit 50, but good to have a goal. Thanks!
  2. "(Issue 25) Leave Praetoria through the Rift Enclosure after completing the Crusader, Warden, Responsibility or Power story arc." Is there a way to get this badge as a non-Praetorian? For the life of me, I can't figure it out. Not available in Ouroboros to me, can't find a way to get Marchand to give me the rift mission, the Talos rift exit can't be interacted with, the rift mission is flagged as solo so I don't think I could join someone else doing it... Would love to get "Tempered Through Fire (Issue 25) Earn the following badges to earn this badge: Loyalist, Magistrate, Tyrant
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