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  1. It may be possible to make it through a TF at +2 but I think you're missing the point of it would not be fun or enjoyable or even possible for the average player to make TFs more difficult. It can be a struggle some nights getting teams together with easy difficulties...why insist on making it harder and less accessible for everyone when a solution exists to make it harder for just yourself? For myself, I have limited time to play. I'm not going to waste my time on a game where I have to take time to carefully build a team and hope 1 hour later we don't fail. That's not fun to me. I'm glad you find it fun but that difficulty slider already is there for you. Why are you looking to mess with mine?
  2. My main character on this game or any other is never who I think it's going to be. For HC, it ended up being my Arch/TA Corr, a character I initially rolled as a joke. But she's fun at any level and has enough of a grab bag of powers I always have something to do no matter what kind of content I run. She's my default when I get tired of my (many) alts and don't know who to play. She doesn't even have a backstory, which is different for me. She's just fun! On Live, it was a storm/elec def. I tried rolling her again on HC and realized defenders just weren't my thing anymore. It's interesting to see how I've changed as a player in all the years of City.
  3. I agree that if you wanted to try Mort Kal again I'd really recommend having one person on imp duty. And I'd suggest putting down AoEs around Posi--it can act as a back up for the imp person. Also, with the lack of debuffs native to that group, make sure to pick up envenomed daggers from P2W. It allows my partner and I to duo just about anything in game.
  4. This! I can think of another benefit of instance RWZ's and that's to keep the zone clear for other content like LGTF, etc. But otherwise Indom has nightly zone MSRs and I've yet to be on a failed one. All levels are welcome, the rule is you can't idle or you're kicked from the league for that run. And the xp is NOT good for the time investment. They're just fun. It's like Hami's if you're 45-49. They're fun and different content but a terrible way to level given the time sink.
  5. True, but is that enough given the current inflation levels? I know some people who only run SO builds, which is another inf sink, but other than builds there's not too much to spend inf on in the game. Of course, this is all made up money in a game, so perhaps inflation doesn't matter all that much as they have provided alternate methods of getting drops.
  6. My objection to the double inf after 50 is with the additional end game content and the draw of being able to earn incarnate awards with regular gameplay...there's so many people out there with 50's with multiple vet levels. I barely touch my one IO'd out 50 and she's got 14+ vet levels already and I have no intention of not continuing to play her. Double inf after 50 would create enormous inflation above and beyond what we already have. I really wish Homecoming would add more inf sinks to the game beyond the market--as that is passing money around, not removing it from the system.
  7. Welcome back! I remember Omni, even if I don't recall your character in particular (I am bad with names so...could have teamed with you weekly and it'd be only a 50% chance I'd remember). Omni were good people. 😄
  8. I think part of the problem with this particular discussion is it's encompassing two very different styles of game play. I'm not a min-max'er, I don't IO out most of my characters. I find most endgame content dull as dirt. I'm an okay player who occasionally runs with a whole bunch of munchkins. I don't mind that their characters can wipe the floor with my corpse since I can't keep up with them. I enjoy the journey from 1-50 so that's where my focus is--working on the part of the game I enjoy. I'd never want to nerf the munchkins who enjoy figuring out how to eke out those last percentage points to finish whatever build they dreamt up. That's what they think is fun. We can still play missions together. If it's +4/x8 I just provide occasional vengebait, is all. If you play the game "as intended" (basic IOs or SOs, mission arcs, etc), it's still plenty challenging. The defense and resistance caps aren't the problem. The content and lack of variety in content could use some polish, though.
  9. I feel like some of y'all have never had the joy of grilled fruit and it shows. Pineapple on pizza 5ever.
  10. Hey! I know you don't remember me but Healer Sisterhood was my first SG. Welcome back!
  11. I would love this. Missing lenses and just rims would work just fine in game.
  12. My current highest character on these servers is a TA corr who I love but...these buffs would be helpful. While I know it'd tip this set more into "control" I do wish that either Entangling Arrow or Ice Arrow were a cone or AoE. This set is so AoE heavy it's jarring to only be able to hold or immobilize one at a time. Or maybe add another kind of debuff into one or both of them, to help balance it out. Though personally I'd probably keep the slow on Glue Arrow where it is and just bump up the -recharge. Glue Arrow is a cornerstone power and I'd hate to lose what debuffs I do have (personally). I am one of those who loves Flash Arrow and I use it constantly but I do wish that the -to hit was just a smidgen better so it's more useful mid-fight rather than just being a -perception so I can stealth a group past mobs or control how many adds we get. Which is great, don't get me wrong but overall every TA power (with the exception of Oil Slick and EMP Arrow) feel like they're just...missing...something.
  13. At what level can you do this? 1 AFAIK. Correct, it's one. Just have to make your way to Pocket D and Null will do anything for free at level 1. Also a good idea to set mystic fortune preferences while you're there.
  14. This. If you team with someone and enjoy it, try friending them. I've noticed that over time you end up running into the same people over and over since red side is much smaller.
  15. It's possible but more difficult to find teams redside. What it takes is a lot of flexibility. Teams are going to be oddball in terms of levels and ATs a lot of the time. I can usually find at least a couple people to team up with but nothing like blue side.
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